Updated Comparison Guide for Windows Phone 8 devices

We had already created a comparison guide for the higher end Windows 8 devices but many requested a complete guide that included the HTC 8S and Lumia 820.

The specs guide is not designed to be exhaustive but should cover the key differentiators between models. We have the visual guide for comparing the devices by size included below as well should make the decision of what to go for even easier. 

Comparison by size:

We still don’t know what Huawei are planning for Windows Phone 8 but as soon as we get the official word it will be added to the guide also. We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts on all these handsets. With the exception of the full Windows Phone 8 OS reveal itself you have everything you need to start making your minds up.

Let us know what way you’re going to go. Is there a perfect device for you here. Comments are available bellow.

Robert Brand