VAIO's first Windows 10 Mobile phone is here, and it looks stunning

Windows 10 Mobile is getting a lot of interest from Japanese manufacturers. NuAns launched the highly-customizable Neo late last year, and now VAIO has unveiled its first offering: the Phone Biz.

Aimed at business users, the VAIO Phone Biz is made out of aluminium, and features a 5.5-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 617 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD slot (up to 64GB), 13MP camera, LTE connectivity (bands 1,3,8,19,21), Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 2800mAh battery. Although the phone doesn't feature Qualcomm's latest hardware, it supports Continuum.

The Phone Biz will be available for purchase from April for ¥50,000 ($424) for the SIM-free version, and VAIO is partnering with NTT Docomo to offer carrier variants. What do you guys make of VAIO's offering?

Source: VAIO; Via: The Verge

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Sick
  • Looks wise, Surface phone has some good competition already!
  • I don't see where this would be any competition... And, to add to that the Surface Phone has, or has already, had competition for years.. Major competition that it will barely have a chance going up against because 1; people are biased towards iDroid (for good reason) 2; we still have a super critical app problem, and 3; MS will not do NOTHING towards marketing the damn devices, even if it's the absolute best phone money can buy... And, the later will most likely be the nail in the coffin..... I hope MS proves me wrong,,,, this time.
  • wait! How is this device offering Continuum with a microUSB port (see photo #3)?
  • Good question. Also, why only 64gb SD? That is a big negative for anyone who has 128gb cards. Even the Lumia 640 that I picked up for $29 accepts 128gb cards.
  • Exactly. I was just thinking that my cheap Lumia 640's 128 gb SD card wouldn't work in this. Strange choice.
  • You should also think the most expensive phone in the whole world (iPhone) does not have micro sd slot. You can atleast add 64GB on top of the 16 GB internal storage on this WM.
  • Well instead you could use micro usb based flash drive
  • Maybe a 128 gig card will work in this smart phone if the Windows 10 OS recognizes it. Some devices have the ability to do things the manufacturere does not recomend it to do.
  • I'm sure it will take more. I read somewhere that even Lumia 640 will take more than the supposed max of 128GB. I think these are just arbitrary limits companies put on  paper.
  • im sure it will take it!   I remember the days of the 3210. it had a SD slot for up to 500MB but my 1GB card worked just fine. it was just a little slower!
  • I had a 6230i with an 1gb card.. and it worked fine
  • i think that what i meant! all those old models were so long ago!!!
  • @grazy1982. Which 3210? Lol.
  • That's what I meant above. It was the 6230i!
  • I had 3210....but it didn't have an SD card slot.
  • did you meant Nokia 3210 ??? are you sure??? this is my first mobile phone in 14 years back, and it was no SDCard Slot,
  • 128GB cards would work with this most probably. I've seen many companies mention upto 64GB support but 128GB cards work fine with them
  • Be happy it isn't MemoryStick ;) now seriously, it really is a bit odd to offer such a small capacity today.
  • I apologize for being off topic, but what do you think of the 640? I have the 1520 and love it but may have to get a new phone soon.  
  • The 640 is a great phone for the price. All my kids love it. But it is a budget phone. It has glance screen and the screen looks good, but viewing it at an angle s washes things out a bit. Ear speaker is loud, which is good for me. My 1020 is too low sometimes. Photos are decent, but nothing like my 1020, of course.
  • I've only tested 640XL and it is awesome, I sold it, now my question is: When are you going to buy your phone? Soon or Soon™? LOL
  • Because cloud!
  • @Paul Kinslow Seems to be a trend that some OEMs state (up to) when it is the floor rather than the ceiling. Maybe the way they translate to English? Let's look closer. 32GB is the upper limit for SDHC, so 64GB means that the reader must be SDXC. That's the floor. You could put a larger capacity card in and get class 10 speed, but not UHS-I or UHS-II speeds. There are plenty of 128GB SDXC cards in the class 10 speed. I'm confident they would work. Also UHS-I and UHS-II cards will read/write, but only at class 10 speed...
  • it'll prpbably be the usual story - 128GB cards weren't released when they tested and wrote the manual. the manual for the 640 probably suffers from the same not-able-to-confirm-future-tech-is-compaible issue
  • You don't need cables for continuum, in fact I prefer to use it over Miracast if I am not home. See my video at
  • Nice simple.  
  • Very nice and well narrated. Thanks.
  • Great piece of work on the video. Thnx
  • Continuum works wirelessly as well, so maybe this phone only supports it in that mode.  30 fps only in that case though, so no watching vodeo from the phone on a TV.
  • Most videos are 30fps for the time being
  • How many movies have you seen that exceed 30fps? The issue isn't with watching videos -- it's with things that require interaction and quick response times, such as gaming. When you type a document on Continuum through miracast, there is a noticable lag between key press and the character appearing on screen. For things that don't require interaction, like movies, 30fps plenty of speed to deceive the human eye. Heck, most people didn't know that their phone screens ran at 30fps until the Lumia 920 came around with a 60fps screen (and then samsung, among others started too)
  • maybe wirelessly?
  • Wireless
  • This phone only supports Continuum wirelessly. (Miracast)
  • A phone does not need USB Type-C to support Continuum, it just needs video out. Although microUSB 2.0 does not support video out as far as I know.
  • Mhl Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Continuum can be used wirelessly, but they may offer a dock.
  • Continuum is wireless, no docking station.
  • I believe continuum is supported over wireless only for this phone.
  • Ever heard of wireless display adapter?
  • It works wirelessly, though not all that great.
  • via wifi
  • Miracast maybe?
  • You can do Continuum wirelessly too. Continuum doesn't require USB-C. It's less laggy over USB-C, but it's not a requirement.
  • I'm sure it can be done wirelessly..thats how I connect my 95XL
  • Very true, unfortunately! As I write this from my S6 which I've had for 2 weeks after supporting WP since my HTC Radar. The nail is the app problem, no matter what, we want apps... Good ones. Project Islandwood needs to step it up. I hope they have a Surface phone lined with new apps by then. Otherwise I'm staying put with the Droid. I hate Google too. My S6 is running all the Microsoft apps and the sad thing is they're better then on WP10. Pathetic, step it up MS!
  • Agree with all your points bro. Only thing I'd suggest is not calling your device a Droid or The Droid. Droid is a brand series of Motorola phones that run Android, not an Android phone shortened down. This advice will see you well especially if you get involved with the AndroidCentral community, who won't take you seriously using noob terminology.
  • You should put /s at the end of your posts ... /s
  • Well, not in my country. In fact Motorola couldn't use that brand here because there was another company that owned that brand before. I remember those models called MotoROI... LOL
  • Don't do much marketing? I see that damn Lumia 950/950XL all the time on TV! atleast in here finland they are adversiting!
