(Updated) Unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2 on eBay

If you just got your tax return back, here's a quick way to blow it — and by blow it we mean buy one of the three phones we officially know will be running Windows Mobile 6.5 later this year.

An unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2 is up for auction on eBay (opens in new tab). WMPowerUser spied it when it had a "But it now" price of $899, but it looks like it's been relisted and will now see how high the price will go by 11 p.m. EST March 27.

At the time of this writing, the top bid was $475. But before you throw your bid in the ring, do note that while this is an unlocked GSM phone, it only has the 3G radio bands used outside the U.S. So, no AT&T love for this guy. Otherwise, if everything is as advertised, it should work just fine.

So, how much would you pay to be the first on your block with a Touch Pro 2?

Update: And ... the auction's been called off. Can't say that's too surprising.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Relisted? Nah, I bought the touch pro 2 it'll be taken down soon
  • whoever buys this is pretty dumb. 1) seller says it comes with tomtom and tomtom maps (US and Canada), unlikely since it doesnt even have US 3g bands!!! Its a Europe phone!! 2) Seller has a whopping 34 sales, 2 negative, and 1 neutral. Not the best track record already.
  • i think its a great fake, or stolen from the manufactor
    this pretty nice device at the earliest in the autumn with us in Germany, i have contact them
    `Where does the device come from` greetz
  • I highly highly doubt this! The Touch Diamond 2 is not officially out yet!! The Touch Pro 2 wouldn't be until this summer! Where did this guy get it from! It is not even available yet on expansys and other online shops! I'd say its a clear fraud! You've been warned!
  • the Touch HD delivers downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps (in ebaytext) yeeahr truly a touch pro 2 taken the text from a touch hd
  • he send me an answer, Hallo *******
    We are going to sell the ones we have privately,
    thanks to all the activity,
    and people causing problems with assumptions on the forums. We will not be selling these on eBay;
    people need to grow up on this service. Thank you hmhmhmmm....
    many questions, no answers! greetz from germany
  • Ya I search for a couple places I could possibly buy one of these phone from on google. I asked the company how they are able to offer this phone to the public when it hasn't even been released by HTC yet. They gave me the run around for a while and just asked me question and finally said that they got them from HTC as a promotional offer to promote the phone. sounds fishy to me so I was talking to this one guy about buying one but I didn't feel safe unless I could pay for it on paypal. They said they didn't use paypal and then I check out the address that was listed on their web page based out of California on google maps and it was an empty run down building. So anyways Don't trust anyone selling this phone. I'm personally deciding to get a G1 until this one actually comes out through a service provider. Peace out man, good lookin out!
  • update History: 0 bids now(23/03 @ 05:32pm) ??
  • Guys.. never trust this people who sells for cheap, only buy from the site you trust, as one of my friend got scammed and paid arround 2000$ , one of my friend paid arround 300$ for HTC Touch diamond and then the person was asking for more money and said that your phone is delivered and stuck with customs, and customs are asking for more money to release the phone and he paid arround 1000$ to get this phone, once they received money they never got back and the whole website was scam, every day the scammers were asking more money to release the phone and finally he end up paying 2000$ for touch diamond and got nothing, they told him your are scammed my friend and all those bullshit he was soo much depresed so guys i am warning you, pay little bit more from the company you know but never go for the cheap or u dont trust or company which is not rated.