Windows Phone 8 and 7 devices get sized up in new comparison chart

For those who are considering a new Windows Phone 8 device, size may matter. And since we can't quite just head to our local carrier to get a hands on assessment, the next best thing is a well-made comparison chart to help discern any differences.

Reader Munkeyphyst had kindly made such a chart and it features all the new Windows 8 devices (ATIV S, 8X, 8S, Lumia 920, Lumia 820) in addition to some of the most popular current Windows Phone 7 devices (Titan II, Focus S, Focus, Lumia 900, Lumia 800). 

Biggest surprise? Who knew that ATIV S would be that tall? Sure it makes sense with its 4.8" screen, but it's still something else to see it sized up to the others.

Feel free to discuss in comments on whether size matters for you.

Daniel Rubino

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  • It's a shame that there are no high end WP 8 phones with a 3,7 screen. The size of the Lumia 800 is perfect.
  • +1
  • Completely agree. I'm worried the 920 will be too big... I'm sure I'll get used to it, but still...
  • Meh. 3.7" is too small for me.
  • That's what she said...
  • For you but not for everybody... How do you want to sell a 4.5 inches phone to a woman?
  • Considering how many women have giant android phones, I guess the same way as that.  
  • Set it to vibrate.
  • My gf has the HTC Titan and does not want to get a phone with a smaller screen.
  • I honestly think bigger phones are an easier sell to women, they have purses to hold them and size typically effects those in the pocket friendly category..
  • Got it in one. A purse makes carrying gadgets a cinch. I regularly carry my lumia and a 3ds XL on me at all times. =)
  • My friend always keeps her phone in her bra. I always found it a bit weird but she now has a GSIII stored in there :-S so selling a large phone is no problem. I've even seen plenty of women with the Note. 
  • Yup, I have friends who do that or tuck it into the middle of their cleavage (some store cash there too). Not my thing but amusing to see nonetheless. Plenty of women like big screens because they have eBooks and it makes online shopping sites easier to navigate.
  • Where can I get some friends like yours? :)
  • Agree - i would have bought a L800/N9 shaped phone instantly. In my opinion the best looking phone ever, and for me the perfect size. Now, not really sure what to get. Guessing i'll stay on my 710 for now and hope for something cool for the 2nd-gen WP8 devices. I dont find any of the new WP8 phones that convincing at all.
  • I think you will be waiting for a while. Even the Iphone has abandoned the sub 4" market. I don't think you will see many phones under 4". Besides the difference between the height and width of a 3.7" and a 4.5" is not that much.
  • The difference in size between the Nokia 3.7 and 4.3/4/5 displays is enormous. I own the L800 and the n9. I've compared them directly to the L900 and think it's a beast. Aside from the amazing innovation of the L920, I find nothing appealing about it. I'm probably going to go with the 8x, for the slimmer profile and it being slightly narrower, despite its increased height.
    I won't know until I get to handle them. I would have been thrilled at a 4" device that was still palmable.
  • Agree, Lumia 800 size is sufficient... According to the chart the 800 is thicker than the 920... How is that even possible?
  • It all comes down to preference. 4" is too small for me, 4.5 seem like the perfect size. I had the titan and after going tons lumia 800 I reaaally missed the big screen. How anyone can say that 3.7 or 4" is the ideal size its beyond me because up to 4.5/4.7 phones are still comfortable to hold and put in your pocket and the experience is so much better
  • It's likely due to the curved glass that appears to melt into the phone.  But 2mm isn't that much of a difference.
  • The 920 has curved glass too.
  • I've never owned a 4" or plus screen as I've went from Flip Phones to the HTC Touch, Touch Pro 2 and now the Arrive (Sprint).  I am READY to join others with a huge screen.  My wife has owned the Galaxy S and has the Galaxy S3.  4"+ screens are awesome.
