Verizon rolling out Windows Phone Tango update for HTC Trophy

Just as we reported two days ago, Verizon has opened the flood gates for the Windows Phone Tango update. Customers who own the HTC Trophy will be able to update their device(s) once the notification of updateable-goodness has appeared on-screen or through Zune. We've already received word from a number of Windows Phone Central readers confirming the update is indeed rolling out.

To recap what's included:-

  • WiFi Hotspot / Internet sharing now available
  • Enhanced multimedia messaging capabilities (multiple photos, videos, ringtones)

The Tango update will push Windows Phone owners to 8773 and will set the path for Windows Phone 7.8. Be sure to plug in your Trophy when possible to receive the update and inform us when you do in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • ATT...rolling out spite and apathy for their Windows Phone I I mean customers.
  • LOL so sad but so true
  • I might just switch to Verizon this fall. Fvck AT&T.
  • Y not switch to the T-mobile side?
  • T-Mobile still hasn't pushed this out for HD7 or Dell Venue Pro. Not sure if its pushed to Radar either.
  • I luckily got an update to my Focus Flash just last week.
  • LOL!
  • So i guess this means sprint is one of the only ones not to get the update?
  • no, most of ATT which means most of US windows phones.
  • Seriously
  • C'mon Sprint. Throw us a bone.
  • Tmobile hasn't released for HD7 or Dell either.
  • Niiiiiiiccceee! Can't wait to update when I get home from work!
  • screw you ATT, you suck
  • Tmobile too
  • Unbelievable that Verizon can push out Tango for a first gen device and we are still waiting on AT&T to push out Tango for the Lumia. Way to go ATT
  • Lets see here....  VZW had 1 device to test and care about with a small number of users. AT&T has many devices with the majority of WP users in the US to worry about.  I believe AT&T will be a bit more careful with their rollout than VZW. No excuse for Sprint though.
  • You've been Tango'ed! :)
  • HTC even says they see no updates for the arrive from Microsoft. 7 more months and sprint is in my rear view. No lte no updates no coverage. They charge the same price as the other carriers
  • As much as att & Verizon charges for service you'd think they'd release asap.
  • Exactly.
  • That's great for those with a trophy but I would like my lumia updated....
  • Need to start a poll for dissatisfied customers of AT&T
  • +1
  • +1
  • +1
  • T-Mobile UK are denying the update even exists
  • Same here in USA.
  • #smokedbyATT :-D
  • bahahahah +1 lets get this trending on twitter!!!
  • Done
  • I checked this morning and around noon CST and nothing yet. I sent a tweet to @VZWSupport wondering when they would actually start pushing it and they said
    @VZWSupport: @KyleIT I'm sure you're excited about the new update! The update is being released in phases. You will be notified on your handset! ^JHK
  • My Trophy has the updates (MS & HTC).  It took the better part of a hour.
  • What part of the country do you live in?
  • I know there are some dissatisified ATT customers, but you have a slew of phones to choose from. VZW only has one. Would you please complain somewhere else and let us VZW customers bask in some glory? Thanks.
    It's 2:10pm CST in W. KY and I still haven't seen an update. I'm not surprised. Can anyone confirm whether or not the update trick (unplugging the modem and back in quickly) works?
  • Umm no this is precisely where we should be complaining and for that matter anywhere else that we might be able to complain too!!
  • Thank you for someone who feels like I do!
  • Its your choice to stick with Verizon and its limited selection of WPs. Just because ATT has a larger selection doesn't mean they're denied the right to complain that those phones aren't receiving the update.
  • You're missing the point. If the ATT customers want to complain, that's fine, go do it in an article for ATT. This is an article dealing with Verizon customers. When there are articles after articles about ATT this, Lumia that, I skip right over them. Why? I don't have ATT or a Lumia. It would be like the Apple trolls on this website bashing WP. I don't have an Apple product so no need for me to be on their website. Same thing here. I don't get in the ATT articles bashing them for the huge selection of WP.
