Updated Comparison Guide for Windows Phone 8 devices

We had already created a comparison guide for the higher end Windows 8 devices but many requested a complete guide that included the HTC 8S and Lumia 820.

The specs guide is not designed to be exhaustive but should cover the key differentiators between models. We have the visual guide for comparing the devices by size included below as well should make the decision of what to go for even easier. 

Comparison by size:

We still don’t know what Huawei are planning for Windows Phone 8 but as soon as we get the official word it will be added to the guide also. We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts on all these handsets. With the exception of the full Windows Phone 8 OS reveal itself you have everything you need to start making your minds up.

Let us know what way you’re going to go. Is there a perfect device for you here. Comments are available bellow.

  • Good read , going with Lumia 920.
  • I would like to make the same choice but please, for the uninitiated, how will the 920 run on T-Mobile USA?  There are so many bands here I'm getting confused. 
    I have always thought that to get 3G and the super fast "psudo-4G" (P4G) HSPA+ on T-Mobile you needed a phone that got AWS 1700.  However, none of these phones do, not even the 8X which is known to be coming to T-Mobile.  Will an unlocked Lumia 920 be able to get T-Mobile's 3G/P4G?
    Also, is there any such thing as an unlocked phone on Sprint?
  • They must just not be listing the 8x version that will have TMob bands. Unless they come out with a Tmob 920 an unlocked 920 will not work with Tmob 3g+. Yes, there is such a thing as unlocked Sprint phones, but none of these will be an option.
  • Some sprint phones come with a sim card slot (see iPhone 5), and can be sold as unlocked to put other sim cards in them. Taking an unlocked gsm phone to sprint is not possible though, and cdma phones are not ublockable on the traditional sense as GSM phones. Also T-Mobile is adding additional frequencies where people might be able to get 3G on the 1900 band I believe without 1700 support. They are preparing micro Sims for iPhones to get them on their network supporting HSPA+ connection speeds.
  • I'm decided for the 820, although it bothers me a bit to downgrade from Gorilla Glass and the beautiful curved screen, and also not upgrade the resolution from my current 800.
    But, it has the perfect screen size, SD support, great design and Nokia apps are the most important thing to me, which restricted my choice right from the start to Nokia only.
  • Same here :(
  • Same here, but I,ll stretch to the L920.
  • I'm getting lumia 920,eagerly wating for it.
  • +1
  • + 7,8*10²³
  • Missing LTE 2600 for the 920 though.
  • It bothers me that only the Lumias mention LTE support. I'm sure the others will support it when they launch but it still bugs me.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 is the winner for me!
  • Same here. Superior hardware/software and support. Also way better
    battery life, than for example HTC ever has.
  • U must have never used the Radar. I get a full day with heavy usage and 2 days moderate
  • HTC 8X WP all the way.
  • Correct me if i am wrong by all means but are you sure the front facing camera on the 920 can record 1080p? I thought that at least a 2mpx sensor would be needed for this? Cant wait for the 920 btw - the most sexiest thing i have seen since women!
  • Seems i was correct ;)
  • No hspa for 920 either?? Not good for ATT
  • There's no way any of these GSM phones aren't HSPA+, the chart probably just isn't listing it.
  • Samsung focus isn't...rest is though
  • I have a Focus and I have HSPA+. The Focuses are capable of it.
  • I am sold to Nokia lumia 920
  • The Lumia 820 also have super sensitive touch! At least according to it's spec page http://www.nokia.com/us-en/products/phone/lumia820/specifications
  • Holy Smokes! You're correct, good spot! It is now corrected. Thanks RB :)
  • Still going red Lumia 920 here, although I'm not gonna have any trouble recommending any of the options to friends and family looking for new phones. Right now, it just depends on what's available on the US carriers.
  • Adding the specific carriers to the chart under each phone would be helpful. Actually, should be mandatory. How is any of this data useful without carrier data? So what if the Nokia blahblahblah has a 117 mega pixel camera if it's not carried by my preferred carrier.
  •   Good suggestion but including a carrier listing in this crib sheet isn’t on the cards. We might, however have a carrier guide coming up soon though. RB 
  • Such is the beauty of buying outright...
  •   Agreed, I wont be buying on contract again. :)  RB
  • Nokia Lumia 920 red or yellow.!! #CantWait :)
  • I have had an upgrade available since June.  And was/am eagerly awaiting the new WP8 device.  I was sold on 920, hands down best of the bunch.   However I think one company has an Ace up its sleeve with regard with an unofficial WP8 device comming before the end of the year.
    Its a big gamble, but I know the 8X is not HTC's flagship phone.  If I wait and the new device is not up to par with the 920, then I am a fool and I get 920.   If I get the 920, and the new device is what I expect, then I will have buyers regret.   My decision -> Whats 2 more months of waiting right, my cracked screen WP7 gets extra love:)...  (nervous smile)