  • We cut the cord years ago and have both Hulu and Netflix. Microsoft definitely advertises on Hulu when it comes to their products and even services EXCEPT Windows Phone. I don't recall seeing any phone adverts since subscribing 4 years ago. Plenty of Surface ads.
  • Microsoft doesn't make Windows Phone. They make Windows 10 and also a brand of hardware known as Lumia.
  • @TonyRAnderson:
    Lumia 640 says otherwise...
  • Over wireless internet? You haven't cut the cord otherwise. ;-)
  • They don't advertise in America much at all. At least on the phone front, they don't. There are Surface ads all over TV here, but the last Lumia commercial that was made by Microsoft (as in not a carrier mentioning they have a phone at the end of an ad) that I can I remember seeing is for the 1020. To be fair, though, I don't watch TV that often.
  • I care to disagree. People are always talking about the "App problem". Well, I'm sure we already have at least 50% of all the iDroid apps and we are at best 5% of the mobile market. The way I see it it's not the devs fault, and MS itself still keeps trying to bring us more apps. It's the users that should at least try to meet them halfway. And that means the ones that really care about the OS must try harder to bring other users (back).
  • We'll come back when there is app parity. Having 50% of apps means nothing when you are missing that one app I really need and use. Also perpetual beta status of official apps doesn't breed confidence at all. Posted from my Note 5
  • I need Disqus. Android doesn't have that since android has an app-gap problem.
  • It exists in iOS as a Beta.
  • I love using the disqus app on my L1520 keeps me up to date rather than having to go to web, even get notification on the live tile , its awsome
  • I know that not everyone can come back, but you have to agree that a big slice of android users only do so much and a call & sms app is more than enough, so even if android loses only 5% of it's market share it means A LOT more for WM! Instagram devs already know 6tag is way better than a non-beta android-like version, so why even bother... Same goes for tapatalk and mTalk. That's just to name a couple of apps...
  • I just want to make a statement here about 6tag. My account was deleted without any warning, only for using 6tag, I have not violated any part of eula or terms and coditions. I was unable to recover my account but I have received an email stating that by using 6tag, I have violated source code part of terms. While oficial Instagram app is in beta stage for long as I am using windows phone, and only alternative is 6tag for which you risk account deletion. If I were to know that long ago, I would of stayed on android.
  • Are you saying that TOS prohibit using 3rd party apps?
  • If you create your account with 6tag it'll get closed and your email gets banned. Currently still working is opening the account using an official Instagram app on iOS/Android/WP and then using 6tag. But that might be gone soon too.
  • See this thread:   I asked there about the recent news that Instagram will ban ALL 3rd party apps this summer, and the response was that Rudy claims it won't affect 6tag. Well see, I guess. But Instagram is clear in their platform policy, a 3rd party app is not allowed to "use the Instagram APIs to replicate or attempt to replace the functionality or essential user experiences of or any of Instagram's apps". They will cut off any apps that haven't been approved this summer. It's possible 6tag is approved or will be, but I'm not sure why Instagram would allow it when it clearly goes against their own terms and there already is an official (albeit beta) app on W10M.  
  • No.. 50% of "POPULAR" apps is what we have!
    Popular apps make up only a small percentage of total app, needed, and wanted apps... Popular apps are probably 5-10% of all apps.... That means that if Windows has 50% of popular apps, then it really only has a very small percentage of apps people need, and want..
    You can disagree all you want, but the reality (when you finally realize, and accept it) is that Windows is severely lacking apps, and for things to change this must change!
  • Windows 10 Mobile is good enough for the closet.
  • Over a year ago: of course it is lacking apps, but it is much more lacking of users for the tons of apps it has. @ theDangrr If they make their APIs public they should allow people to use it freely. If what you say it's true, it's their bad, they should've at least warned you first. There's no excuse for what they did. 6Tag was just an excuse, or else they could easily block that app and all 6Tag users. Believe me, I also have (made) a simple Instagram app myself.  
  • 50%? What kind of fantasy land do you live in?
  • @R0br Last time I've checked the top 40 app's we were only missing snapchat. You can say 40 or 30%, that's not the point. Some say we're at 2% market share. Thats too low for the tons of apps we already have. Yo can solve this gap by bringing useres so devs will come or bringing devs so users will come. Problem is users are no comming. I'm not saying who should come first, but at least everyone should be meeting  half way.
  • Dude, top 40 apps doesn't have anything to do with having the apps people need for various reasons.. Most (thousands) needed apps aren't even on that list...wakeup!
  • Yes, maybe 50% of popular apps, like I said.. Meaning that we have less than 10% of needed apps that people want, mainly because popular apps are only a tiny percentage of needed apps..
  • @rodneyej how many apps do you think the store have?
  • It's Microsoft fault with all these exclusive devices and poor marketing. Users can't find phones to buy.
  • Price point is good competitively for people who want a cheaper phone in the windows market plus the aluminum people like alot who knows it might sell well
  • Microsoft is to busy giving Marco Rubio money to care about the phone marketing lol buying politicians
  • Isn't VAIO Sony? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • not for 2 years:  
  • You're not wrong on the last point. Microsoft is it's own worst enemy. 
  • If it suppors wired Continuum with a USB-Type C port, it could be a hot phone.  This phone takes the place of L850.  It seems that MS has cancelled L850 for a reason to get OEMs involved.
  • Surface was never meant to compete to OEM, but to set example/ Hardware guide for them . So will be the surface phone. MS definately love more OEM to use Windows 10 and W10M on their products.
  • ^ This. Does anyone honestly think we would have as many Windows tablet choices as we do today if Microsoft had not built the Surface? I would even go so far as to say Surface is why we still have Windows phones. (No Surface -> no reason for mass-market Windows tablets -> no reason for UWP -> no reason for Windows phones)
  • I can agree with that.
  • This is why MS brought Continuum support for SD617
  • Gotta love you guys. You guys Complain about the bezels on the 950's yet I only see praise for this phone that has a bottom bezel I can almost put my coffee mug on.
  • some people are very strange.
  • It's the Microsoft hater syndrome that rules here. Makes zero sense.
  • This phone, from the pics, has a sleekness to the design and maybe that makes a difference?
  • It does have literally huge bezel chin that is obvious at a glance, it does looks "meh" because of it. Thing is, overall design of the phone is sleek enough that it makes it looks quite nice. It doesn't have very unique design but it still looks good. Yes, if the bezel at the bottom would be smaller, that would be great.
  • Agree that the bezel is just too much.
  • @2tomtom, perhaps but when you hold the device it makes sense for button placement? Bearing in mind this is geared for the Japanese market.