    And I choose to be with Verizon because I have cell coverage everywhere I go, here at home and when I travel. I pick my carrier based on the service they can provide to me and THEN I choose my phone based on what fits my needs. Just so happens, I think WP is the best choice for me, unfortunately I'm limited to one, for now.
  • I don't see anyone here bashing Verizon, though I'm glad to hear you've abstained from trolling ATT articles and bashing them for having a larger selection of phones. What I'm seeing is disgruntled WP users complaining that ATT is lagging on their Tango rollout, and citing the fact that even Verizon is moving forward with the update as an example of just how badly WP's "premier partner" (ATT) is catering to it's customers. I don't see why that bothers you.
  • You're right, the ATT customers aren't bashing Vzw. But, those disgruntled ATT customers can be disgruntled in an ATT article. That's the point, that's what bothers me. Let us VZW customers have a little glory. We finally get a bone thrown to us and we have to listen to people that don't even have a dog in the race.
  • Didn't show up on my phone but when I plugged it into my computer the Zune Software told me to update.
  • Just finished the 8773 update on my trophy from VZW, took apox 1 hour no problems.
    now have internet sharing, muilp photos & video sharing and new ringtones.
    to get the update before your notice to the phone, just plug in the phone sign into zune go to phone update in zune it will find the update. worked for me.
  • I have the Tango update, and it came with WiFi Hotspot! Something that Verizon did not release with Mango! 
  • I just got the update.  (It was 3 updates for me)
  • Like mentioned previously, I had to use the Zune software to manually check for the update.
    For those with Unlimited data plans, the Internet Sharing option will not work (at least for me it didn't).  I know this was rumored to be true, but I have since confirmed it.  See the thread in the forums for details.
  • Unlock your phone and install a Tango custom rom, it's got internet sharing and I've had it for over 2 months now..
  • Dial ##778.
    Edit Mode.
    000000 (six zeroes).
    M.IP Default Profile.
    DUN NAI.
    Change it from to -- In other words, you're deleting the text "dun."
    Menu >
    Commit Modifications.
    I followed these instructions (they're for an Android phone but the Trophy service tools are virtually identical), and I had internet sharing up and running in no time flat. There is no rooting, developer unlock or internet sharing plan required. Essentially you're modifying your phone's 3g radio so that tethered internet traffic is routed through the same address as standard internet traffic.
  • .
  • Interesting... this did indeed work for me.  I can now get to the internet properly.  However, a SpeedTest seems to show that the Internet sharing is locked at 2mbit, while a speedtest on the phone directly shows 7394kb down.
    Is internet sharing always speed locked, or is it because of this "trick"?
  • +1000
    Thank you!! This works between my phone and my HP Touchpad!!
  • I can't update. I keep getting an error at the end of it. Wiping my phone didn't help either, I still get the same damn error.
  • Try freeing up some memory
  • I had the same thing happen and had my phone replaced haha. Didn't wanna be locked out of all future updates!
  • Now if only T-Mobile could roll out the already-on-unlocked-units update for the DVP. T-Mobile never even sold the thing directly, so I don't see why I have to wait for them on it.
  • +1 also release for HD7
  • I can confirm what crazie reported.  Users with an Unlimited Plan will be prompted with a website that makes you sign up for the mobile hotspot feature in order to actually use the internet.  I just tried.  It's an additional $20 for the monthly access fee and comes with a measly 2GB allowance.  Then it's $20 per GB for anything above and beyond that.  Thanks for the update VZW.  Don't get me wrong as I do appreciate that, but when it comes to data you can fck off ya bunch of greedy bastards.
  • I discovered the same thing.  Does anyone know if you are contract bound if you add the hotspot feature?  In other words do you have to pay for it for 2 years or can I get it "as needed"?  I don't travel often but when I do I could really use this feature and would rather do this than pay for a prepaid jetpack.
  • Look into updating to Verizon's new plans that just came out last month.  I didn't plan to upgrade, but when I looked into, it's a better deal than I had before and internet sharing doesn't cost extra.
