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Microsoft: 'Work is underway' on Verizon's Lumia Cyan updates

Owners of the Lumia Icon, the Lumia 928 and the Lumia 822 in the US have been waiting patiently for Verizon Wireless to push out the long awaited update to the Lumia Cyan firmware. Today, Microsoft's Windows VP Joe Belfiore posted word on his Twitter account that work on those updates is "underway" but it sounds like it may take a while for those phone owners to get the Cyan download.

In one post, he writes, "Q's on update: yes we're working to get WP8.1/Cyan updates out. T-Mo 925 is done and 521 coming soon. Verizon work underway but farther off.". In a follow-up post, he stated, "MS/Verizon are working on some bug fixes-- VZW taking the quality seriously. We aren't sure how long it will take, but work is underway."

Do you believe Verizon is working hard enough to get the Lumia Cyan update to its Windows Phone customers? All we know is at this point, they are very far behind their competition.

Source: Joe Belfiore (Twitter)

  • It's about time we hear something official on it.
  • You may notice that it wasn't very 'official'. Joe doesn't work for V who is still very silent.
  • Yeah, but this is Joe, who has a HUGE inside track... Now, don't you think his information is gonna be accurate?
  • +1 With Joe saying this, it at least means that we will get it. I was starting to lose hope.
  • There is no excuse at all for how long it is taking. And I am not even on Verizon.
  • There absolutely is an excuse. It costs money to roll out updates. With WP market share so low spending money on updates is a low priority. Be grateful they haven't ditched WP altogether, is how I see it.
  • But they're still going to roll it out regardless, so where are the savings? It costs them less money to roll it out later than sooner (sooner being a relative term here, considering WP8.1 was finished more than a half a year ago).
  • @lippidp Do you happen to own a WP on Verizon? I'm thinking that you probably don't and that is why your ok writing what you just wrote. If VZ sells WP, then they should support them as well regardless of market share. Otherwise they should just stop selling WP.
  • @lippidp, then I would recommend they drop it altogether, from what I'm seeing they are hurting the platform more then they are helping it.
  • Almost seems intentional, doesn't it? Kinda like sales staff trashing it to potential buyers, not displaying it, CSRs not answering questions about it...
  • Yes, the Verizon sales staff definitely trashes it to potential buyers. They don't display the phones and the CSRs are quick to steer customers away from them. When I pushed them on it and asked them to back up their statements, they backtracked and admitted they were not familiar with the WP device or platform. It's extremely annoying. I don't understand why the Verizon store reps do this, but I've seen it on more than one occasion. I specifically went into a Verizon store twice looking to buy a Windows Phone and walked away with the above experience. I ended up going to the Microsoft Store and buying four.  The delay in deploying the update is, to me, merely more of the same. They're in no rush. Very annoying. Shame on Verizon. I'm a customer and a shareowner, and I think it's absolutely wrong. Perhaps they'd be happier having only two competing platforms, but from a market/business perspective, that's a very poor decision. Competition is healthy. 
  • My local verizon cant even sign their one windows phone correctly.  The only HTC M8 with Windows is above a sign "powered by Android".  It is right next to the android version.  I watched the salesperson push the LG android phone because of the keyboard size.  
  • And poor carrier support is part of the reason for low marketshare.
  • Not to mention Windows Phone doesn't have a flagship phone that's available on all carriers. ie Galaxy and iPhone. Instead Verizon gets the Icon (which they recently dumped) and att gets the phablet 1520. Where's the flagship all around top of the line device?
  • It doesn't have to. Qualcom is more important than verzion. Verizon could skip testing and just approve everything that comes through them. It would save money.
  • Whats the excuse for their slow Android firmware roll outs that they are also notorious for?
  • Touché
  • Verizon is slow in more ways than one. Slower than molasses.
  • Whats the excuse for their slow Android firmware roll outs that they are also notorious for?
  • Touché! ​
  • Same thing. You can't lump all Android phones together. I would bet the Galaxies are updated faster and more frequently than the Casios. This is just basic business sense. If that's not the case then yeah, Verizon blows.
  • Then let Microsoft handle the updates. They let Apple handle their own updates without issue. They justify this by saying they need to test the updates to see if effects their network. Has there ever been a firmware update to a phone that messed up their network? There were firmware updates that bricked the phones, but the OEM should be responsible for fixing this.  
  • This is my main issue. If Apple users can have their updates the next day, then once Microsoft releasaes something we should get to have them the next day too.