  • My buddy bought a Note, and at first I thought it would be too big, but DAMN that thing is perfect. Its a shame its running android. That's the only real drawback. The size is awesome for internet, games, GPS, anything really, especially multimedia. And as a phone, the size is not all that awkward. Of course 3% of my usage is actually making calls. Bigger the better for me.
  • As a "phone" size, i would agree 800 is indeed the perfect size. But can't help the fact too many developments  r pushing their resos n such. I love my Lumia800 but undeniably will be a plus if u hav a bigger screen (eg. comic, manga, books, games...) I guess human r greedy, we want everything big eventually...
    Anyway i would be fine with 920 size, i woudln't want any bigger cos i think it'll looks hideous and silly, as if like i'm back in those days where people carry chunky handphones, it's very not "mobile" at all. If i want to hav the games etc, i'll rather get a tab for a true large size usage, to me a phone still a phone, the extra functions are meant to be additional perks and standby features. 
    Sadly we cant exactly hav both things in one (nope, to me galaxy note is not a good example, it's more like neither here nor there, rather than exactly being the best of both worlds)
  • So let me get this straight, before when phones were coming out with 3.x screens we were complaining and clamoring for 4.x screens. Now all of a sudden that's too big? I swear some of y'all will never be satisfied with anything
  • +1100
  • Based on surveys, the vast majority want 4.0" to 4.3" screens. I'm sure Apple hired professionals to do a secret survey among iPhone users and the same thing came out. Those hankering for smaller screen phones are decidedly in the minority.
  • It didn't occur to you that the people complaining about wanting bigger phones aren't the same people complaining about wanting smaller phones?  We don't all have the same tastes and none of us are representative of all consumers.
  • The Samsung Focus' 4" screen was perfect for me! 
  • +1
  • +1
  • You live in 1970s. Anything less than 4.3 inch is small. Lumia 920 has perfect screen size. Yes they should have removed the bazel
  • That Samsung is looking better and better. 
  • I agree...hope it lands on T-Mo.
  • Better and better compared to another Samsung models, you cant be honestly saying Samsung looks better then Nokia and HTC!!!
  • I can say it looks better than the Nokia and HTC.  I have no use for all those crayon looking colors on my phone.  It looks completely unprofessional.  The Samsung is perfect for business/professional minded people. 
    Now that I just played devils advocate.  Screw professional looking and give me that 920 in red, or even the 820 with that orange or green shell!
  • Very funny! LOL! But I beg to disagree - both the 920 and 8X are gorgeously professional-looking in black, just as much as the Ativ S is! But I agree, give me the 920 in red! LOL!
  • I can
  • Aside from the colors, they all look like the same damn phone.  And color is the least important aspect of a phone; whatever phone I get will be in a case anyway.
  • I'm with you. I seriously want Nokia tech inside of that ATIV S body. I can't go back to a screen smaller than my Titan II.
  • Daniel, does the windows phone 8 SDK show text reflow in the browser?
  • Get over it
  • Lol
  • Impressive 
  • Looks like the thickness of L920 and L900 are incorrect. Are they flipped?
  • Those are the thicknesses as posted by Nokia. I scaled the images by height and left the width locked in proportion so the image width should have scaled too. The 920 is .8mm thinner. A dime is about a mm, so it's less than a dime thinner
  • That Lumia 920 is looking better and better.
  • +1
  • I really do not like the 8X.  How can it be longer and almost as wide as the 920 and have a smaller screen?  Very unattractive in front.
    Waisted real estate anyone??
  • Same here, it looks like remote controller like iPhone 5, taller narrower, personally I like wider phone like 920
  • I think taller would be advantage while making actuall phone calls. Having the speaker closer to your ear and the mic closer to your mouth.
  • Wow, will you look at this explosion of colour. Beautiful.
    Damn 2-year-contract. Damn, Damn, Damn.
  • If the l800 had a ffc, it would be the perfect phone.
  • Ffc? Do u mean NFC?
  • Front facing camera. 
