Microsoft: 'Work is underway' on Verizon's Lumia Cyan updates

Owners of the Lumia Icon, the Lumia 928 and the Lumia 822 in the US have been waiting patiently for Verizon Wireless to push out the long awaited update to the Lumia Cyan firmware. Today, Microsoft's Windows VP Joe Belfiore posted word on his Twitter account that work on those updates is "underway" but it sounds like it may take a while for those phone owners to get the Cyan download.

In one post, he writes, "Q's on update: yes we're working to get WP8.1/Cyan updates out. T-Mo 925 is done and 521 coming soon. Verizon work underway but farther off.". In a follow-up post, he stated, "MS/Verizon are working on some bug fixes-- VZW taking the quality seriously. We aren't sure how long it will take, but work is underway."

Do you believe Verizon is working hard enough to get the Lumia Cyan update to its Windows Phone customers? All we know is at this point, they are very far behind their competition.

Source: Joe Belfiore (Twitter)

John Callaham