  • It does have a pretty noticeable bezel, but as you said, it still looks good. It's just nice to see an OEM make a high-end Windows 10 phone. If this phone could be sold by T-Mobile ATT and Verizon...well the later is a bit of a stretch, but I think it would sell okay.
  • Lol its like they made a last minute change
  • Exactly how i feel about the posts here. 70% of those in this forum are just here to hate on anything windows getting to the point where it's a waste of time visiting WIndows Central shame because every one used to be so passionate here.
  • Maybe it is a wireless charging pad. Who knows what they have got up their sleeves.
  • I think it is just that we all expected more from Microsoft and the 950s, whereas we are all just happy to see another vendor producing windows phones running a so called dead OS haha.
  • haha! i agree! its the first thing i noticed! the 950s are very thin bezel-wise.   I was comparing a iphone 6plus against my 950xl and was shocked that a larger screened phone was smaller than the iphone 6 plus! lol
  • People just love to complain about anything Microsoft puts out.
  • :)). So true. Well, my xl literally does not have bazzels:D... For me.
  • LOL yea =)
  • Is it possible that multiple people have different opinions and not everyone here shares the same opinion?
  • Put some metal on it and everyone is happy :D And anyway, people who think the bottom bezel of 950 is big have never seen one in person or never seen the buttons bar with the accent color. When you see where the buttons bar ends you cannot say the bezel is big, smaller than that could not be used since the thumb could not interact with all the buttons.
  • But aluminum
  • I kinda like having that empty area at the bottom (meaning the buttons are a bit higher up). Trying to touch those buttons when they are close to the bottom edge is more difficult (for me at least with my clubs) when using the phone one-handed.
  • The 950's actually have a smaller bottom bezel than the top one, and it is very good. It might not seem but when you hide the navigation buttons it looks just right
  • Yeah, that thing is huge. Better be a hell of a speaker!
  • I wouldn't say it's stunning, but it does look nice..
    I think we've come to the point where all these aluminum chassis devices are all beginning to look the same.. Neat silver slabs... And, because of that it makes solid, colorful, polycarbonate Lumia devices seem more exclusive... The point is that everything shouldn't looks the same. If MS takes this (dare I say boring?) aluminum slab design with the "Surface Phone",,,, that's not good.... Just my opinion.. I think these phones look nice, and clean, but seriously tell me what's exciting about the design.... ❓❓❓❓❓
    ...... Does anyone else see HTC on the back of that thing?
  • Perhaps this is more svelte design wise compared to other recent phones?
  • Perhaps
  • It does reminds me alot of HTC One series on the back, at least on the smaller thumbnail. Though when you try look it closely, it still looks bit different than HTC since this Vaio phone doesn't have the plastic bands, instead it's got rather bit cleaner antennae covers. Overall the design isn't that revolutionary by any means but does look good, but yeah the same silvery metal backs is starting to look too normal on flagships. At least HTC did offer some colors for some of their HTC One series devices. This is why I also dislike that Microsoft decided not to offer any color options anymore, having polycarbonate backs are good for having color options just like the previous Lumia did. It would be maybe a less bland if they still offer colors for Lumia. Hopefully even for Surface Phone, they should at least offer some colors just like the new Surface Pens. Also they don't have to resort for full magnesium body, even just the sides while having a polycarbonate removable backs like Lumia 830 would be still great. Especially if the removable backs can be replace with different materials just like the Moto X.
  • MS should seriously consider two devices....
    1. The 925
    2. The 930
    When it comes to metal these two devices look almost perfection..
  • Indeed! I don't get it why Microsoft didn't even consider these phones (including 830 design) for their 950 flagships. It was well received at that time and yet they manage to make generic looking devices that I even wasn't expecting for them to do. It feels like they're almost giving up by just releasing those devices just for the sake of it, despite they claim they do have intention to please its (hardcore) fans.
  • ^What Rodneyej said, its either they all look the same from back or their profile looks like iPhone 5. They need to start getting creative with these aluminum designs, otherwise Im all for customizable back covers that can be replaced to a users liking.
  • I always get compliments and questions about my 830.
  • So you want a Lumia 950?
  • Already have one and I still have my 930. I have a jewelry business and im currently in the process of producing a back cover for my 950. Rose gold-plated side trims, black lizards skin for the back with our logo hot-stamped subtly in the back. Doing this for the 950 is a piece of cake but try doing this for the 930 ...I wont even bother risking any issues with internals.
  • Nice phone. But like always people cling to the "no apps bruh. The bezel looks like a big table for my coffee. Makes my butt look huge."
  • The main drawback of WPs are the fan base .. They are never satisfied.. I feel pity... None of us have touched and felt the device in hand .. You guys are already giving it a tag... "Big Bezel..Nothing stunning with the design..etc" ...
    Give it a chance people.. Damn...
  • ^ This. OEMs getting on board despite WP/M market share over the last year? We should all be happy, because the more OEMs the better the future of Windows on phones will be.
  • I WOULD say we ARE happy about this device coming......
    We're just talking about design in the industry as a whole,, setting aside Windows devices.. This isn't just a Windows problem, as we see it.
  • It's funny that after all this time, nobody can create a decent looking start screen for their WP offering.
  • That bezel though.
  • Not feeling very well?
  • Microsoft wants to build their mobile market just like their pc. They have the os and the oem will deal with the hardware. The future is bright for window fans
  • I just wish OEMs will bundle phones with laptops
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Very good idea to sell bundles. MS needs to pick up that idea and subsidize OEMs in doing so. Let's see
  • Also maybe build hybrids that you dock the phone inside the tablet, just like the some Asus Transformer devices. Especially if the W10M Continuum desktop environment finally became a desktop-like (like having floating windows with Snap and other desktop aspects). Even better if Win32 for W10M Continuum is implemented well.
  • I don't like that idea much, the great thing about continuum is the fact you can use the phone at the same time, if you dock the phone in a tablet the best you will get out of it is a touchpad / maybe second screen, but I'd rather pick up the phone and use it. I'm not against some kind of tablet / keyboard accessory that is dedicated for continuum though, with the right price it would be handy rather than buying a full tablet / laptop if you don't need it.
  • I can see that, but that doesnt mean the idea is useless. It actually makes more sense with Continuum, at least good for lightweight productivity yet easier to manage than the full blown Windows. Kinda like Chromebooks but way better, cooler and useful yet you can undock the phone anytime. A true convergence PC. Also that concept is already been done by Asus but it only runs with Android, which is makes perfect sense for W10M instead. This is good to OEM that helps them to market new kind of devices, which benefits the Windows platform alot and give it more reason why to get one. Some people would prefer to have one device to manage for their computing needs (that if Continuum does became a desktop-like, tons of useful and powerful Universal Apps, and able to run Win32 apps).