  • Oh. Sorry.
  • No, Front Facing Camera (FFC)
  • Have to admit I wish every WP had a ffc model available.
  • I'm dissapointed the HTC 8X is taller than the Lumia whilst having a smaller screen.
  • The lumia 920 in yellow of course will be my next phone..
    HTC they really made me impress with the 8x and s but NOKIA for the win..
  • How did the 8X impress you in comparing to the 920?  The 8x has a smaller screen while longer than the 920.  It has a smaller battery and smaller storage capacity.  The design of the 8x seems like a cheap copy of the 900/920.  It must have been the FFC.
  • He said the 8x impressed him, just not more than the 920.
  • The pyramid tapered design of the 8X is really impressive, not something you can really get out of a spec sheet. Everyone says the 8X feels extremely thin in the hand. Also it's stupid to say it is a cheap copy of Lumia just because they have some similar colors. The physical design is actually very different as is the hardware inside (some of which is better).
  • Didn't know my opinion would somehow translate to your insult on my intelligence.   Its not all about color.  The 800 had the curved glass that HTC now touts.  The 920 has the curved back "smile" that HTC now has. ( Admittedly it may have been hard for HTC to know about this when they were designing their phone).   I don't like the design because I don't think it is as original or elegant as the 920.  The 8S's, however, has a noteworthy design.  Everyone has their own opinions. 
  • May be the larger speaker grill and possible better audio is a plus for this person. Unlike the 920 or Ativ S the 8x is aimed towards the sound lovers.
  • 920 has Dolby digital sound. Beats is just a sh¡t ton of bass. Just muddies everything. Tons of bass ≠ good sound.
  • I need large screens. 4.65 4.7
  • 4.5" is too small? If so, get the Ativ S...
  • I'll be getting the 920 but it really looks like its a huge phone. Even the L900 was a bit big when I tried it in a store and the new Lumia is even bigger! Plus heavier
  • I am inclining to get an 920 (or just may be an ATIV S, have expansion card slot + bigger battery). Although I think 4/4.3" is the best range for touchscreen phones.
  • What i love about the Lumia 800 is the length to width ratio. Unfortunately none of the new WP 8 phones have that ratio or come even close to it.
  • Too bad there is no cyan 920, yellow is too tacky, and red is ugly with gloss. Black looks plain, grey looks strange, and white is white. Decisions, decisions.
  • I hear you... I still can't get over than for the lumia 920....
    If it had a cyan option id be all over it .. But purple, red, yellow, grey...meh... I might be going with black or with the blue HTC. I realize the internals count(I am a Geek about it)...but it's a cell phone so LOOKs count just as in a sports car.
  • I agree about red being looks cheap with glossy surface, i asked one of the editors over at wmpoweruser and he said that the glossy body actually felt good and surprised him. And when I played with white glossy l900, it felt cheap so ill make my decision once out in the store
  • Actually, on a Nokia video, it shows a Cyan 920 .
  • I have a feeling the cyan 920 will be exclusive to AT&T.
  • Cyan will be coming for sure. According to a Engadget Interview at the Nokia headquarters.
  • Considering a wp8 is the wrong word...
    I'm gonna get that yellow L920 :-)
  • Why did you leave out the Trophy in comparison?
  • You can ask that about *every* Windows Phone, can't you? There are half a dozen not on that chart. The ones chosen were because they tended to be the most popular--I think that should be obvious.
  • +1
  • Daniel, new file with the corrected ativ s screen size and trophy included.
    update if you'd like. thanks.
  • Because no one has a trophy. It was only on lame carriers that didn't care about WP7. ..
  • Please refrain from making statements that have no truth.  I see Fandroids do this often and it limits their argument every time.
    Quite a few people have the trophy, just not near the numbers of noteworthiness.
