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Vector Smart Watch updates firmware and Windows Phone app with new features

The Vector Smart Watch is one of our favorites, and not just because it has an official app that works with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. Recently the watch itself got a firmware update, along with the app, that adds some new features and improvements.

Vector says:

"We're excited to publish Facebook and Twitter: you can get your latest Facebook updates, and know all about your tweets and followers at a glance. You can now review your activity data by using the new activity chart - just rotate your phone on the app activity screen. Your activity data and profile are now backed-up on the Vector cloud. We've also made sure we enhanced your calendar event function, as well as improved our over the air update."

You can purchase the Vector starting at $299 from its website.

See at Vector (various){.cta .shop}

Download the Vector app for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile

QR: Vector

  • Does it include text notifications and calling notifications? If so I might buy this and replace my band 2. It split in the strap
  • It does, and you can reject calls from the watch. The text alerts are limited, but enough to see if they are worth getting your phone out for.
  • Ok
  • Damn, it has better incoming call support than the Band. I'm waiting to see what MS say about my Band 1 that is basically falling apart. If I can get it replaced with another Band 1 I'll probably stick with that a little longer until it starts peeling and battery covers start coming off. Maybe one of these could be better for me. Sent from Microsoft Band
  • How do you that?
  • Was the split near the screen? I know someone who has had that happen to two Band 2s. Make sure you get it replaced under warranty so that they know there is a problem they need to address.
  • Yes in the right side
  • MSFT are well aware of the issues people have had and are already looking into it.
  • Well the stores aren't.  The store we went to made them use their single one time Complete coverage that cost $40 to get a replacement.
  • I'm hoping they'll replace my Band 1. I paid £150 for it the day it released in the UK and the lack of durability for a fitness tracking device isn't good. Glad they seem to be honoring repairs on the Band 2, have heard of people having issues getting their v1 repaired under warranty
  • I would take it to your local store and get it replaced under warranty then.
  • Seems faster  
  • I want to purchase a smartwatch (not a band) with metal or steel bracelet.Any suggestions???
    Lumia 640 xl dual sim w10 10586.107 Posted from my phone
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. You Are
  • If price isn't a huge issue for you, check out the Garmin fenix 3 line, specially the sapphire version.
  • Try looking at the full Vector range. Some top end looking stuff there. Posted on a L950XL with Fingers 10
  • This Vector, or the Kairos hybrid.
  • I got a Vector watch after the first Windows Central article in Dec and was quite excited to give it a try. I returned it for 4 reasons: 1) Vector Support never responded after 14 days of waiting.
    2) The watch faces displayed in the app did not match what was actually applied to the watch face, many times extra lines/graphic. The app crashed frequently (yes this noted, but very annoying)
    3) the connection to my L950 was OK, but notifications were very delayed to the watch (My Band 2 is immediate if not simultaneous of the phone).
    4) the Vector system is closed. Steps and other data could not be exported or merged with say Microsoft Health, making for limited use of the information. I can see the product shows promise, but a ways to go in maturation.
  • I really would love to own this watch, but the price, the price
  • Vector Watch claimed to support Windows Phone 8.1 and higher but Windows 10 Mobile was actually not properly supported. Is W10M now really supported after the update? I have disabled the automatic update of my phone because I don't want to lose the support.
  • I Want! I don't need a phone on my wrist that needs to be charged every day just a classy looking watch that will notify me and give me enough info to know whether to pull my phone out and this watch looks sweet. 30 days on a charge? I'll be happy with 10. Found it for a lot less on Amazon, just need to figure out bands and color.
  • I have a Vector watch, and a windows Lumia icon phone, the apps on the Vector watch do not work all the time. The text notification works, email works, but not the events app nor the ESPN, BBC,CNET, or ECONOMISTS apps, I think they are having problems with windows phone. The Vector watch is a great watch and does stay charged for a long time, mine was 30 days. I hope they work out the kinks and don't give up on windows phones.
  • Unless you have a 950/XL, don't buy this watch, it won't work with your phone. I bought one from Amazon in December after an infomercial article here, and the app is extremely buggy.
    1. If you don't have a Windows 10 "native" phone like the 950/xl, 550, 650, the app will NOT connect to your watch.
    2. For the phone models above where it does connect, the Bluetooth connection dropped out constantly.
    3. Vector sent me a link in January to a private beta because I sent a complaint to their support department, and downloaded the beta that was supposedly "Fully Windows 10 compliant" and that didn't work either.
    Hours of frustration.
    It may be different now with the app update, but I've returned the watch. Misleading information, buggy product, don't buy it, even if it does work now, the form factor ain't that great, dim backlight, chunky case, hopeless notifications.
  • My App version is still showing as V1.0.0 evan after reinstalling ?
  • I got my Vector Luna last thursday. Works great with my Lumia 950 ☺