  • Where the phone is the brains, drops into the tablet and the phone screen becomes the touchpad, but with the added benefit of including the phone's hi-res display for additional feedback to the user. The base (convertible tablet/laptop) houses a discrete GPU and battery for full PC performance and solid speakers for an excellent speakerphone experience. The Intel chip in the phone also goes into full power mode when docked to achieve PC-level performance. Remove the phone, and it continues to provide the CPU wirelessly to its laptop base (so you can talk and use Continuum at the same time, all wirelessly), but w/o the benefit of the dedicated GPU and extra battery in the base. The CPU in the phone drops down to a lower power state, so that it still achieves reasonable phone battery life, and it won't need all the CPU power when it's undocked (but the Continuum experience is diminished with the reduced CPU power). Of course, when you remove the phone, you also lose the touchpad, but it still has the keyboard and convertible laptop/tablet touchscreen. That would be amazing and a game changer. A device that is quite literallly a phone and a PC in one, with all the benefits of both. Not sure that's exactly where you were going for, but sure sounds like an incredible machine.
  • This is what I positively see the another great use of Continuum. A true mobile PC that literally can became like a PC that you can use anywhere, not just by plugging to the monitor. This could potentially revitalize Windows Mobile devices and even encourage OEM to make a "new" breed of devices which do have a reason to exist and differentiate.  Microsoft could demonstrate this for their rumored Surface Phone as an accessory. This of course better if Win32 apps are possible on W10M to run inside Continuum (of course there is no way to run it on phone screen), and first and foremost if W10M Continuum is truly a desktop-like, not a more lighter version of Windows RT.
  • Without OEM it impossible. MS need more more OEM. OEM, OEM and OEM. Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Sony also need to build a Continuum supported device.
  • Just sounds like developers, developers, developers.
  • But all this platform needs is consumers, consumers, consumers. Why would any developer build apps for an empty platform? So for that we need OEMs, OEMs, OEMs.
  • Have you heard about the chicken-and-egg syndrome?
  • Lol
  • We need chickens, chickens, chickens then
  • The OEMs want more CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL over the OS. They can't differentiate much in software with Windows phone. Android gives them almost total control. Just look at Samsung for example. Can Samsung add their own pen with multi windows? Their own one hand mode? Change UI? Edge screen notifications on Windows mobile? What about different processor/SoC?
  • And OEM's will want to fill the phone with their own bloatwares just like they do on the android phones. lol. WM is good where it is now.
  • Yup, they also need their spywares. Lenovo got caught several times :) . If Microsoft wants to gain marketshare, they need the OEMs though.
  • Similar to MSFT with a lot of bloatware in windows 10
  • But Nokia had exclusive software on Lumias. So it is possible. Otoh they also had Elop.
  • Keep telling yourself that.
  • Not when the OEMs can do whatever they want on Android vs limited options on Windows phone.
  • Oh my god I want it!!!! 
  • Beautiful!! Those bezels tho...
  • Lol, I was waiting for someone to comment on the bezels. It looks really nice though.
  • but it's gigantic, the bottom one
  • A giant chin bezel. This phone has a chin! I think the looks is almost "perfect" if wasn't that for the huge bezel. Overall it still looks great at least.
  • Would be better of they made capacitive buttons instead of software buttons to fill that bottom bezel.
  • If that so, The continuum mode will not have navigation bar too
  • Thay have separate screens... you can easily put a navigation bar at the monitor screen.
  • Yeah, that would be a smarter way to take advantage of that wasted space. I don't know why there is an unnecessary huge bezel at the bottom. It seems like its bit bigger than the top bezel. Or if they at least put a fingerprint scanner at the bottom, that bezel won't be wasted.
  • More like the VAIO Chin Bez.
  • Nice
  • With Bezels so big it should've been hardware buttons.
  • Huge !!! The could have put a trackpad there ,or a physical keyboard
  • Yeah, looks great but why so much space at the bottom?
  • iPhone 3GS anyone?
  • You need glasses.
  • ??????
  • No, HTC whatever... That's what it looks like front the back. No doubt about it.
  • looks like an HTC One V series of phones from late 2008.
  • Boy that phone was beautiful but sucked ass..
  • It kinda looks HTC One series at the back. Kinda since it doesn't have those plastic lines like those on HTC, its rather bit different looking instead.
  • My first impression of the blurry pic, before realizing it is aluminum and reading the specs, was it looks like Lumia 521.
  • I checked Lumia 521, it does also look similar except Lumia during those times have colors.
  • I hope they polish W10M fast. Sad, it is aim for business. ):
  • There's nothing wrong with it now.
  • There's plenty wrong with it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The last .71 build is quite stable, especially with the new firmware i recieved...
  • "Quite stable" doesn't mean Smooth experience"... Still a long way to go..
  • What phone are you using W10m on?
  • There is still alot of quirks left in W10M even for non-Insider builds. I recently saw a video from MobileTechReview and the bug still persist.
  • @aXross, which bug? There are tonnes of insects out there :P. So care to be specific?
  • Cockcroach! I hate those things! XD Well I remember 3 issues that the reviewer mentioned that I do also have: - Edge always reload web pages even you've just switched from another tab recently. For 950 with 3GB of RAM (that's big for a smartphone), that sounds like a bad memory management at least of the browser. - Word Mobile hamburger menu have glitch when opening it. - App downloading/updating in Windows Store is still very slow (in my case sometimes failed to update/download) Few more issues that I have that is not mentioned in the review (I'll just name few common): - Keyboard sometimes bit unresponsive, so there's some delays when the keyboard slides-in, worst when using Edge. - Speaking of Edge, there is still a bug that when you type something on Addressbar, the search suggestion still on the view covering the webpage. - When sending an MMS image from a camera in Messaging app, it tends to crash sometimes. - Some apps randomly crashing - Camera app glitch that it leaves the "ghost" image around the sides. - Glance sometimes won't show - Some Live Tiles randomly became blank Mind you many of these issues are even inconsistent, so I don't even expect you will have most of these (or lucky if non at all).
  • aXross forgot to mention the random start screen freezing which makes restart a must atleast 7 times a day.. W10M is needs a lot of work before going official.. A lot means.. A LOOOOOTTTT...
  • Sorry to hear that. :( This is why I find the issues inconsistent among W10M users. Gladly I dont have that issue but I can't dismiss the others having other issues than mine (especially worst ones).
    W10M is definately needs alot of work before it is considered truly rock solid and well polished OS for 'everybody'. Windows Phone was a polished one, only lacks several features (yes its not perfect, its got some fee bugs too). W10M have maore features, but its as polished as Android 2.2 Froyo or older (which means not great).
