Vevo is the latest app to 'retire' from Windows Phone (update)

For some reason, Windows Phone just cannot catch a break lately. Over the weekend, a few reports have come in noting that Vevo, used for watching "premium official music videos", is no longer available for Windows Phone.

Vevo ( was last updated in June of last year after getting a major overhaul in May to version 3.5. We gave the app and service high marks for design and fluidity in our review at the time.

That is not to say there weren't complaints. Some reviews noted frequent app closures. Still, the app did maintain a solid 4.1 stars (out of 5) from nearly six thousand reviews. Vevo went on later that year to release an app for the Xbox One.

As to why the app has been pulled, it is not yet evident. The app was working for most people and seemed to enjoy relatively high ratings. The notion that Vevo would remove this app in anticipation of Windows 10 is extremely odd.There is no technical reason for doing so (developers can just re-upload to their existing accounts to maintain Store presence and their past ratings/reviews).

On accident?

However, we should caution that Vevo may have pulled accidentally. A similar situation happened to the TeamViewer app a few weeks ago, which later returned. Likewise, Microsoft's own Extras + Info system app was unavailable for about ten days presumably due to a significant bug or issue.

Update: As noted on their official support page, the app indeed has been "retired":

"The Vevo app for Windows Phone has been permanently retired. However, there are two ways that you can continue enjoying Vevo content on your Windows phone:"

  1. Use the mobile web version of on your phone's browser.
  2. Use YouTube's app to view Vevo videos.

"The app will still be available on Windows 8.1 for tablets and PCs. Thank you for using Vevo."

We've reached out to Vevo for comment. For now, if you have the app on your phone it is best to not delete it.