  • I find this ironic.  As a relatively neutral individual (I write apps for mulitple platforms, and carry what I happen to be developing for, including having owned 3 windows phones) I find a certain sect of windows phone users to be the worst, hands down.  Were did android come into this?  Nowhere.  It's like small mans syndrome, but over a phone OS.  Guess people can get stupid defensive about anything.  Isn't it so much better to simply enjoy your own choice?  You are always going to believe you are right.  They will always believe they are right.  Whats the point?
  • I agree that people should have their choice.  I am not sure where we have irony here.  My point was to mention that we shouldn't downplay Trophy owners.  I also stated that I have seen Android users state things like "No One has a Windows Phone".  
    My real objective is that no one should be like that as we each have our own choice.
  • Verizon, a lame carrier? Interesting.
  • Don't forget Europe. The Trophy was one of best selling WP7 phones untill the Lumia 800 arrived. 
  • While Verizon may have only had the one phone and while they made the decision to wait until WP8 to really carry the product (I think the reason they skipped the Mango phones should be obvious now), they most definitely did support the Trophy.  Every update released by Microsoft or HTC has been delivered to my phone.  Can't say the same about any of the other carriers.
  • I was going to include the HTC 7 so each oem would have a wp7 & wp7.5 device for comparison, but it didn't fit neatly. The trophy's dimensions are 118.5mm x 61.5mm x 11.96mm, so it's almost the same size as the lumia 800
    New chart made with Trophy included:
  • I'd like to see it with the HD7 as that's in the same league as these phones.
    FYI that link didn't work for me when I launched from the app as the link gets modified into all lowercase :/ Manually typing in works fine.
  • ok, with the hd7. :)
    make sure you use the upper and lower case when using the mini link
  • Am I the only one whose definition of size also includes another 2 dimensions?
  • Care to explain?
  • What I wanted to say is: Where are the comparisons of width and thickness?
    Especially the thickness. The manufacturers do specify the max thickness, but thickness does vary quite drastically on some phones. Phones can have a greater max thickness but still feel and look more slim because their edges are thin. That's what the 8X/S and to a lesser extend the Lumia920 does. A direct comparison of thickness would be way more useful than height or width comparisons.
  • They are on there
  • I get what you're saying. Unfortunately, the oem's don't provide bottom and top view images for all the phones, so until devices are in hands, I can only use the images online.
  • You don't need it really, you can correctly deduce it easily. If you go to the Nokia website and click on the 920, it shows where they took the measurements from. They didnt take it from the thickest part which would be the curved screen so it is effectively thicker than 10.7mm. It clearly does not have any tapered edges like the 800 or 900.
    The HTC 8x is thickest right in the middle. Although the tapered edges might make feel in the hand better it doesn't really help pocketability because the thickest point will still make your jeans bulge, just slightly less so.
    With the Ativs S it is so thin and uniform, it honestly doesnt make a lick of difference if the camera lens sticks out .2 of mm more. Only thing you need to be concerned with is the height.
  • I have a trophy. Yes, I was forced to get this particular phone because I did not want leave Verizon, but wanted to try WP OS. I like it, but I'm excited for a larger screen, faster phone, better camera, and hd resolution. On a related note, will splash screens when opening applications go away with the new processors? Its an annoyance to get a screen everytime I open an app even if I just left that app a second ago.
  • That depends on how WP8 implements multitasking. In the Android world, after upgrading my LG Nitro HD with 1.5GHz dual-core to ICS 4.0, I get more splash screens than I had with Android 2.3 as the new OS closes apps much faster to save battery. So processor power doesn't mean much if the OS is aggressive at closing apps.
  • I still can't get over the color options for the lumia 920....
    If it had a cyan option id be all over it .. But purple, red, yellow, grey...meh... I might be going with black or with the blue HTC. I realize the internals count(I am a Geek about it)...but it's a cell phone so LOOKs count just as in a sports car.
  • I have a feeling we will see a cyan 920 but will be exclusive to AT&T.
  • Verizon had only one Windows device, the Trophy. It could have been included for that reason. So sorry no, its not "obvious".
