UPS Mobile launches its Windows Phone app

The onslaught of official apps arriving for Windows Phone continues with prevalent package delivery company UPS Mobile making its debut (the app came out over the weekend).

UPS Mobile lets users manage their packages by tracking them as the UPS system gets updated. Likewise, you can pin individual packages to your Start screen with a Live Tile to keep abreast of their status.

The app allows users also login with their MyUPS ID, Facebook or you can skip logins altogether. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to UPS My Choice, which lets you fine tune your deliveries in addition to giving you email alerts for inbound packages, the app warns you that these features are not available and it redirects you to

The app also lets you create shipments, which is a huge bonus for this app over third-party tracker apps, which obviously can't tie directly into the UPS billing system. Finally, UPS Mobile lets you find nearby UPS stations should you need to leave a package for delivery or other business with the company. Users can filter through UPS Stores, Customer Centers, drop boxes, and authorized shipping outlets for more convenience.

Overall, UPS Mobile is a well done, native app for Windows Phone 8. The app is clean, follows the Modern design well, and it offers unique – and valuable – functionality that many Windows Phone users have been waiting to use.

Update: We've been told by UPS that My Choice services are coming in a future update. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Bart W., for the tip!

QR: ups

Daniel Rubino

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  • Amen
  • Companies should learn of this: WP users love and use official apps!
  • Historically Windows Phone users have used more third-party apps than official ones. New officials are nice though. More competition is a good thing.
  • Because no official options dude!
  • Installed the app, logged in to check on a package and got this: Tracking services is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Sigh...
  • That's your way if looking at it. That's not true for everyone else.
  • More is def better than none at all!!!
  • High time. I'm sick of FedEx
  • Weeee... More official apps!
  • Starting to look like Joe belfiore's tweet about the app gap being closed by the end of 2014 is right on track
  • He said 2013.
  • No he didn't check again he said it after the release of instagram I think
  • What?
  • He said 2014
  • It's written in the article. Not difficult..
  • That's obvious! Windows Phone is awesome, is Microsoft, is Nokia, is genius, and the world is tired of Android's mess and iPhone's expensiveness. Go, WP!
  • I still disagree with Joe about that BUT its great to see the word "official" with the new apps. 
  • Why? Functional isn't important??
  • The "gap" is too big to close that quickly.  I've posted before that i do believe the next 250,000 will come at a faster rate than the first 250,000.  But how can the gap close when we get an app that ios already had for months or years and at the same time ios is getting newer apps that we wont see for a long time if ever.  Android is at the point now where they get simultaneous releases with ios for the most post.  We are not there yet so the gap will take a long time to close if ever.  Plus Joe didnt specify what he meant by gap.  Did mean sheer numbers in the store or store submission/day or the number of top apps or the number of devs. working on WP/universal apps.    I do believe we will see more simultaneous release including WP but to say gap will close by 2014 is reaching to me
  • Ahhh... the infamous "app gap". That meaningless moving target that means almost nothing.
  • The entire app gap doesn't need closing, we don't need 1000 fart apps in the Windows store
  • Then this happened.   At least someone is trying to be honest about this whole thing.
  • Seriously. The obsession with the word "official" makes us seem even more desperate and wanting. IPhone and Android users never say "oooohhhh, the OFFICIAL app was released". We even say it she there isn't an "unofficial" version. I think every indie dev should call all of their unique apps "official".
  • I already bought Package Tracker, but I think this should be worth trying.
  • Well, with this you get UPS only. With Package Tracker you get that and many more AND OneDrive sync for your tablet as well. Your purchase is well worth it.
  • Agreed, I really love Package Tracker very usable.
  • +1 errr +925 :D
  • Package tracker is awesome!
