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Verizon Lumia 822 hands-on at Windows Phone 8 launch

The Nokia Lumia 822, a variant of the Lumia 820 that's heading for Verizon, was spotted at the Windows Phone 8 launch event on Monday. CNET managed to get some hands-on with the white version, and boy does it look stunning when not displayed in a promotional video. 

As can be seen in the video above, the Lumia 822 runs the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform The device also sports a large looking 4.3" display, 4G LTE, as well as an 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP shooter up front. Plus, there's wireless charging on supported backplates.

Official promotion video below:

Verizon and Nokia have both announced the Windows Phone, which will be available for $99 on contract.

via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I was considering going with this over the 8X just due to cost but after seeing the video, it just looks too chunky and boring of a device. While the super sensitve touch would be a nice feature to have, I can't see myself picking one up.
  • Have you seen the grey color? It sounds boring but actually looks amazing and pretty much changed my mind regarding the phone.
    Here is a pic on engadget: (look at pic #20 and onward)
    I'm falling in love with this phone despite myself...
  • I guess you didn't like the HTC ONE X either? To me this phone looks just like it; it's not a bad device for $99, but for me its the 920, surface phone by MS, or BUST (stay with 900 until I know if MS is making the surface phone)
  • Am I psycho or is this phone not $50? I do declare that microsoft put up the price for this divice at 50 at the WP8 reveal. The only place I've seen the $99 price tag was a 'leak' around 3 weeks ago; however it seems any article on the divice anywhere within the last week has been throwing up 99 pretty confidently.
  • That "$50" was an error by Microsoft's Powerpoint creators.  Pretty stupid error.  It'll be $99... unless Best Buy or Amazon Wireless or whoever has a special deal.
  • I'm on contract until April, so I will get the 822 off contract. I can live with a chunky phone for another six months and get the latest and greatest Lumia or Surface phone.  I think the 8x is just too expensive off contract. I just bought a Surface tablet, so not really inclined to pay another $600-$700 for a phone. 
  • Have you seen an off contract price yet?  I am interested in doing the same but only because I want to keep my unlimited data plan.
  • I haven't seen a price but based on euro pricing of the 820, I am guessing 400
  • What's with the old Windows logo?
  • YEAH, the logo... oh the logo... 
  • Only in the picture, not in the video.
  • The Lumia 822 is not ugly when you really see it, but I wish Nokia would stick to their N9 and Lumia 800 unibody design. Its so attractive & much more different. Its what makes the Lumia 920 innovative and unique.
  • The 822 is thinner than the Trophy. The trophy isn't super thick.
  • Wthe phone should be free on contract..damn
  • I have nothing against the 8x or the 822, but I am hoping to hear something about the 922 around the time I'm eligible to upgrade.
  • The Samsung ATIV Odyssey should be out by then (at VZW) too.  I would much rather have the decision on my hands between the 922 and the ATIV verses the 822 and the 8X.
  • Uuuuuugly! And this should convince people using America's largest carrier to switch to the Windows Phone platform?
  • Hopefully the 8x will convince America to switch
  • The 8X will do nothing but create buyers remorse and push customers to another platform when thier contracts are up.  The 8X is a sub-par device.  It's going to do nothing short of disappoint.  The 822 is a safer investment.  At least you pick up some decent Nokia software with the 822.  At least you can let your kid play games on the 822.  Most action/movement games will not be supported on the 8X.
  • Wow you speak for the world? What an honor it must be....
  • another good product of nokia
  • This phone is ugly. Why didn't they stick within the bounds of their normal design? Why on earth is it soo fat?