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Updates from Microsoft on the WP7 Update

Microsoft, in an effort to "keep us in the loop", has posted more information on the first Windows Phone 7 update. The latest info echoes the earlier reports that 90% of the update installations have been successful. Understandably, Microsoft recognizes that if your in the 10% who didn't have such good luck or are still waiting for the update notification, things can be a little aggravating.

Microsoft is recommending for those still receiving the update notification to take a few precautions before starting the update process.

"Given what we’ve learned so far, the best way to prepare for your update is to make sure your computer has an Internet connection and plenty of disk space before you begin. Why? Because before updating your phone, the Zune software and Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac attempt to back up your phone data as a precaution."

In diplomatic fashion, Microsoft does places some of the responsibility for update delays with the individual carriers.  In explaining why the update process is taking so long to get to everyone Microsoft comments,

"Another reason is that Microsoft and the carriers we’ve partnered with around the world need time to test phone updates to make sure they meet our joint quality, performance, and reliability standards. Testing schedules can vary, and that affects when you’ll be able to download an update."

A rather diplomatic way of putting it and Microsoft is looking into ways of improving the process.  If you have problems with the update, Microsoft has a Troubleshooter guide that addresses several of the known update related problems.

Lastly, if you choose to skip this update you shouldn't worry. The patches will be bundled with the next update (presumably the Nodo Update) so you will get it then. Hopefully Microsoft can iron out the issues with Samsung before then.

Source: WindowsTeamBlog

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  • At CES the Moto CEO said she and her company where "humbled" by the [difficulty] of putting out updates.Note, that a year later, Froyo is "just" getting out to "some" Samsung phones.At least Microsoft has acknowledged that the carriers are part of the delay and I am willing to bet money it is the cause of the delay on other platforms too. Sometimes legit, sometimes not so legit because they want people to purchase the next phone versus update their existing model. Clearly, there is a mark-up and lock-in incentive and since the carriers are mum, they are happy to lay blame on the perspective platforms. I am sure that carriers are saying it is my ball, and I going home if you like it or not -- now kiss me to make me stay.What should be more clear now, is why both Google and Microsoft wanted to bring that Nokia girl to the dance. She knows how to strut her stuff with the carriers plus has some excellent user experience people [whom I have had the pleasure to meet and listen to them speak at my company]. Google needs both as evidence of the just released Xoom. If you are a true agnostic tech head, you will say it is a work in progress and needs at least 6 to 12 months to cook in the oven and was purly a response to upcoming iPad 2. If you just are a fanboi, the Xoom is a mess! And even the LTE update that they will promiss will be a mess given past experience with Razr warrenty issues with Moto (yes, they are a different company today, but if you are "humbled" on updates, what happens when thousands are being mailed back to you for upgrades?)Yes, it is clear IMHO, the Nokia partnership will bring a ton to Microsoft: Lower cost phones, carrier and update experience, tools, UI experience experts to collaborate with and technology not even in the APIs yet.This is where the Apple strategy excels, both on phones and computers. A single world wide configuration (for the most part, I am sure the delta is smaller than Android and WP7). Ditto for RIM for the most part as well.Android may still win out, because many people, like my girlfriend could care less what Froyo is and why she wants it. "If I send an email and it goes, I am happy" she says. The geeks like the penguin crowd will revel that it is about control, ok, whatever -- it is a e----g phone already.WP7 has a chance as the market matures and users actually realize they have choice. On the Apple front, many will be Apple 4ever and will dawn tatoos to show their allegence. Android while popular as the anti-Apple, I believe is still on the wire because of cheap phones and mass advertisement lead by the ad king Google. MS, Nokia and HTC if they work together, can eventually take the Android share down. IMHO -- I give it a %50/50 chance.I have faith they will eventually get this right, I am sure that there is a WHOLE lot going on the background that is going on that we do not know about. Some will say I do not care, having been part of world wide rollouts in my job, I feel for the guys up at Redmond because the best laid plans, oft go astray and leave us in grief and pain.
  • I just don't understand with how much 'phones' can do we don't treat them like computers. An example being I buy a new PC, it comes with Windows 7, yet in a year Windows 8 is here, I don't need new hardware, just buy a new OS (if I like the new software and APPs-lications I need, need it). This Android fragmention, carrier blocking update shit is BS. This is the last time I ever buy something on contract unless its because of financing.