Verizon Suggests Freeze-Fix to Some Q9c Users

Luke just shot us an email about a very strange text he just received from Verizon regarding his Q9c:

FREE VZW MSG. Improve your Q! Simple, one-time fix prevents issue that may affect your Q9c. Go to on your PC for details.

So we dutifully went over to the linked site and saw that they're asking a very strange question. When you head to Start -> System Tools -> Memory Manager, they ask if you have a certain amount of memory listed as free, namely 48.94mb. If you check “yes” and hit next, you get this scary message:

The fact that your Device Storage value reads 48.94 MB means that your Q9c is VULNERABLE. There are two ways to fix the issue, either upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 or Master Reset your device

Weird? Weird. Apparently Q9c devices that haven't been updated to WM6.1 are prone to freezes on startup if they have exactly 48.94mb of storage memory free. Their recommendation: upgrade to 6.1. Our recommendation: do just that (here's a link), then sit and wonder why exactly a certain amount of free storage memory could potentially freeze your device.

Thanks for the heads-up, Luke!

WC Staff