    Heck even the regular Windows 10 fro desktops/tablets still have some several issues too and alot of unpolished areas (especially tge UI part).
  • Wasps are the ones I hate. Always getting in the house when it's cold outside. And the fact that sometimes alarms just don't fire and I have to delete and add again. And quiet hours, it's random chance whether the automatic rules will work.
  • Which phone are you using W10m on?
  • Old and still running Lumia 820 and 830.
  • You're a Denier aren't you? Posted from my Note 5
  • So what? It's a smartphone. You can still use it for whatever purpose you want...
  • But we are paying a good amount of money.. And they should work as they are advertised...
  • Show this to those who are shouting on various forums that windows phones are dead.
  • Windows Phones are dead.
    Wanna bet this will be VAIO's only WP before they realise that the platform is going nowhere and is just a money loser?
  • Yep. History repeats itself.
  • Fanboys get butthurt and rip on DJCBS, but I'm guessing he's right in this case.  Where are the W10M phones from the WP7 OEMS (Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell, ZTE) or the WP8 OEMS (Blu, Yezz, Karbonn, Lava, Micromax, Hisense, Archos, Cherry?) I bet these W10M OEMs (VAIO, Acer, Alcatel, Coship, Funker) all become one-and-dones.  It's just being pragmatic.
  • Why are u even here? PS you are wrong. Get over it.
  • How can be be wrong when the phone hasn't been released yet? I'd say there's a 50/50 chance he's right. Without apps none of this matters anyways. Posted from my Note 5
  • Why bother yourself if they are dead..i guess u are an ios user now..u have abandoned windows phone doesn't mean they are dead.Its human tendency that when they leave or abandon something they want it to get demolished disappear or in your language to be dead so that they can say 'see i did the right thing'.Well u can be right to some extent but u cnt be so sure abt it.
  • Lol well, couple of things:
    1 - I would have never left WP for iOS. I left for Android which is the superior OS.
    2 - I don't need to validate my decision with anything because I don't regret it for a single minute. Actually the only thing I regret was not having ditched WP sooner and had stuck with it right until Nokia left the scene ;)
    3 - I don't need to wish for WP8 death. Microsoft killed it themselves the moment they attacked Nokia's D&S division. From that point onwards, WP had just been on a downwards spiral to death. If it survives 2016 it will already be a miracle. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • From no angle android is superior to wm10 or ios ...i use lumia 950 and lg g4 and i know how much android eats battery crashes and lags...i see bright future to wm10 with lot of oems making wm10 phones and microsoft to market it with wm10 i find it the most complete os ever...smooth like butter even on a 30$ phone...unlike android or ios..
  • I am an iPhone user (iPhone 6s, I need it for Street View app for photospheres) and seeing the iPhone can't even match the Lumia 930 and that W10 is years ahead iOs I am more than ever a Windows fan. The only thing that Windows Mobile lacks is Google apps, period. When Google apps will come to Windows Mobile that will be the start of end of Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're mistaken. Rankings are Android > iOS > Windows 8,1 > BB10 > Windows Mobile 10 Posted from my Note 5
  • No. They are WP8.1 > WM10 > BB10 > iOS > Android Android is the worst operating system ever made.
  • Android has 85% market share and for years now people continue to buy them while completely disregarding Windows Phone (1.6%!). It is quite obvious which one is better. The people have spoken. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just because they sell a lot of devices doesn't mean it's good.  People get comfortable with their choice and stick with it - whether it's because of apps, highly invested in their services, because their friends all use a particular service, etc. We can revist numerous instances in history where a big following does not mean it's right or good.
  • Being able to maintain extremely high sales is a very good indication that you are doing something right. If Android was even a fraction as bad as Windows fanboys claim, it wouldn't be able to sustain such domination. If Windows was even half as good as you claim, it wouldn't only command 1.6% of the market after 5 years. The truth is, it sucks, especially when compared its competition. Apps aren't the cause either, they are just a symptom of sucking. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's interesting that you use the term fanboys as you sound just like one.  Where is my claim on how good Windows is? I use what I like and what works for me, not what the popular vote tells me to.  I've used all of the mobile platforms and I see great potential with Windows 10.  Sure, it's not perfect or even polished now but at least I don't walk around with a negative and narrow minded attitude.  I'm looking past the here and now and I'm patient enough and don't care what the "cool" kids think about my choices.  I'm also tired of these blanket comments on here saying that Windows 10 sucks..yet, not a real reason to back up these claims.  It's a new OS and it is improving all the time.  Whereas iOS and Android have been around for a very long time.  Marketing, marketing, marketing.  I also love posts by people like you that say things are sooo horrible on your phone.  Windows 10 has been exceptionally smooth and without bugs, crashes, or any other flaky behavior on my phone.  It makes me wonder if all the people talking down on the OS are just iOS/Android users talking a bunch of crap...or lack the mental capacity to see beyond their spoonfed agenda. We'll just have to wait and see how things are when Windows 10 becomes a little more polished and rooted.  Just promise us all that you won't ever buy another Windows/Microsoft product.
  • If only your wishes were reality. Come post on Android Central using your Microsoft Store app... Oh wait.
    In fact keep waiting the same way you've been waiting for W10M rollout and a Windows Central Universal app. *sips tea while using snapchat* Posted from my Note 5
  • What a terrible opinon.
  • Sick
  • We (fans of Windows) hope that you're dead. no jk we would never say that, but then again you say Windows phones are dead? why?
  • Because it is? The consumers keep disappearing, the support from developers too, the market relevance too.
    Nowadays Windows Phone went from a promising 3rd alternative in 2013 to being Blackberry's BB10 v.2.0. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well saying "windows phone is dead" is actually alright. It is just like chromebooks are dead and MacOS are almost dead. Normal for short sighted people to say that "Windows Phone is dead". That shows how immature your business acumen is.  
  • Why do you struggle with basic definitions?