    The new plans don't have minutes or texts.  It's unlimited calling and texting for every phone on the account.  $40 for smartphones, $30 for non-smart.  Then you pay for a block of data that all phones share. 
  • It is handled as an add-on to your account so it does not reset you for another two years.  I switched yesterday and my contract still ends in June 2013.  With that said though, switching to a shared plan will probably not give you internet sharing yet. Numerous people (myself included) have contacted VZW to tell them we are still directed to the website telling you that you need to sign up for a plan.  VZW tech support have acknowledged the problem and have elevated it to a priority issue.  You can use the work around mentioned on this site to get ot to work but it is not a permanent solution.  VZW still needs to update the pst and the *228 reprogramming to fix permanently....
  • LOL
  • Look at the post by Aesirus above and you can easily circumvent this on your device with no dev unlocking or anything needed.  Simply a mod to the NAI DUN setting on the device to route traffic to a different address.
  • C'mon Sprint, get with the program!
  • It is updating now... New York City.
  • You folks getting prompted to sign up for the mobile hotspot will want to search for configuring the VZW DUN settings. Its easy, just ##778 to get to the interface... no rooting/hacking needed. I'm sure you'll find it at XDA under the Droid Incredible section. I'm using the mobile hotspot as I type this, and I'm very happy to be. I'd take this two year old phone that I've owned for 4 months over any new Droid phone. Just a couple apps that I'd like to see and things would be perfect. I'm sure I'll be on WP8 before I see those though.
  • Are you saying that Unlimited data customers can use the internet sharing on the HTC Trophy without signing up for the extra feature? Care to elaborate?
  • I found the instructions after doing a Google search.  I had to do some guessing on what to do because there were not Trophy specific instruction but it worked.  I don't plan to use the tethering much but so I am glad I figured this out.  Not worth it to get a more expensive plan to use it two times and less than 250 MB of data.
  • I found the instructions after doing a Google search as well, but the instructions don't line up with the screens that are presented in the Trophy after the update. Anyone have a link for current instructions?
  • Check the forums, there's a post in there about it.  Also, if you Bing (not Google) "#778 to enable tethering" you'll find it on one of the links
    It works!
  • Dial ##778.
    Edit Mode.
    000000 (six zeroes).
    M.IP Default Profile.
    DUN NAI.
    Change it from to -- In other words, you're deleting the text "dun."
    Menu >
    Commit Modifications. I followed these instructions (they're for an Android phone but the Trophy service tools are virtually identical), and I had internet sharing up and running in no time flat.
  • Worked perfect! Thanks!
  • *removed*
  • I updated when I plugged into Zune.  Didn't get a prompt on my phone prior to updating.  I live in Des Moines, IA.  3 updates total, two for the OS, one from HTC.  Took 40 minutes or so.
  • Iowa huh? I'm originally from Waterloo. Grew up there.
  • I have the update and the new Everything Plan.   Internet sharing is turned but it redirects asking to signup for the mobile hotspot feature which is included in the Everything plan.   Called tech support,   they are working to resolve this for me and probably all of you.   Hang tight!   Or call  them and complain! 
  • i'm having this same problem, the day i changed to share everything, my wife's iphone's internet sharing worked without doing anything, hope they get this fixed too
  • I really wish Verizon would enable Visual Voicemail for WP, that's a nice feature I miss.  Glad to see them keeping the old Trophy updated though.
  • I just got the update notification
  • Confirmed, just plugged my phone into Zune and then the update pops up. NM resident.
  • "Internet sharing now available"
    WHAAAT ? IS Verizon allowing this for free or they charging extra for it ????
    I'm sure Verizon will charge for it...
    I do like the fact that verizon is updating this phone and they are supporting Windows Phones !
  • If you have the share everything plan, it's no extra charge. Unfortunately for some this has come to be more expensive (somehow I lucked out and am saving $10/mo after changing... Granted I don't have unlimited data anymore, but it wasn't a big deal as I used WiFi as much as possible anyways).
