US bank Wells Fargo working on Windows Phone solution

Wells Fargo, a bank and financial services establishment in the US, is reportedly developing a Windows Phone app. We've covered numerous other banks in multiple markets releasing apps for the platform, but it's always good to see further support rising from the ground. Wells Fargo currently has solutions for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and even Palm OS, so it only makes sense for Windows Phone to be included.

The information comes via a customer service email to a customer, noting that the financial institution is "already working on it" and that they "plan to make it available in the future". Of course, this being customer service, a grain of salt is required as we're not sure if they are privy to such information nor should it be considered "official" by any means.

No further information has been revealed, but we expect the feature sheet to be similar to its other apps, as well as mobile banking apps already available on the store from other establishments. You can expect account management, branch and ATM locator, transfer functionality, secured connectivity and more. We'll look to update you all once further details come to light.

via: WMPU - image credit: Chicago Agent Magazine

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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