  • And with package tracker you can pin packages to start screen and get updates right on the tile.
  • Thought I would mention that it's not available in the UK. Just saying as it isn't mentioned in the article
  • Why mention it ;)
  • I mention it as it isn't mentioned in the article and UPS do operate outside the US.
  • Not true, UPS operates in many countries.
  • Neither is it in France. Too bad as my surface is living me through ups to get serviced :(
    Would have been nice to be able to track it all along the way and know exactly when the replacement will come.
  • Try Package Tracker as that allows you to track UPS packages as well.
  • Well, thanks, I'll check it out but to be honest, "fine tuning" the delivery of the replacement unit was by far the most interesting feature for me and it seems like your app doesn't have it. I guess mobile websites are great !
  • Package Tracker...
  • Guess Canada is out aswell not available to download
  • Hmm. Can't login via facebook for some reason. Is there a regional lock on this?
  • Package Tracker is available in the UK and allows you to track most couirer companies, even UPS.
  • For tracking, I couldn't get away from package tracker, but for other UPS specific functions, this is great!!!! Well done!
  • Launching the app w/o My UPS functionality, C'mon man! I'll go out on a limb and guess that iOS, Android... Hell, even Blackberry have this functionality. I love me some WP and getting official apps is great but limited functionality on those new apps is FRUSTRATING! =/
  • Yes. Another raise your hopes and then find it's US only report. Thanks again wpc. Useful tip norville2 thanks
  • Not available for your device. Lame. -925
  • Hahaha lmbo! That's funny! -925 lol.
  • excellent, i also had gotten a email from UPS saying that when I get a email I can track from withim the email
  • Doesn't work in the UK
  • Good news! Now let the other carriers follow and join the party.  Universal app?  Serious question: How much more work time does it take to create universal apps
  • After a while no one is going to be able to say that we don't have apps and that's the reason they can't switch... :)
  • I wish Joe B. would be more humble and admit that the app gap remains quite large. Say something like "it's up to us to innovate the platform and attract top developers".
  • Ok... What's missing? And while you're coming up with your list of what's REALLY missing, can you also please speak on what "innovations" are missing from WP?
  • Flipboard and Discover...the major two I need!
  • Well it is up to the consumer and the company(Microsoft).
  • It's not though. It's closing, at least for the masses. Sure, you'll post a list of things that YOU want and there are niche titles that won't make it for a while, but the things most people need/want to get through their day is here.
  • American Express, Discover, Comcast, MyFICO, decent Delta, Skype, CVS, eBay and Spotify apps, Fitbit, Amazon Music, Amazon Video, BBM, Avis, Best Western, Hilton Honors, Southwest, Uber, Marriott, 24hr Fitness. These are apps that I use almost weekly that are complete shit or nonexistent on Windows Phone. Surely, no app gap exists. It's just a buzzword made up by the pundits.   
  • U are a rare case bro. I agree with in case of banking apps. But even u can browse it quickly.
  • The "you can use the mobile site" doesn't cut it for me; I use and depend on push notifications a lot. Airline apps, for example, I fly twice a week for work and definitely need the push notications when there's gate changes or delays.
  • You are definitely not typical of the masses and now you're including apps that you deem "complete shit".  I don't think Skype is "complete shit".  I'm annoyed that I can't attach pics/docs, but I use Skype...A LOT.  This is the first that I've heard that eBay is "complete shit", too. I also use Uber even though it is a web app.  You can still see where all the cars are and order a pickup and everything else. I'm also glad that you picked up on the media made up buzzword effect.  Well done.
  • And the church said.. "Amen"
  • WP app market is growing muhahahahaha
  • Wow about time!
  • Meh. Package Tracker has done it for me since day 1.
  • BWAHHHH!!!!!! OFFICIAL!!!!
  • Was there an "unofficial" UPS app? Can't we just say that UPS released an app?
  • Sure, will that make you happy?
  • My sarcasm alarm is going off like an atom bomb on that one!
  • The constant use of "official" just supports the perspect of "unofficial" apps are all evil that goes on around here.  Even the Photoshop was called "official" as if any other editing app was just an "unofficial" Photoshop.