  • Where did you hear about a different HTC flagship? Did I miss that article?
  • You "know", meaning you have an inside tip? Or your just hoping for a different phone from HTC?
  • HTC 8X Specs
    HTC 8S Specs
    Does your field for "G-Sensor" refer to gyroscope sensor or accelerometer? All these phones have accelerometers but do they all have gyroscope sensors? HTC lists G-sensors for both 8X and 8S. I believe G-sensor is what they call their accelerometer. No listing for "gyro sensor" in the specs. Their spec sheet for the Titan and the One X list "gyro sensor" separately from g-sensor. Do you have confirmation from HTC that the 8X and 8S do have gyroscope sensors?
    Also, HTC doesn't list a digital compass for the 8S.
  • You took my question! I too want to know about this.
  • Think I will sit out this round and see what comes out in the spring. I like what Nokia is doing as far as features "especially if that touch with gloves works", but that phone is too big for me.
  • Can I add a suggestion for comparison guide?  You should add what wireless carriers do the phone supports.  You can list all the specs you want; but at the end of the day if your carrier don't support the device then your options are limited. Its sad that we have to deal with this; but I guess in some sectors the "free market" is still limited by some.
    Looks like Virtuous Lumox already suggested this.
  • Perfect. If I were you I would keep this chart updated as new devices get announced.
  • HTC 8s is my next phone.Im not a gamer or run alot of apps so the 8s will be perfect for me.
  • I notice people talking about how the 8x has wasted space for being so tall and only having a 4.3 inch screen. I'm trying to figure out why the 920 weighs so dang much? Jeez!
  • 8X... 920... 920.... 8X.... Ativ S... my head hurts!
    The 920 has so much it's a 'god i'd love to have that!' thing, but... the cost will probably be too high.  If it's competitive with the 8X, then I'm in trouble.  If not, it's a war between the 8X and the Ativ S.  The 8X has me now, I like what I see in the camera pics and all, the only thing is the screen, which is a lot like the iphone 5 ... tall and thin.  The Ativ S is tall and wide, maybe too wide... I need to hold these babies in my hands and get the feel for them, and see if the thin screen of the 8X will compare to the fat screen of the Ativ S.  Until then, articles like this will continue to drive me nuts.
  • I will probably skip this generation of devices and wait for the next. I really don't like the size of the 920 (might change when I actually get to hold it, but doubt it). I actually really like the design and size of the HTC 8S, but its specs is a bit of a let-down, and it remains to be seen if HTC will support this platform like Nokia has.
  • 16 GB is such a big fail. It's so sad, because it would have been such a nice alternative. Lumia 820 and 8s have expandable memory, but 820 has .3 front camera and 8s has NO front camera. It seems like we have a lot of choice. But for me its only ATIV vs 920.
  • Here's my situation. I am a music lover and a huge ZuneHD fan. I have a 64 GB Zune HD. I have it about 60% full. I want one of the new Windows Phones to replace my Zune and I don't want to stream my music. So, my logical choice is the Samsung because of the expandable storage. I like what I am hearing about the 920 and HTC 8X and want to go with one of them but I want expandable storage. Wonder what I'll really be missing going with the Samsung? I currently have a Galaxy S2 and it's camera has never let me down...
  •   I understand your situation completely. I am also a ZuneHD user, I have a 64GB device knocking about. The current generation of WP handsets mostly come with generous amounts of memory but I think it’s a shame that 64GB is not a standard option on a high end device. Heck, why not give us more if we want it? The MicroSD card slot is interesting but at present, we don’t know really how well this will act as additional storage. If its seamless then great, if it requires extra steps to get content off and on it then, not so great. Not long now until the final reveal and we know much more..
  • I really like the 920 as well, but I have to agree...why is it so darn heavy? I currently have HTC G2 and it feels heavy which weights 180g and Lumia 920 is 185g. I just have to wait and hold it in my hand to see how it feels. Next to 920, Ativ S is the second choice...so thin, so light and I still like the classic look.
  • Are you intending to bench press your phone?
  • Now, what I would be interested in seeing, would be a comparison chart that also includes a couple of non windows competitors, like the Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII, HTC One S, X, Iphone 4S, 5 etc.
    Could you do this? I don't think anybody has done that yet out there on the Web. So you'd be the first ;-).
  • HTC 8X in red please. Was considering Lumia 920, but carrier exclusivity killed that option for me.
  •   Isnt it odd that only Lumias mention LTE support. (I'm sure the others will support it when they launch, but when? Vodafone had a announcement recently about it)..  
  • I've always had great Samsung devices - Sound system, Washer/Drier, etc. I had a Focus for W7 and I have an ATIV S for W8. I don't know how anything could be much better. Just wondering however, how fast will the ATIV S 8.1 update will be made available.