  • Apple doesn't release updates the "next day". They only announce updates when they are ready to be released.
  • Yeah but where does the user go when their phone acts up? They certainly dont go to the manufacturer... I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with shmarrier.
  • I am not grateful of anything. This made me ditch them. And I wasn't the only one.
  • They would attract more customers to Windows Phone is they were progressive.
  • I'm not saying whether you are wrong or right but what is the deal with market share ruling everything? Since when do millions of users not amount to being worth going after?
  • The only reason sales were so low is because Verizon sales reps were actively disuading customers from buying the Icon.  I witnessed this happen to customers in the store and it happed to me when I upgraded from my 928 to the Icon.  Microsoft really should investigate this and sue Verizon for the lack of sales!
  • I've witnessed/experienced the same thing. Had one VZ rep tell me what a hassle the "wedding" commercial was. Apparantly it drove some interested folks into the store and they had to work that much harder to keep people away from WP!
  • You know, as A Black, Homosexual, transgender, Atheist who owns A Lumia Icon, my life has been filled with challenges. Its good to know that someone who isn't even close to my situation cares. I'm a Suburbanite White Kid Who begged his Dad for an Icon
  • I just got off the phone with Verizon moments before noticing this article and they told me it should be around Nov 14-16ish.
  • Haha that figures, if that's true I'll be at my cousins wedding when this rolls out.
  • Yeah, it looks like I'll be at a family reunion on the 15th. I hope its the 14th (or sooner). I did check the website for availablity and its listed at "Under testing" for the 822, 928, and Icon which makes it official. I was really surprised that they are bothering with the 822 but I'm glad they are. Along with the Icon, we have two 822s in our house. 
  • My ativ s(lte variant) will probably get 8.1.1 before then
  • "Can you hear me now?" I tell you what, it's little things like this that help you appreciate your carrier.  I was considering a swap, but this behavior is just sad.  Hopefully, their coverage, service, and costs make the relationship worth it.
  • Seems like 521 may get Cyan next week c:
  • So I think this will be just in time for Christmas.
  • Of 2015
  • Lol.
  • And that's just cyan. What about denim? Christmas 2017?
  • More like Valentine's Day.....
  • No they are not. It shouldn't take this long.
  • They should've released the Icon on more carriers...
    This device is terrific, and it's a shame that it's just wasted on one carrier... The Icon is the perfect device to showcase WP, although it should've been much thinner... Nevertheless, we need a dual strategy flagship device combo like what Apple has done with the 6, and 6+... Just make a Icon, and an Icon L, or max, or whatever, and put those two devices on every major US carrier...... But, please PROPERLY MARKET THEM❗
  • @ least it works on tmo in areas they freq. Swapped with vzw
  • Yeah, the average consumer is gonna do all that......
    No, they are just gonna go Android.
  • 929(Icon) = 6
    1520 = 6+
    From what you're saying. This works better than just two versions of the same phone. Because Icon "L" would basically be a 1520 but no SD card support.
  • No sd support but built in wireless charging.
  • What?????
    You're complicating things.. I'm just suggesting that MS makes a high end device but offer it in two different sizes, small, and large... Then put it on as many US carriers as possible, and market the hell out of it... Don't be difficult like MS.. Lol❗
  • The Icon and 930 major letdown is the battery life. Glance and SDCard support are bonuses, but that battery life for a flagship, atrocious.
  • Interesting. The battery life on my Icon has been great. It easily lasts me from 4am to 9pm. This is of course with listening to podcasts for a couple of hours, reading news and checking my facebook and instagram. Glance doesn't bother me. I never used it on my 928 either. SD would be great. My biggest gripe, and this is probably a DP issue, is the power button. It works always but the delay is sometimes as long as 3sec. That is quite annoying. Also the lack of cyan since without it I can't sync my fitbit. I'll wait and see what's up but they need to get their stuff together or I'll dich them next time around.
  • I disagree.  I have owned the Icon for 6 months, and I hate it.  It is heavy, slippery, too dim/purple in low light, too slow on camera startup, and the power button only workes about half the time.  Makes me long for my 925.  I've also owned a 900, 820, 920, 720, 928, 925 and 1020, and they're all better than the Icon.   It's all moot anyway.  I'm buying an unlocked 830 and going back to StraightTalk ASAP.