  • Verizon smoked AT&T on the "Mango" update too. I had a Trophy back then and had mango a month before AT&T released it. Just spent an hour on the phone with Nokia and AT&T. Nokia has released the 8779 update to AT&T and of course AT&T has no information on a release date for it. I really liked my Trophy, but the Lumia 900 is just that much better, apps from Nokia, being able to see my phone in sunlight without having a white background, etc. Hopefully Verizon will get WP 8 when it comes out. Only having AT&T for the best Windows Phones really sux.
  • i had already updated my trophy to 8773, i only got the HTC update, which i hope has the wifi hotspot in it
    update: the HTC update is the update with the internet sharing in it, so if you previously installed 8773 on your own, you will still get the internet sharing update
  • Just pushed updates moments ago. Neat!
  • Just got done updating...PHX.
  • I plugged my phone in this morning about 0630, no updates found. Maybe by tomorrow morning at 0630 I'll see an update.
    Edit: Was able update my phone yesterday morning, 02 Aug 12, W. KY
    The wifi/hotspot internet sharing would be nice to have, but to upgrade to the new Share Everything plan would be more expensive than what I have now.
  • you just gotta laugh at this point. wait, my keyboard just disappeared..
  • Really good for you people that have that update now, sadly I have a device from AT&T and sometimes without an update is like a paperweight....I am tired to be writing and suddenly my stupid keyboard disappear!!
  • I wonder if the trophy will get 7.8?? I don't see ATT updating wps anytime soon... The only reason I switch to them is because of the lumia 900.. But if Verizon puts out the best wp8 I'm dumping att.. The lte on Verizon is super fast...
  • Finally running tango now, feels good. Next 7.8. I'm ready. It'll be here before you know it.
  • Have any of you tried the internet sharing yet? Mine doesn't work and here is the deal:
    1) Just applied all updates. I have WP7.5, OS version 7.10.8773.98
    2) I have the Share Everything plan, which no longer requires mobile hotspot fees. It is just part of the data plan.
    When I connect my iPad or laptop to my phone, no matter what URL I go to, I get redirected to which is a site that tells me to upgrade to the mobile hotspot service for $20, which I don't need as I am on the Share Everything plan.
    When INternet Sharing is on in fact, even the phone cannot get on the internet. It gets held up in VZW's internal network sending me to that page, sort of like when you are in a hotel and haven't signed up or clicked the TOS agreement - you just get the hotel's home page.
    I spent 45min on the phone with VZW tech support and they were unable to resolve. She was very nice and took down a TON of info and has escalated it. I told her I doubted I was the only one with this issue and she sort of agreed, saying share everything is new and this update is just a few hrs old.
    If you have Share Everything and cannot get online with Internet Sharing enabled, please PLEASE call VZW so this issue bubbles up.
    If you can get on just fine, then it really is something with my account and I'll have to let the process work its way through the system.
  • Received the update when I plugged into Zune (around 11:30 PM MST last night). Took about 1 hour and installed 3 total updates. Can already tell a difference with a couple things (toast notifications and live tiles are now back fully functioning, lock screen unlocks much faster, apps seem to run even more smoothly than before, although it wasn't horrible before either). Can see the internet sharing option (have yet to test it however). So far seems to have been a good update! Sorry to everyone else that's unable to update! :S Hopefully the update will come to you sooner than later!!
  • OK so I am actually on the phone with Verizon Wireless right now and a very good tech support guy. I have the Share Everything plan. It allows for mobile hotspot for any smartphone that supports it. I get redirected to a site asking for $20 on my computer when I connect to the phone via WiFi. Hopefully links are allowed in the comments. Read here:
    Anyone else who "DOES NOT" have Share Everything able to get the HotSpot to work?
    The tech submitted a special kind of ticket that he says will be addressed and not just dismissed. So here is hoping. If anyone else is having this problem, I suggest you call Verizon and let them know. The "Data Services" tech support seems very good and you should talk to them. The more people that tell Verizon about this the better chance they will fix it sooner.
    - J
  • See above.