  • This is actually a Windows 10 for Mobile Device. These are built from the ground up for business. Business can create custom app stores, Continuum for presentation, Work services and access to internal resources, bitlocker, the ability to segregate business One drive and apps from Personal One Drive and apps on the same devices. Seperate Exchange and Personal email, The list goes on.  I think Microsoft is making the right move pushing this as a businesss/corporate devices.  MS is making the right move here. They are not able to get the consumer apps due to lack of phones out there, Phones out there won't sell due to lack of consumer apps. Businesses don't care if you have Whatsapp, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. As a matter of fact for security reasons maybe it is a plus that they don't currently support those apps. (Security through obscurity) As far as me I do carry a Windows Phone with no qualms due to the fact it just works for my work environment. I cannot begin to tell you how this phone helps me stay organized. Features like the ability to pin individual folders from your outlook rules to the desktop, and it will live upate when you get a mail that fits that rule (usually important). This means I don't have to sift through the tons of mail I get daily to find the important bits. I can update a presentation or slide (small changes) on the go. I have 3 exchange accounts (due to agency, mail company I work for and partner company I work with). I can keep each one of them seperate with their own rules. Then pin those folders from each. This set of features alone makes it all work it. Combined with a clean calendar system that makes it easy to know if this appointment or notice is business or personal without having to do any special configs.  Top all that off with impressive hands free features that even my Android does not compete with. One of the most frustrating hands free features on Android. It will not read the freakin text back too you. This is just basic, yet Google Now in all its glory does not do it. I have researched and asked in numerous places. Most people either say well just don't use it like that or maybe there is an app for it but I don't know. Top that off with the fact that you cannot make a freakin call or send a text message if the phone is locked. (Don't even get me started on the fact that while the phone is locked I can go through the whole hands free portion of a text message and Google Now will even tell me it sent it, only to find out it did not because the darn phone was LOCKED), Yes you can set the BT device as a trusted device, but even then you have to unlock it once (which I forget to do 90% of the time) before the trusted access even kicks in. It is like WTF. So yes Windows Phone / 10 for Mobile at this time bites for consumer apps, although there is enough to keep me happy, it is beyond awesome for business use.
  • Repeating your obsessed wish over and over won't make it true. Posted from this here device.
  • It's no longer a wish. It already happened. Just because you refuse to open the notification letter it doesn't change the facts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP is dead and W10M is about to be born.. I know you are not happy with MS for making us wait from the days of WP7 .. Either you stop commenting in WP related news .. You have already moved away for the likes of Android.. Just leave some of us who still have faith in MS but yeah, frustrated as well.. Just because you feel like Wp is dead, you don't have to discourage people for having faith for the platform.. So please DJCBS..
  • "posted from this here device." Alot better then the damn "windows central for android..." Or note 5, lmao!
  • hardware wise like every other android oem besides samsung?...
  • I bet microsoft is paying these companies to make a windows phone ..just one.
  • So, let me guess. You are smarter then their buissness managers? As they tought to build one cause slowely may have succes and you, smartboy,just know how they will fail? I have a question, if you don't like windows... What the f... Are you doing here? You see me talking on shitdroid central? Nope! Then buzz off.
  • Question is... have you already submitted for the Lumia 950XL contest?
    Looks like you have a lot of unsolved issues with the platform. You should join again and help us killing it a bit more.
  • I love how people are sheep and just repeat what headlines say. Words have meaning. Dead has a very specific meaning. The platform isn't dead if they're still supporting it in the ways of providing updates, releasing new apps, services and devices.
  • WP is dead... MS is going with WinMo10 now. That's a fact.....
    Still the same thing though... No marketing, no apps, no market share, and over, and over, until MS wakes up.
  • well put it that way and we can all agree, but what I think a lot of people especially with Apple and Android phone are thinking as Windows .... phone (instead of saying Windows 10 Mobile phone
  • Strangely, I'm using WP to write this comment - so it's not dead! There are however a few commenters here who seem brain-dead!
  • There are also still people using Amiga or Atari. Nothing wrong with that.
  • The OS is dead/dying. The hardware is alive.
  • And still Microsoft makes lots of money for this quarter. lol
  • Ummmmm... The OS is improving... The 950? Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, blah!
  • Looks nice. Looking forward to all of the phones that should be available by the end of the year when I am due for a new phone. Gonna ride my 830 for a bit longer.
  • Inb4 "it's aluminum so it's instantly better and looks more premium than the Lumias"
  • Yes!
  • Look at the ******* bezels xD
  • Thank you. Couldn't care less if my phone is metal... the 950 is a great looking phone.
  • I completely agreeeeee...
    Best looking phones?
    8x.. 925, 920, 930, 1020, 1520... Those were the days..... Boring silver slabs are clonish.. Bound to be sheepish....
    MS should do some anodized aluminum devices! Color!
  • Really? I thought all of the 800-series devices were ugly. The 925 made me sick. The 930 was mediocre, at best, ruined by the metal band (same as the 830).
  • Any phone with a distinctive design will immediately be liked and disliked. I have a 930 and love the design. This phone is distinctive and sleek and the more OEM's joining W10 with their own design touch the better.
  • My sister has a 930 as well. It's the exact opposite of sleek, but that's not my complaint. It's got very harsh corners and is very boxy/blocky. What I hate is the ugly, light-metal band on it. The black at least had a dark band that looked decent, but that wouldn't have gone as well with the green and orange backs (which have the hideous, light-colored metal band).
  • and then here I am, a guy who sold his black lumia 930 just to be able to get another one with a light colored metal band instead. go figure.
  • and actually, hybrid 930s do look great. black band with white and orange looks great, just as black with light colored band (I actually used the black-silver combo, but had some problems with the qi on the back cover I purchased)
  • I don't why they didn't follow that design profile to 950, they only stop having that on 830 which for what I remember alot of people find it looks great and wished it to be a flagship. At that time many wished to have 830 body with 930 specs (also with Glance which 930 stupidly didn't have).
  • Those are the reasons I bought (and still use) my 830.
  • I don't know who you are but for sure your taste on things is retarded. If 925was ugly, then the toilet sit form should be the new design for smartphones. And by the way. I can cut some slack to the to feminine girls that "hai don't like ha bhulky phoooné" but this words to come from a man are.... Disgusting. By the way. 930 is not bulky at all and 800 series were superb smartphones. 920 was heavy and that is what i like about a phone. Heavy and sturdy like a man;).
  • Man, you're grasp of words is pretty poor, huh? I liked that my 920 had some heft. I actually liked the 930 design, EXCEPT for the metal band. My statement was that the 930 was not a "sleek" device. The thing was barely different in shape from an actual brick. I was fine with that, though. It just wasn't a streamlined design that was especially impressive. It was a rectangle, that's about it. Oh, and the 820 family (810, 820, 822) was superb. The 830 was a flaming disaster of a joke that Microsoft shoudl be ashamed of. They cut the 830's SoC from being a high-end one to being a budget one. The 830's SoC actually tested no better than the 820's, despite being a year newer, becuase Microsoft couldn't be bothered to put in hardware to match the price. As for the 925, it sucked hard. The coloring of the metal was bad, same as how I don't like the color of the back of any Surface since the SP2. The light colors turn me off. I preferred my sister's 16GB Zune HD to my 32GB one because hers had a dark-colored back, and mine was light.
  • I never owned the 920. Between the 930 and 925 though I must say that aesthetically the 925 was a beast. I do not know why that design wasn't repeated by Microkia. Posted from my Note 5
  • No, the HTC 8X... Lol.