  • I disagree. I love the Icon. The power button has had problems since I installed DP 8.1 and seems to be a DP issue. Wish it had glance too. Way to skimp out on a small feature to save a buck. Makes me wonder which phone is Windows flagship? The 930 seems to be. But its not a US phone only Verizon has it.
  • Eight phones in three years is a relatively high number of phones.  It may be that you're just harder to satisfy.
  • Ironically, many of the major issues Cyan is supposed to improve involve the camera.  As far as the Icon being "slippery" goes, most phones can be like that.  There's an excellent fix for that problem: Verizon's armored case with a belt clip has a deeply texturized case with a rubbery feel.  If you can't hold that, it's because you have grease, motor oil, or butter on your hand.
  • Why did that get downvoted??  I agree 100% It is driving me crazy that there are not more Windows phones on these carriers.  C'mon Microsoft...offer some better dealer sales incentives, throw in some spiff, lower the prices, or whatever.  Get a ton of people and sales teams familiar with the phone and THEN you'll see some market results.
  • These guys are missing the point entirely... Make a high end device available in two sizes, on all carriers, with a relentless marketing campaign... No brainer..
  • At least someone said something. I wonder if Verizon is this concerned about quality with their other partners?
  • Apple would just make one small and this whole problem would have been solved months ago. Meanwhile MS just sits on their asks and let their carrier get away with crap
  • Given the recent problems Apple had with the iPhone update, I don't think Verizon is really all that concerned with "quality" as much as they say they are.  I think Verizon is using this "quality" issue thing to justify delaying the upate for the Icon.  It's all a farce!  Obviously Verizon and Microsoft have some issues and Verizon isn't playing well with Microsoft.  Verizon better back off though, because with the coming of Windows 10 on all devices, the Windows OS platform is going to be growing expanentially in the near future and if Verizon doesn't want "backlash" from Microsoft, they better start playing nice.
  • I hope you're right.
  • Wow what a damn shame. Verizon you are horrible!
  • Of course, they aren't working hard enough on this.  It was released in July, wasn't it?  There isn't any excuse that takes over three months.
  • VoLTE?
  • I have been wondering if VoLTE was a factor or not. Seeing as how Verizon thinks it is the future, I would see the necessity of getting that right. I wonder if the Icon will be the test for future Windows Phones?
  • doubtfull.
  • & maybe lte-a
  • No, that's the 930 (international Icon). The Icon was released 8 months ago in the US.
  • I meant that Cyan was released in July.  I got my Icon the very day it came out at Verizon.  Love the phone.  Using the Dev Preview, but would like the features Cyan adds.
  • Apologies. Your meaning was obvious when I re-read it
  • They are basically the same phone. Verizon's required "approval" is the only difference. Since the 930 launched with Cyan I don't see there as being an issue unless its in the CDMA code.
  • Of course, this announcement could be to try and shut up complaints while they focus on the wearable, which seems to be the big attraction today.
  • The delay is unexcusable. VZ is really at fault here. Appreciated the update, though.
  • It must be one guy and he is part time. 1h a week ;)
  • As soon as he gets back from vacation.
  • Great replys guys, lol
  • LOL!  You read my mind!
  • I just wanted to know what the hold up was. If they are seriously working on it that's fine with me. I'll take polished over buggy any day.
  • I'm guessing Joe used a nice name like buggy instead of "adjust wifi sharing to Verizon plan only" or "disable visual voicemail so Verizon could charge you instead"
  • I agree. I imported one & hspa+ sucks but if I use lte I cant receive texts or calls or tether but any other data functions fine. I know it was certified by ic originally(updated with lte 700 mhz) but listing disappeared maybe 2 & a half months ago
  • I would rather take potentially buggy over polished. The iphone is actually a good reason why. Take the botched 8.0.1 update. You had options. You could revert to 8.0.0 or wait a couple of days for 8.0.2. Because it didn't have to go through testing they got the "final" update quicker than if it had to go through testing. I see Cyan potentially being the same way. Maybe you get a minor issue in the inital Cyan rollout, but it would be fixed by now.
  • Microsoft has to flex some cash to Verizon to get these updates out faster.
  • I'm switching to AT&T. Does that answer your question?
  • No you won't.
  • Yes. Actually tomorrow. 30 GB for cheaper than 10 GB at Verizon.
  • I'm leaving Verizon for AT&T Nov. 7, 100%.
