UPS Mobile

The onslaught of official apps arriving for Windows Phone continues with prevalent package delivery company UPS Mobile making its debut (the app came out over the weekend).

UPS Mobile lets users manage their packages by tracking them as the UPS system gets updated. Likewise, you can pin individual packages to your Start screen with a Live Tile to keep abreast of their status.

The app allows users also login with their MyUPS ID, Facebook or you can skip logins altogether. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to UPS My Choice, which lets you fine tune your deliveries in addition to giving you email alerts for inbound packages, the app warns you that these features are not available and it redirects you to

The app also lets you create shipments, which is a huge bonus for this app over third-party tracker apps, which obviously can't tie directly into the UPS billing system. Finally, UPS Mobile lets you find nearby UPS stations should you need to leave a package for delivery or other business with the company. Users can filter through UPS Stores, Customer Centers, drop boxes, and authorized shipping outlets for more convenience.

Overall, UPS Mobile is a well done, native app for Windows Phone 8. The app is clean, follows the Modern design well, and it offers unique – and valuable – functionality that many Windows Phone users have been waiting to use.

Update: We've been told by UPS that My Choice services are coming in a future update. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Bart W., for the tip!

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