  • Sorry about that. See what I posted above. It is about the same size as the 800 though, for comparisons sake.
    I wasn't aware that the Trophy was so popular, so I made a new chart with the Trophy included.
    see here:
  • Size does matter 3==========>...lumia 920
  • Most of these phones are depressingly large, and the ones that aren't are lower end phones.
  • HD screens and big batteries require a longer phone. That is why only low end phones are small.
  • Sorry to hear that for you. My preference is 4.3in screens or larger. My wife is only 5ft 4.5in with small hands and loves the big screens also. While the phones are much longer, the slimness help keep them manageable. That said, the Ativ, S3, Titans, etc... Are giants and bound to make smaller hands uncomfortable. I used a friends S3 a few weeks ago and one hand use like the HD2 and HD7 wasn't possible for me. Watching high res movies, tv shows and videos if the kids soccer games may just make it worth it. At least we have choices!
  • If you have trouble with the GS3, you will have trouble with the 920 and 8x as well. 
  • Agree absolutely. I'm going to keep my 800 until Nokia pull their finger out and produce something similar for Windows Phone 8. When I go out in the evening, the last thing I want is a huge bulky thing taking up all that room in my pocket...
  •  They will have phones that small, but they will all be low end phones. It is technically impossible to make a high end phone under 4.3" display. HD screens and high speed multicore processors with LTE require a big display and a long battery. Under 4.3" you are looking at a WVGA display and a weak processor possibly without LTE, to conserve battery life. Irony is that the old Lumia 800 is one of thickest phones on the chart at over 12mm thick.
  • Don't the last two Iphones prove your point untrue? Both are under 4.3 inches, high ppi count and 720p? I hate the damn things, but the truth hurts.
  • IPhones have never been 720p. The reason they have a high ppi is because the screen is so small.
  • IPhone is QHD resolution. Very sharp for sure, but significantly lower than 720p.
  • Iphone 5
    That and the Optimus G is only slightly, and I slightly, bigger than the average 4.3 inch phone. If the Xperia S removed that transparent bar, it would be Lumia 800 size so it can be done easy enough.
    No market for them i guess and HTC decided to waste a crap load of space for some crappy amp and polycarbonate ear piece.......
  • The beauty of the 8X is that's for a 4.3" screen, it's relatively narrow, meaning it'll be easier for smaller hands to hold. That may be why the iPhone went that route. As far as the load of "wasted" space, the bottom is no worse than the 920, and the top is about the same as the ativ s, and for the benefit of easier handling, a separate photo processor, a better amp, it's not a bad trade off. Besides, I think visually, the centered and balanced thing works aesthetically.
  • It really isn't that narrow either unfortunately. More narrow than the other two but not the Xperia  s and the 4.7 inch Optimus G is only slightly wider. That is terrible and they should have used some of that space better for sure.
    I personally wouldn't want the amp if it meant a bigger phone.
  • The 8X is the narrowest 4.3" wp. The experia is "only slightly" narrower than the 8X, but if you want an android device, have at it.
  • This.  I couldn't have said it better.  I have the HD7 now and will be getting the 8X. One of the things that makes me happy is that it will feel smaller (my thumb will be able to reach across easier) yet bigger at the same time (a few lines extra at the bottom compared to my HD7 or the lumia 920). They're both 4.3 inches, but I'm liking the skinnier, longer rectangle.  Still kind of bummed about storage though. I have just over 100mb free on my HD7, and have to manage it constantly. Right now I'm debating what to take off just to put on a new album I bought.  Here's hoping to better cloud music with WP8.
  • You probably might be waiting a long time for mid-range to high end phones to come in that size. I'm sure Nokia, Apple, HTC are just going by survey result conducted for them by professionals that 4.0" to 4.3" are what the vast majority desire.
