Verizon on the femtocell train with Samsung Ubicell

Yeah, Verizon's following you around with dozens of little helpers (go ahead, look over your shoulder — they're there). But let's face it, there are times your signal may not be up to snuff, but you just can't ditch the Big V.

Like Sprint and it's AIRAVE, which we've written about before, Verizon is getting ready to launch the Samsung Ubicell.

The short version: A box that looks like a wireless router uses your Internet connection and spits out a cell signal. It's your own personal cell tower. In this case, it's specific for your Verizon phone, and that's any Verizon phone (at least with the 850 and 1900 MHz bands). Pretty simple, really.

And did we mention that it cranks out EVDO, for a fast data connection?

No word yet on a release date, cost for the hardware or how much extra this may add to your bill each month. We're hoping for soon, not much and just a little.

Cellphonesignal & via our friends at TreoCentral

WC Staff