Verizon: Still Evil

So Verizon will let you change your plan without re-upping your contract. That's Good.

Verizon, like all carriers, are very unforgiving about letting you get out of contracts early without paying early termination fees. That's Bad.

Verizon can choose to cancel your contract on you for "good cause" and then still charge you the early termination fee. That's ugly Evil.

Consumerist found the nasty clause in Verizon's contract:

We're all very familiar with the idea that a consumer has to pay an early termination fee if they drop service before their contract is over, but this clause comes as somewhat of a surprise: "An early termination fee will apply...if we terminate [your service] early for good cause."

Sorta makes two empty cans o' corn and a bit of string look a little more appealing as a communication option. The Green Giant won't be charging you any early termination fees. He "stands for goodness", not evil. If only tin cans ran Windows Mobile.

WC Staff