    Also, read.... Are you NUTZ❓❓❓ Lol!
  • Someone let me know if this comment is translated to intelligible English later.
  • Those phones you listed are indeed good looking plastic phones (except that 930 also have metal frame around it with plastic at the back).  The issue with 950 is not the material, the overall looks of it. Even titanium phone with bland design will still looks bland even its metal.
  • The 925 was also a metal device with poly back.. That's still one of the best designs to date. Look it up.
  • Oh yeah that too, sorry I almost forgot about that you meantioned it too. My friend still have it and loves that phone. I'm also the reason that time some of my friends got Lumia, sadly I can't do it now.
  • The actual Lumias look pretty nice. I don't include those wannabe "flagships", the 950/950 XL.
  • 950 and 950 XL are stoll flagships, only the sad things they looks like those unknown Android brand mid-range lools. In short, generic design.
  • Nice to see that Docomo will offer this one... Hopefully the Vaio brand can help increase Windows Phone adoption here in Japan
  • The phone doesn't look bad but it's clear Sony no longer controls the design at VAIO even if they still own the brand. Xperias look a lot better. Anyway, I wonder if VAIO will be bundling the phone with other hardware of theirs to entice Japanese customers.
  • Agree.
  • VAIO is a separate company and Sony doesn't have a say for any of the VAIO products from Q3 2015 +
  • And? Did I say Sony owns VAIO? No. I said they own the brand. Because they do. Just look at the small letters on VAIO's products and you'll see "VAIO is a trademark of the Sony Corporation". Oh and also, Sony is a shareholder of the VAIO Corporation too. So... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, Vaio is a separate entity from Sony. They are two different organizations.
  • Thank GOD it does NOT have a crap Sony glass design.
  • interesting. ive always been a fan of sony's design. i think they'd make a beautiful windows phone but we know why that won't happen...although with their lead this generation of consoles and ms expanding the xbox battle pass just the xbox one vs ps4, i think it would be smart of them to be the first to cater to the market of owners of both consoles and ms's market
  • What??? You Cray Cray.. Lol. Sony's look awesome!
  • My chrome Xperia Z5 Premium agrees. How much more awesome it would be if it were running W10M...
  • looks nice and it has nice specs.
  • Looks nice, but it's not mind blowing.. Nevertheless, it is for business, so it's supposed to be classy, vs flashy.
  • Phones are supposed to look nice. What phone blows your mind? Anyway I think this phone looks nice and looks like ms canceling 850 was a good idea.
  • Lumia 920? Mind was blown.
    Lumia 925? Blown
    Lumia 930? Blown
    1020? Blown out the water!
    1520? Blown up.
    2520??? Damn! Have you seen a tablet design since?....... Blown!
  • It seems this will be available, at least initially, only in Japan. Maybe I am wrong. If that is the case, cancelling 850 should have had nothing to do with this phone.
  • You are correct, only in Japan. But I think canceling the 850 is still good as it allows breathing room for manufacturers to make such phones.
  • Assuming MS had confirmed and lined up OEMs to take that space with equally compelling products. Otherwise, don't exit a highly competive market where you have finally gained some traction in some countries, and then try to re-enter a year (or more) later. I.e. I know Lumias were/are making losses - but IMHO Nadella should accept those losses instead of exiting and then trying to re-enter. I am afraid by then the little market share and customers they have had will have twindled even more. Unless, again, they have a serious range of OEMs lined up to go.  
  • That darned dead OS just won't stay kilt. As I noted earlier this week, MS has sold the OS for years through OEM. What is old is new.
  • Yeah, let's hope some of the OEMs make their phones available outside of Japan too.. ;-P
  • Looks great! Bring it on!
  • here come the complaints. underpowered. overpriced. looks wrong. etc etc. typical sony.
  • It's not Sony Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • its not sony anymore  
  • Well... It sort of is. Sony still owns the VAIO brand (for some reason) and is a shareholder of the VAIO Corporation. So... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just 5% shares.
  • It's from VAIO which separated from Sony in Q2 2015
  • Correct.
  • Nice design, but needs more internal storage than that if aimed at business customers - many IT shops disable external storage to avoid data leakage.
  • that's what OneDrive is for and Microsoft is pushing OneDrive + Office365 to businesses
  • Good point but not sure I completely buy it. Can't install apps on OneDrive...
  • Daelumia - apps can still be hosted in cloud in enterprise via RemoteApp, if they choose to disable SD, but agree more options is always better.
  • The problem is cloud storage isn't accessible when you gone off the grid, then you're files too are inaccessible. Cloud storage is great (which I used it alot) but we can't always depend on it, not to mention additional data cost.
  • Was going to mention this exact same thing. 16 GB internal is too whimpy for a Business driven device.
  • The image shows no USB-C. How can it support Continuum?
  • I was under same impression!! Home come no USB 3 -Type C.
  • Considering Continuum can be used wireless-ly it's probably not a problem. Actually I'm not even sure Continuum needs a USB-C. Just because the 950/XL have it doesn't mean it's necessary. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't need USB-C  to support Continuum you simply need WiDi and Bluetooth.
  • WiDi is used only in Intel chipset. VAIO Phone Biz use Snapdragon 617, so it use Miracast.
  • Use Bluetooth dongle, unfortunately ie on wp does not translate!
  • Actually Continuum is Possible with Micro USB also!
  • I use Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter on 950 XL with bluetooth keyboard for Continuum.
  • The specs say wireless only...see their spec page. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That front-bottom bezel looks ugly though. So much space wasted. Physical keys would have looked better on them Or they should have reduced the bezel size to accomodate the soft keys.
  • 100% agree
  • This phone looks great!  But no LTE band 17 (AT&T) or band 12 (T-Mo)?  Looks like it's not targeted for US customers/carriers. Also, this is a pet peeve of mine, but whenever these phones list SD card support up to 64GB, aren't they really saying they support SDXC which theoretically supports up to 2TB?  I mean those aren't available now (or maybe ever) but they can support up to at least 200GB or so with currently available micro SD cards?  I have a 128GB microSD card in my Lumia 640 which wasn't all that expensive and is freakin' awesome.  If I run across any music/video/app that I might be interested in downloading, I never have a moment's hesitation doing so since I have so much space.  For Windows Phone (and Android I guess to be fair), even a "cheap" phone supports this whereas on iPhone only the top of the line models have this much storage. So why don't the vendors specify SDXC support?
  • This is NOT targeted at the US market just like none of VAIO's latest products are. They're aimed at the Japanese market.
    Maybe one day. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Article mentions more variants to come. Hopefully this means versions that support US bands.
  • Very impressive!
  • Omg its hot. I want it! Canada please!!
  • yes allow me to say "When in Canada?"