  • I left Verizon and Windowsphone. Bought the most expensive iphone 6 plus on the at&t installment plan and the monthly bill still comes out lower than my verizon bill. I get the Iphone at the end of the month. Verizon's support on this is atrocious and Microsoft needs to put more muscle and commitment behind the windows phone platform. Microsoft needs to get more companies to make apps for them than just Facebook and the other most popular 5 or so. I am tired of waiting on Verizon to bring out the cyan update and tired fo Microsoft not getting more support for their product. Whoever is in charge of Windows phone marketing should be fired.
  • I might be right behind you.  We will see.  I have had WP 8.1 on my 928 since April.  It is really unexcusable that 6 months later we still do not have CYAN.  They might as well bundle it with DENIM at this point, at least we wouldn't have to wait for that update.
  • I'm hoping that Denim will be bundled with Cyan as well, but knowing how PATHETIC Verizon is, I'm becoming more and more skeptical.  I've already decided that if AT&T gets Denim for the 1520 before the lazy, stupid idiots at Verizon release it for the Icon, I'm dumping Big Red and running back to AT&T!
  • If I had known then how long it would take to get this on my 928, I would've done what you did back in April too. Every time I thought, "I can't believe it hasn't come out yet, but surely it's right around the corner so it doesnt' make sense to do the dev. preview now". Oh how wrong I continue to be.
  • Me too. I thought for sure it would be rolled out long before now, this delay is bad even for Verizon, it's never been this bad no matter what others are saying and Verizon was more attentive with updates than AT&T before this year. It feels like they've been lying all along about working on it, which has been the party line all along. I'm thrilled Joe mentioned it but they need to be more definite that this, give us a date. I'll be pissed if they come out with an update in a week and a half when the One M8 goes non-exclusive, because that really will feel like Verizon has been doing nothing but lying trying to get people to their new phone as some have mentioned in the forums.
  • If they release a successor to the 1020 or 1520 then I'm dropping Verizon. This whole Lumia thing leaves me bitter especially discontinuing the Icon. It is their fault the device didn't sell, when I was making the switch from iOS to WP the associate literally tried to talk me out of it and tried to sell me an android device, wtf. The associates are not educated on the device and they definitely are not trying to sell it. How do they expect it to sell?
  • Yeah, and that's the reason they provided for "retiring" the Icon, lack of sales.  How can you sell something when your sales people are actively persuading customers to purchase a different device?!  Microsoft should really sue Big Red over this!  Seriously!  And, since Verizon has "retired" the Icon, shouldn't that mean Microsoft should be allowed to enter the 930 into the United States on other carriers now?  Maybe I should start a "" petition to petition Microsoft to bring the 930 into the USA.
  • I said the same thing, but then I lost patience. The 1020 is a bit dated now, but the 1520 is actually top notch. Its the same hardware as the new 930. Now that I own one I can verify that 1920x1080 is perfect and that qHD isn't needed (rumored to be in the 1530). Also the snapdragon 805 (rumored to be in the 1530) isn't that much better than the snapdragon 800. I just went for it and love the 1520. Its good enough that I can't see me switching phones anytime soon.
  • Same here. I know a couple people who have switched recently. My contract is up with my 928 in the spring so I'll be looking at what AT&T has available. Their coverage has greatly improved in my area in recent years and WP simply has a higher priority at AT&T than it does at VZW. 
  • I already did and am glad I did. I have Cyan now.
  • I had AT&T. Their network sucks in my area. I switched to Verizon. Now the network doesn't suck but the phone selection and Windows Phone update support. I guess there is no best carrier they all have different flaws. Pick your poison.
  • "Underway" is a euphemism for "oh yeah, we should think about looking into the possibility that we might want to check and see if this is something we can get started on as soon as we don't know of anything else we could be doing once our customers have all switched to other carriers."
  • Haha, comment of the day!  You win the Internet.... for a day.
  • Well at least we can stop checking for updates every few hours.
  • Only kindergarteners get As for effort. This is embarrassing.
  • Verizon. Incredible incompetence. 
  • Microsoft as well... Lol!
  • And how is this delay Microsoft's fault?  Microsoft gave Verizon the upate back on July 15th.  Microsoft CANNOT legally distribute the update until Verizon grants permission to do so.  So, exactly how is this Microsoft's fault?