Thanks, Eric W. and Maaz M., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Hurt comments incoming. !
  • nail in WP coffin :)
  • Haha! The scratching noises just got fainter.
  • Never care for such not so imp app .!!! There are better alternates to this
  • Never care for such not so imp app .!!! There are better alternates to this
  • That's not the point. Way too many apps are being pulled (Bank of America, Chase...)
  • I counted 3.  A little dramatic are you?
  • What a total of 5-6 this year..... Way too many.... Stu
  • Lol❗ .... With all due respect,, you guys will use that lame excuse until there's only one app left in the store... Then, when we're sitting on that last app, what will you say❓... Lol. That's funny.
  • Lol, and they say Apple fanboys are in denial. WP is dead.
  • Hmmm. I just finished making a call less than a couple minutes ago, my windows phone seems to still work.
  • That it does still do very well....
  • Lol... Now, don't start that WP is dead stuff... There's still hope....
    I guess my only hope comes from seeing what MS was able to accomplish with Surface in just 3 versions..... I just hope they seriously apply that amount of effort into every aspect of W10... That's all we have left, as far as mobile is concerned...
  • You are right, Windows 10 for Phone will live on. But I have to ask, if you do not use WP and think it is dying...why you on a Windows site commenting.
  • Who is that comment meant for❓❓
  • WP is dead cos Vevo pull an app....and we're deluded. Wow, some people's desire to see WP fail is far greater than their IQ....
  • its not dead ... but its slowly dying
  • Stagnant... Stagnant is more accurate.... Get an app, loose an app... That's breaking even....
    I guess stagnant is better than dying..
  • Yeah, my bad lol
  • You really think because of this ONE app I say this? No, it's because of ALL these apps pulling out. Even the title says "vemo is the LATEST app to 'retire' from Windows Phone". Latest means this has been going on for awhile now, and a ton of major apps have already been pulled. Plus, even the apps you do have, aren't even updated. And if you don't get an app, like Snapchat, you'll just make up some stupid excuse and say it is a stupid app for "idiotic teenagers", am I right?
  • I'm normally with your on everything but this one, not yet but I'm watching. If it really gets out of control, I'm with you!
  • Cal me when we get to that last app, but at this rate I will be dead.
  • With 600k it's gonna be a long time.....
  • Such a rhetoric response here. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Vevo is a company invested in by Google. So this is not surpirsing in Googles dirty war.
  • Phone version is retired, but desktop and tablet still working. Why don't they unify it for Windows 10?
  • This is the logical path.
  • Because WP is not worth to develop with
  • No. Out of respect for the dying no one will make any hurtful comments.
  • Lol
  • NO WAY!!!!!!!!
  • Now that WP is dying my hope was that Microsoft would inverst in Cyanogenmod and maybe get an Android version of that OS without any scroogleware baked in. Obviously that ship has sailed now that Microsoft has decided to definitely not invest in Cyanogenmod.   As someone who dislikes iOS and would never ever use anything with scroogleware in it I'm going to be in a bit of a mess when WP finally dies.
  • WP is not dying it's evolving into W10
  • Shouldn't Windows 10 use same appstore so this app for windows 10 PCs will work on phone too?
  • Same about wp 7 to 7.5 Same about wp 7.5 to 7.8 Same about wp 7.8 to 8.0 Same about wp 8.0 to 8.1   You get the point? As for myself, i say fuck it and i got an android tablet, i still used wp as phone, but in terms of funtionality, wp has nothing to do agains android, even cortana is coming to android, so in fact wp doesn't do anything better than android, and before you come telling me about lagging android, let me remind you, that you can't even open 2 apps at the same time in wp, nor do background downloads without an external client, and no torrent in the background. The hell, not IE 11 can't not even render some webpages correctly(see bank of america for an example), even all MS apps are better in android than in wp, so yes, WP is dying. Developers can already develop universal apps for wp and pc windows, furthermore, the fact the Vevo app will continue to be available in windows 8.1 but not in windows phones proves that is not  the platform capabilities but the market share that developers are deeming wp as an unworthy platform.
  • You do all that on your phone? Get SP3 a use your phone as a phone ffs.
  • ha, my LG G2 has the snapdragon 800 processor and it still lags compared to L920 could fly compared to my G2. If my L920 didn't give my battery issues, I would have kept it....a lot of it is preference, I feel WP is way easier to manage and use, I wasn't worried about apps, because I have downloaded apps on my android that I haven't even opened.
  • Nah, I switched to iOS because I couldn't hold onto my dying 920 much longer, and got the iPhone 6. It is wonderful, and best part is that all the Microsoft services are on iOS, and sometimes the Microsoft apps on iOS are better. There is not ONE advantage WP has over other platforms.
  • How about:
    Live Tiles
    Universal Apps
    Windows 10
    App integration like Cortana
    More secure OS Just saying?
  • As much as I love windows. IOS has universal apps for tablets and phone, pick up where you left off on another device, secure os, and im pretty sure if Reuters are correct then Cortana will be on android and IOS this year
  • Yes, Cortana will come to android and apple but will not have the deep system integration and functionality. That will remain unique to Windows.
  • I get what you saying but the average user wont come to windows just for cortana, neither will developers. Nothing else stands out. Microsoft needs to make windows the one stop shop for choice choice choice like android, beauty like IOS, and uniqueness
  • But it won't be integrated. It will be an app you have to launch. Will you really use cortana if you have to launch an app every time?  On android, it may be possible it integrate cortana. We will see.
  • Integrate in Android, lol. Guess you will know what I mean when you get to use it on android.
  • But I don't care about Cortana if I can do everything it does on my phone. Depends what MSFT does though.
  • How many lies in this forum, MS Outlook on android is allmost unusable, slow and crash each now and then Ms apps on android are sh.t
  • Agreed. This "apps are better on other platforms" is a total BS nonsense. I have an iPad (I even had an iPad 6 for a few weeks) the iPhone offered nothing over my Lumia 735 (bar the nifty fingerprint reader which I can live without). Nice device, just not worth the additional cost. I much prefer the integrated experience on Windows with my Microsoft services, whether its Xbox Music, my Outlook accounts, my outlook authenticator for extra protection, OneDrive, OneNote - add in my email for work from Office 365 and my calendars all integrated including my GF on Outlook. Life is simple, elegeant and high quality. Vevo is a company invested in by people like Google, and Sony who are in direct competition with MS, this is just competition - not an indictment on the platform or the health of its ecosystem. American banks aren't investing as America has an issue with Windows Phone market share, not so outside of the US where 10% is OK not stellar but a decent userbase. Windows 10 is shaping up to be a great OS, if they get the app store full of apps that also work on phone things could look very different in a years time.