  • Nice to see more OEMs for the Windows Phone.
  • True. Especially after seeing how MS killed Lumia design...
  • Looks great only disappointed by size and lack of camera button.
    Very interested nevertheless
  • I use the camera button all the time. I must have it.
  • I would like to see additional pics.
  • Bring it to American for that price, I will buy it.
  • first ask if El Reverso will buy it?
  • Yes, finally a mid range phone.
  • Indeed. Great for those in Japan. :) Well, assuming they can get some traction from the current 0% market share. :P
  • Not enough to move me away from my 1020, sadly.
  • Yep..
    Can't take me away from my 1520.
  • Yeah. I guess Lumia 1020 and 1520 still rock.
  • True that.
    They won't be other Windows phones that would knock the 928,930,Icon,1020 and 1520 off.
    950 & XL plus this phone looks really nice,but can't get my attention in order for me to buy them.
  • Nice looking phone,the down fall of it is the on screen bottoms.
  • Wow, really nice. The specs are quite good for it's price. Windows FTW! P.S Wen in India? :P
  • Soon
  • Stunning? I find it fairly ugly, and overpriced. I wouldn't consider this hardware even if it was running Android, let alone with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • It's maybe a LITTLE overpriced, unless you compare it to the underpriced Nexus devices. However, against the rest of the market, it's not bad at all. $400 would be more of what I'd expect, but it's reasonable pricing for a mid-range phone.
  • - Competition is the problem. W10M phones has a few competitions so expect these high prices.
  • Great... Costs around ₹28000 here... May b my Nokia replacement... :D
  • The constant harping about the bottom bezels is getting old. All the "design engineers" on this site really should get a job designing phones if they are such experts at it. You think there is just empty space behind those bezels or do they have to find somewhere to put all the tech everyone seems to want.
  • Oh, THIS  response again. Don't ever make a negative comments, guys, unless you're going to get a degree in the field and fix it. Accept any design that comes out without questioning unless you're an engineer. If you dont' like something in W10M, don't say something, go make a new OS and fix it that way. Shove this crap into an airlock and blast it into space. People are allowed to offer negative opinions. If you don't like them, go start a community that bans such comments, if you don't like it.
  • And any company that ignores consumer choice and preference is liable to fail. If we want less bezel (I do) then we will express that requirement. MS will hopefully hear and perhaps OEM's too.
  • Its quite strange to get so much support from OEMs of a country where Windows phones have 0 market share.
  • Yet we can't get the support from oems on areas with larger market share.
  • Well, I think it's that these companies understand their customer base--it's very..."loyal." YOu never see Japan adopt the Xbox, it's always Sony and Nintendo. They take care of their own. They likely see themselves as able to align with a culture that LOVES mobile computing using an OS that promotes it in a unique and powerful way. Vaio probably recognizes that Apple doesn't have the cultural clout, meaning Japanese OEMs can gain marketshare in Japan. Android probably offers a decent, reliable option as well, but there must be something they see in W10M to give it a go. Note that these Eastern Asia nations are big on things like Internet cafes. They could set up monitors and Continuum docks galore, allowing those folks to stop into the cafe, plug in a phone, and get a PC-like experience. Businessmen coudl make a quick stop to work on a spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation at an Internet cafe, unplug, go to work, plug in, and have it all ready. That's the way I see it, at least. That's a potential benefit of W10M's flexibility that Android can't match, nor can Apple. Now, whether that kind of feature can get the OS beyond a business niche, that's tough to say. However, in a similar vein (and this is what I did with my 950), folks could go into an Internet cafe, plug in, and watch movies on Netflix or something (I used local movie files myself). Imagine if a big-time mobile MOBA were made, where you could play with Continuum. Imagine if those nations that are crazy about competitive LoL and DotA could carry the game on a phone, go to an Internet cafe, and play (which is a long-term thought, once the hardware's more powerful). Vaio and the other OEMs in these markets could be algining for something that fits the Japanese and Korean cultures very well.
  • It's not strange if you look at the Japanese market closely. 1) iOS marketshare there has past 60% and is still growing every quarter. 2) All the big name traditional OEMs like Sony, Sharp and Fujitsu is losing heaps of money making Android flagships.  We know Sony Mobile is in deep s**t and is only being kept afloat by PlayStation, and in fact Sharp just announced today they are being bought by a Taiwanese company. So if you are a new OEM wanting to get into mobile and you look at the market you MUST go Windows and NOT flagship specs aiming for consumers because traditional OEM using Android and went down that path has already shown to be absolutely not viable.  You don't tread the path of others which are currently sinking!  
  • AFAIK, Windos Mobile (the old one) also had huge market share in Japan back in the day - maybe (besides the dominance of iOS and crowded Android market) some of the OEMs are also hoping that some of those long gone users might positively consider a MS OS, i.e. Windows Moble, again.
  • Nobody seems interested in making a phone with Lumia 730 dimensions
  • I am happy with 4.3 inch screen.
  • Me too. My child-sized hands have difficulty using my 830 one-handedly...good thing the gorilla glass screen is so tough because I drop this thing all the time. It's the only reason I haven't yet upgraded to a 950...too big to be usable for me :(
  • Awesomesauce! Can't wait to see a realtor take pictures of my house, then plug in their phone to a dock to add those pics to the mls at their desk.
  • There is literally nothing stunning about this phone. Literally nothing.
  • Windows 10
  • Agree 100%. Nothing stunning.
  • Uh... and to be really honest, same for the whole Windows Phones (except the new 950, which is just decent). Most of their options are budget, uninspiring devices with underpowered specs and stuff. And I'm saying all of this being an ex WP user. It's still lacking the basics (app availability is STILL number one, despite everyone else saying otherwise), and doesn't seem to show much appeal for users to switch (note at price-to-performance ratio) considering its low market share.
  • I've scanned the comments above, and I'm surprised not to spot anyone else saying that this is clearly just a 950 reference design, in aluminium, with a slightly different back. And irritatingly it's the backs of phones that really piss me off these days. It's all screen on the front, so you'd think they'd put some effort into the back. it's fine, but it's also an 8X. So I agree - nothing stunning, in so far as this is how nice an aluminium device is going to look from the start, before people $^%& it up even more. So well done Sony for not making it even worse.
  • no good. i don't like curved back. i like flat back (e.g. the sony xperia z series).
  • Those lovely glass backs that collect finger marks continuously and shatter easily as it's glass......mmmmm
  • Finally I can think of an afordable flagship/Upgrade for my Lumia 830, I wish I could buy one Lumia 950XL which is too much pricy and out of my reach(Atleast as of now). Well Many Thanks VIVO :)  
  • Just keep watching the 950's may be on special offer.
  • Bhai! VIVO nahi VAIO h wo .