  • Root cause, that's how..... See, WP has been on the market for 4 years.. MS has failed to market WP properly, and create hype and awareness around the platform... Any issue from carriers not wanting to support WP, to OEM's not making devices, to developers not supporting WP, are all because of low market share, which is direct result of very poor marketing on MS's part... Proper marketing is the first step in gaining the average consumers attention.. Sales associates will in fact recognize what consumers are asking for, and adjust respectively... Sales associates are inherently average consumers themselves and will react to what's being marketed to them as well... Apple, and Google, Samsung,,, they all understand this. And, until WP is marketed on a level as high, or higher, it will not gain substantial market share to earn the respect it could have from carriers, consumers, OEM's, and developers......
    marketing is the root cause of All of WP's issues, and WP is MICROSOFT'S platform, therefore it is MS's job to make sure that it succeeds, which right now it is not.... If you were Verizon this update wouldn't be top priority to you either... It's business, and Verizon is willing to take a hit where it seems less noticeable for the sake of prioritization, and pleasing consumers, where the greater pay off is..... So, yes.. I blame MS because attacking the root cause of any issue is the most logical thing to do... And, I will blame MS until I see them properly market WP..
  • Indirectly, I fault Microsoft for not promoting the Lumia Icon.  I saw TV ads about the 1020 (AT&T) and the M8 for WP (Verizon), but never one for Icon.  I only found out about Icon from website reviews.  Some of that has to do with the carrier, but it's also on MS.  If Microsoft is serious about increasing market share for WP, they need to increase marketing dollars for flagship phones, not to mention providing financial incentives to major players such as Symantec to come up with Win apps to go along with Android and iPhone apps, even if it means that they pay more than their share of joint ad costs with carriers.
  • That's pretty much what I've been saying for years.
  • It will come out when denim is out, then we go thru all this again.
  • Well at least Microsoft has finally stepped up and put pressure on Verizon. The ball is now in their court and now we know where to put the anger for no update.
  • We've known all along Verizon is "testing it".  How does this add any additional pressure?  If anything, it takes pressure OFF them.  He states "VZW taking the quality seriously" they look like they haven't been dragging their feet, which they have been.  Too busy with the Droid Turbo launch.
  • Y'know what? Verizon back in 2013 was THE place to be for Windows Phone. I'm willing to bury the hatchet and give them SOME benefit of the doubt on their seemingly weird decisions. We don't know everything, after all.
  • Verizon has NEVER been the place to be for WP, all they had in 2013 were the 928, 8x and Samsung Ativ. No match for ATT's lineup.
  • What I mean by that is that they were the first to get the firmware updates, they had the biggest slice of the Windows Phone pie (on the strength of the 822) until the 500 series came out, and when I went in to look at my Windows Phones, they were also encouraging, as opposed to the stories I hear about people being told, "No, you don't want a Windows Phone." Plus, their versions of the 820 and 920 were arguably superior. I should also specify "in the first half of 2013."
  • In fairness some people don't like the size of the 1520 (I love it personally) and as such the Icon is a better choice for them than the 1520.
  • I agree.  I'm not a "fan" of the size of the 1520 because I have small hands, but, if AT&T releases Denim firmware for the 1520 before the dinguses at VZW releases it for the Icon (if they ever release it), I will GLADLY hold my 1520 with two hands and Big Red can ki55 my a55!
  • I went from the 822 to the Icon. The 822 was an ideal size for me to use one handed.  Using Icon makes it difficult to reach the Back button with my right thumb (and I have big hands.
  • I concur with awilliams1701.  That's why the iPhone 6 comes in two sizes: one, essentially the size of the 1520, and the "regular" phone that's just a tad smaller than Icon.  Some people like the bigger size, some don't.  Apple realized after the iP5 that the 5" size and larger was where the market was headed and adjusted accordingly.
  • What about 8.1 for the HTC 8x?
  • should be today or tomorrow "by the end of october"... but don't hold your breath, its verizon
  • What quality they are sabotaging wp
  • Googles blackmailed them to stall so people leave windows for android the dicks
  • At least we finally hear something about it
  • It's pretty bad when AT&T is leading the way in communication and updating their phones.
  • Ha. You actually made light of several sihtty telecommunication situations spanning multiple corporations and decades. Impressive...
  • Skip to Denim. It'll be better for smartband use
  • No. Verizon couldn't give a shit less, on their new and discontinued phone, The Icon.
  • I finally decided to take the plunge over weekend and go the DP way with my icon. So far so good. So glad I did it so I can get me a msft band today. If a lumia flagship from another carrier shows up it would be bye bye bye for the big red wolf for sure.
  • The band won't work without the firmware update.
