Verizon WP7 apps start showing up in the Marketplace--launch getting close?

We know from previous reports that Verizon (and Sprint) are close to launching Windows Phone 7--by all accounts January is the big month--and now we're starting to see some real evidence.

Three apps--Slacker Radio, Netflix and My Verizon Mobile (to manage your account)--all tailored for Verizon, are now live in the Marketplace. While nothing crazy about it, it's nice to know that our CDMA brethren will be getting in on some of this WP7 love sooner than later.

So you guys getting excited yet?

Thanks to AtomicAgeZombie for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is great news. Looks like an early Jan. launch will be a go. I know two more WP7 phones that will be sold because of this.
  • Ya, CES is very early, 6th of Jan iirc, MS might have phones hit verizon on that same day probably, using the keynote as the place to let the news out.
  • I'm excited now. Depending on how much $$$ I get for Christmas, and if I see an Omnia7 (or equivalent) among the launch devices I may have to see if I can get my upgrade moved up. Oh come on CES, get here already!
  • Cool, but it leaves me a bit confused. Why do Netflix and Slacker need to be tailored for Verizon?
  • Probably because those two services eat up, or can eat up, a large chunk of bandwidth. SO those Verizon versions might be tailored to their network better or get priority on their network compared to the non-verizon branded ones which just show up like other data hungry apps on the network? Just a guess on my part but I think I'm probably close.
  • Yeah, I was going to mention that: the same thing happens on T-Mobile for those very apps, so this is nothing new or anything to be worried about.
  • Well this is good news hopefully I can go down to my local verizon store in early January and try out a wp7 device if the camera and battery are up to snuff I may have a new device
  • It seems MS will be talking about ARM devices/tablets early on the 5th of Jan which is a few hours before the CES Keynote so this will probably be the day we find out about Verizon and any new phones they might have on the way as well. Oh, and let's not forget about all the update rumors, would be nice to see update pompts on WP7 phones on the 5th!
  • I'm very excited! Hopefully Verizon gets something other than the HTC Trophy at launch. A CDMA Focus would be nice. Or is it wishful thinking to hope for a dual core windows phone?
  • Definitely hope that the Trophy isn't the only option. It does not excite me. This catches me before my upgrade time, so I will likely have to pay full price if I don't negotiate something different. My wife IS due for upgrade, so maybe I have some leverage. If not, I could be headed to AT&T.
  • has anyone seen any fcc postings about devices operating on cdma yet? i really hope they get more than just the trophy. im not impressed by it at all.