  • I believe the Samsung ATIV S' display is 4.8"
    In most of the videos comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Galaxy SIII the 920's screen doesn't seem any smaller to me. I guess this is because of the different aspect ratio making it wider than normal.
  • you're right, the ativ s is 4.8", my mistake. I'll fix the file. but as far as the appearances of the screen size in images, I've noticed that in the nokia phone's images, they don't show the time/battery/signal strength at the tops of their screens . Is this because they have scrolled up to take away the black space there on the start screen, making their screen sizes larger? idk. but look at that space up there. the different oem's display it differently.
  • I was actually wondering the same thing myself,,,I like the 8X a lot but not really liking the way it displays the time and signal all the time,,,I hope its not like that in final production.
  • When you say the 8X displays the time and signal all the time, are you referring to their Live tile that you can un-pin and even delete? As far as showing the signal I'm sure it will be as it always has been... it will only show up when you tap the top part of the screen. :-)
  • No,,,I'm refering to the actuall time and signal strength shown at the top of the screen. I've noticed in just about every picture or video showing the 8X's screen it always seems to be showing,,,,I prefer if it only showed when I tapped to screen to show it.
  • Gotcha. I don't think you should worry. I'm pretty sure it only shows up when you tap it. I mean, it's the same OS across devices so it wouldn't make sense that only HTC phones would constantly show it.
  • I hope so,,,I know that the OEM's are allowed only minor alterations to the OS,,,I hope this isn't something HTC did try and differentiate themselves from Nokia and Samsung. Its not a deal breaker for me because the 8X's has the most features that would be useful to me personaly I just don't like how it makes the screen look smaller than it actually is and disrupts the elegant look of the homescreen.
  • Being on TMoUSA I fear my top level choices will be void of the L920. I am using a HD7 and am comfortable with the screen size, but wouldn't mind going slightly bigger with the 920 while gaining that awesome camera software and Nokia support. On the other hand the Ativ looks beautiful in pictures and the materials seem to be ideal for my butterfingers. The main thing is getting a HD screen. With every WP8 getting Nokia Drive voice navigation built in my trepidation of going Samsung or HTC is lessened tremendously.
  • Referring to your 'every wp phone 8 getting Nokia drive' thats a bit confusing. Let me tell you that there will be quite a difference between THE NOKiA DRIVE within the Nokia and the OEM Drive Version, beware u of thinking that you get the same in HTC than in Nokia... compare before you Order my friend.
  • Oh yeah - removable storage is a big plus on the Ativ but one I'd be willing to give up on the L920 for the built in 32gb.
  • Lumia 800 in my hand
  • I think the 4.3 l900 is the perfect size; that's why I'm thinking about trying the HTC 8x..
  • Its way bigger though. The 8x is effectively a 4.6 inch phone for all intents and purposes.
  • Except it's not. It's taller, yes, but it's both narrower and thinner. Those are the things that you notice when using the screen on a phone.
  • I like scales
  • I love lamp
  • Can't wait for the lumia 820! I love the size of my focus and I don't want anything too big. Plus I love the different color battery covers.
  • I'm gonna love the 8X and 8S. Since the Lumia's are kinda big. But can't wait for them to come!!!
  • I was apprehensive about stepping up from my venerable Samsung Focus to the Nokia Lumia 920, but looking at this chart the size difference isn't even that significant. Weigh on the otherhand....
    Count me among those who wish the Nokia Lumia 820 was closer in size to the 800. Say what you will about the iPhone, but for a lot of people that's the perfect size.
  • Anyone know if when you change to WP8 and are selling your WP7 do the games and apps stay on your phone after you log out of Xbox and un-sync emails and so on. I got a buyer for my titan but will only buy it if games and apps come with it. Thanks
  • The games and apps will stay on the phone but will remain linked to your Windows Live, Zune and Xbox accounts.
  • You cannot log out of Xbox and your Windows Live email (Hotmail/Outlook). To achieve that you have to hard reset your phone, which will erase EVERYTHING.