  • Agreed.  The band won't work on the Lumia Icon without the Cyan firmware update because WP8.1.1 DP with Lumia Black doesn't support Bluetooth LE.  Cyan gives BT LE back to Icon, not to mention all the other things we are missing out on without Cyan!
  • Just remember that the DP 8.1 is only part of the update, we still have yet to see the Icon on the Cyan firmware which brings us BlueTooth 4.0 and other new features. 
  • Crap, I forgot about that. Thanks guys. Now I hate vz even more. Argh!!
  • Actually according to Joe and Windows central, it works on DP without Cyan.
  • I don't know whether I should be laughing or crying
  • Verizon isn't making any $$$ on WP (there own fault). So, don't see them wanted to do any updates. I'm thinking MS us behind this.
  • I overheard a Nokia rep at a Windows Retail store say that the Verizon update isn't expected until January. He also said that Verizon is a bit of a dirty word right now, so I'm guessing they aren't really "working hard" to get the update out.
  • at least they've not said they will not do Cyan. that's what i've been worried about, as no Band support w/o it
  • I had to switch from ATT to Verizon, sold my loved 1520 with Cyan and purchased the Icon. Two weeks later VZ drops the Icon. So far not happy with VZ so they are not moving fast enough in Windows development support from my perspective.
    I am happy to finally here something about Cyan. Hope MS can one day take over firmware upgrades from carriers.
  • Isn't it fun paying extra for visual vmail when the verizon version barely works?
  • Download the Magicmail App if you want visual voicemail.
  • I did the opposite and am glad I did. I love my new 1520. AT&T is a little slower, but oh well.
  • Sucks for people on Verizon that they have to wait this long.   Hardware manufacturers should stop fragmenting their own markets. If every carrier had the same model phones and didn't want specific things changed all the time firmware updates would be a lot easier. The funny thing is with the carriers starting to drop subsidies on new phones (by pushing their unsubsidized plans hard) they are going to have less sway with manufacturers and we may finally get the same phones on all major carriers at the same time all the time. It's hard for a manufacturer to turn down guaranteed money from the carriers for phones you don't know will sell. Now that there are really only 4 main carriers in the US and 4 major manufacturers it might change   And then the carriers would actually have to compete on price, reliability, coverage, and customer service! *gasp*
  • Unfortunately as long as Verizon has 2g and 3g (2021 should change this), this isn't possible. Verizon's old 2g/3g networks use CDMA technology. It requires a special radio that typically isn't included on AT&T phones. It requires special software keys to be installed by Verizon themselved into the actual firmware. There isn't a single phone on the verizon network that they haven't approved. It will be that way for as long as their 3g network exists. If they are determined they could probably filter phones from the LTE network too. The difference is that CDMA phones are filtered by design. LTE would have to be filtered by choice.
  • Should Verizon Icon users bother with the new Microsoft Band until we get Cyan?  Or will it matter?
  • Hell no. It wont work without cyan. And thus is why Joe Tweeted. The Verizon delay is now screwing them outta new band sales.
  • It's Microsoft's own fault.  They should have NEVER done an "exclusivity" deal with Verizon!  The Icon is a MASTERPIECE of a phone and would have sold like hotcakes on AT&T and T-Mobile.  Instead, sales got squashed by sales people actively pursuading customers to purchase something other than the Icon and now Verizon "retires" it because of "lack of sales."  Really!?  Now tell me Verizon wasn't TRYING to squash Windows Phone!  I suspect Apple and Google paid VZW to do this!  Microsoft should REALLY investigate this!
  • I thought Joe tweeted (or I read here) that the band would work with DP on Icon.... which contradicted my thought about BT LE support too.  But maybe the latest update enabled it even on Black devices?
  • BT LE needs a firmware update to be re-enabled if your on 8.1 DP, therefore you need cyan to use any BT LE devices. Such as the Nokia treasure tag, fit bit. The only solution here is to downgrade to black + wp 8.0, however that may not work for the Lumia icon.
  • So the 928 does require Cyan to work properly with the Microsoft Band, right??
  • yes
  • Yes.  The 928 will NOT work with the Band until it receives the Cyan firmware update.
  • No
  • I'm using my brand new MS Band right now with the 928, working very well. It does NOT require the Cyan update, but with a big gotcha, you have to be running Windows phone 8.1 update, which I am doing via the developer preview program. In short, Cyan is not required, but the updated OS you get via the dev preview program IS required, so if you are unwilling or unable to go to dev preview, you will have to wait for Cyan to make the band work. If you want to use the band, the MS store folk