  • Very helpful for me a frequent shipper
  • Microsoft's push of WP and W8 into business is paying of it would seem. The more businesses that use them, the more the associated businesses need to provide apps. Win-win for us.
  • About damn time
  • Does Cortana look through your mail for tracking numbers and track the packages for you?  That's where this should ultimately be heading.  Nice to have the app for finding drop-off points and stuff like that though.
  • Not yet, but you can bet that is on their feature roadmap.
  • I'm pretty sure there is a UserVoice for this feature that can be voted on.  I'd love to see this!
  • She does it for flight info so i'm sure its on the way. email does it already. 
  • Awesome UPS. I had a UPS app back when in had Android so I'm grateful it's here now. Didn't remember my login or even if it works but was able to create a new Account. Gonna be great tracking my packages from hence forth.
  • Finally.
  • Great :)   Edit: 1020, wp8 in UK i get this app is not available for your device :/
  • US only? :(
  • United Postal Service.
  • It's global genius
  • Umm, its actually United PARCEL Service.
  • This app sucks. It isn't a universal app when that's what we are looking towards and we all know haha that there wont be an update for a year maybe even longer! It doesn't even do anything but track, no my choice and the festures it does have open a webpage... Pitiful.
  • Yep. Better off using the mobile site.
  • Good job UPS for delivery your app to WP store :)
  • #PackageTracker #FTW
  • Yes! Hoping for the blocked features to become available soon.
  • FedEx you are on the clock
  • I like it a lot. It follows the design language well and feels clean and useful. Glad to see UPS on Windows Phone.
  • i just not to long ago tweeted to these jerks about an app  their response " We're always considering new technology. No details of a release date though.. ^AB" & " Hopefully this will be an option soon. ^AB"
  • Great news!
  • It's about time. UPS
  • Oh look...US ONLY. Funny I could swear all the orders from Microsoft that come from the Netherlands and the guys I call to take a Microsoft piece of hardware everytime it dies...ARE UPS. This is just f*cking stupid of them.
  • Stupid of who...??
  • Of UPS, obviously. They operate worldwide, it's f*cking stupid to release the app as US only.
  • Cool stuff!
  • No My Choice features. Takes you to the web site.
  • Stay tuned
  • Logon fine.
  • Official app that is NOT a web wrapper? YES!
  • Nothing beats PackageTracker.  I don't want a bunch of one-trick-pony apps when it comes to something like this.  PackageTracker keeps all of it in order.
  • Amen
  • Okay time to give fedex a piece of my mind lol.
  • I have already been using the heck out of this app. I do a lot of shipping and receiving and have been waiting for direct apps. I also use Belpost tracker. It is good, but it is not as attractive(yes, even for a brown colored app) as this one. It has a friendly interface and works well. Good job UPS.
  • Yay! I wouldn't switch from package tracker to this since the former tracks for all companies and is a universal app, but when those my choice options become available in app, this will be a definite download.
  • Since the MyChoice stuff isn't working, I will wait to use it till that gets taken care of...probably will be soon I am sure...thank you UPS for official app!
  • It is truly fantastic to see major companies build and support apps for WP but I am curious why their website does not show WP as a supported platform, where iOS, Android, and even Blackberry are mentioned. This will have to change if WP is to extend its support from users.
  • I think it's great that we have another official app, but I have to report that this app is not comparable to the Package Tracker app. PT is a much more polished and complete app. Progressive tracking alerts, live tile updates, ease of use, notifications are all on PT and not on UPS app. Even when the UPS app is opened, you still have to update the package to find out where it is. The only thing that is useful and not on the PT app is the ability to locate other UPS stores. PT also syncs with other W8 devices. I hope this helps someone.
  • WP is not listed as a downloadable app on the UPS website. Here is who they advertise Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, SMS Tracking, and Come on! The more WP is a selectable app, the more visibility it will have. That will lead to more interest.