  • +1020
  • Oh, come on.  Have you seen Facebook on iOS and compared it to whatever it is Windows Phone "gets"?  Trust me...I LOVE Windows Phone.  I have owned and used every version so far.  But anyone who claims that there isn't a very real chasm between the quality of apps on Windows Phone and iOS?  You simply cannot trust those folks in a conversation of a/the better mobile platform.
  • I know Android and Apple very well through family, friends and work. I have previously owned Apple and Android devices but still choose Windows Phone. I am waiting for the new flagship to be released with W10 and will continue to use WP along with my Surface Pro 3 and Surface 2 LTE. Android is still a fail for many reasons and Apple products, like the new MacBook (netbook) and watches, are ridiculously over rated and over priced. So W10 FTW.
  • I'm with you. Overpriced and over prised.
  • @Vonbrick. There are some apps that are better on either platform. I don't subscribe to this myth that there is some massive quality gap. App gap yes, quality app no.  Yes there are some better app on iOS - I blinkin have an iPad, I'm not some Apple hater.   No there is no real chasm. 
    I don't trust people who use the word "better", as like all things - it depends on your use case and what is important to the individual. This isn't religeon, there is no one truth.
  • "Total BS nonsense"? LOL, best joke I heard all day. Microsoft Office (like the Word, Powerpoint, Excel apps, not Office Mobile) is FAR SUPERIOR to Office on WP8.1. I'm not going to explain why, because it's pretty damn obvious. And many apps, including OneNote and eTrade, also support Touch ID, so it's VERY helpful. Apple apps have great integrated experience too, so it isn't like Microsoft is superior in that way. And if I ever need my Microsoft stuff, I can use it just like I could on WP. Auto camera backup to OneDrive? I can do that on the iPhone. Lol, you WP fanboys just make a stupid excuse for everything bad happening to Windows Phone. You always think Google is out to get you and destroy WP. They just don't care about WP, it's marketshare isn't significant.
  • Actually joke of the day is: ....... Apple need Microsoft Office as they have nothing to offer of the same standard. Like they had to allow Google Maps after their attempt at maps lol. ......... The more Microsoft are all over Apple with services and apps, the more money Microsoft make and the more vulnerable Apple are to competition. iPhone has 19% of the smartphone market and a tiny, tiny PC share. Now, remember Nokia and Blackberry had large market shares once. Where are they now. So your boasting about Microsoft products on Apple is showing Apples weakness.
  • Maybe on Android, but the Outlook app on my iPhone is AMAZING! I love it, much better than Apple Mail.
  • Live tiles: I have that in my notification center. Once I'm there I just press "Today". I don't need stupid animations flipping if I can get the info straight away. Plus, I can access this from my lock screen. Universal apps: REALLY? Apple was the first to incorporate universal apps, with iPhone and iPad. And yes, I know it isn't universal with the Mac, but VERY FEW apps on iOS I use on my Mac. Just the OneNote app. Windows 10: So what? It isn't very special on the phone. Plus, if I ever want it, I can just install it on my Mac. :) App integration like Cortana: You mean Cortana integrating into apps? Not following you there, please explain what you mean. More secure OS: iOS is very secure. And if you really want to get into the "secure" talk, Windows PCs are the LEAST secure out of them all, so I wouldn't even go there if I were you.
  • You are obviously an iSheep that denies facts. First, the worst OS for viruses is APPLE... Read the facts before believing Apple Marketing. ............ Cortana integration into the system in android or apple will never match that of Windows ......... Apple icons are mostly dead, they don't do anything. They don't have any information like live tiles, they don't look as good as live tiles. ....... Apple the first to incorporate universal apps, but they are not universal with Mac, right!
  • Universal does not mean between the same mobile form factor.  Universal in the MS sense means, desktop, mobile and even gaming (with Xbox) In fact now, much of the code can be re-used across VS projects that target Android and iOS. That is way more universal than simply 1 OS type (iOS is iOS on tablet or phone, only on phone with er.. the phone part :) )  
  • Do you really like the IPhone user interface? I didn't I'm off my IPhone 6s Plus and back on my windows phone for good....I would be very sorry if Windows phone should disappear and I'm also looking forward to a Surface phone... 
  • Lol... It's not dying.... It's just getting kicked down a few notches, which in no doubt is the wrong direction to go..... But, this is mostly US stuff.. And, with marketing, and devices, pretty horrible in the US what can we expect❓❓❓❓❓
    MS just needs to fix those two things..
  • Get an Android, flash a custom ROM and don't install the Gapps package.
  • Now that WP is dying my hope was that Microsoft would inverst in Cyanogenmod and maybe get an Android version of that OS without any scroogleware baked in. 
    You're in luck! By default, all roms downloaded from CM aren't allowed to include the gapps packages. Get any android phone, install Cyanogenmod from one of their official sources and be free of Google proprietary apps. Even a nexus can be de-Googled this way.
  • Cyanogenmod doesn't have ANY Google software in it. You can already put CM on any supported phone and have exactly what you want. Their are plenty of other app stores you can install such as Amazon's. Google's software is independent from CM and must be added in separately.
  • And Microsoft is throwing away all its services to other platforms.... shame...
  • "Use YouTube's app..."
    Effing morons don't even know their own product lines.
  • Again ? Why ?
  • Well, as noted this could be by accident too. Seems dumb, but it happened to TeamViewer. Even Microsoft's Extras + Info was temporarily pulled due to a bug.
  • its never an accident ... 
  • So why was TeamViewer removed? Their official response was that it was in error. I get it that you purposefully need to change the listing in the Store, but still, sometimes app updates go bad, resulting in errors/apps being made unavailable. Huyn does it often enough.
  • its all marketing gimmick ... how can one unpublish app ? I have apps too ... any market place such as WP, android gives big flashy warning you are about to remove app. If they cant read the warning of removing app, then sorry to say these companies need to hire developers who can read and write
  • Lol❗❗❗ We make up a lot of unproductive excuses around here... MS needs more bold, and demanding fans... This relentless loyalty is one of their biggest downfalls lately..... It's not necessary in the sense that iFans loyalty is to Apple... At least not right not.... MS needs a foot in the ass....
  • It was officially removed.
  • But Here they(VEVO) clearly mentioned that The app has been retired......
  • Yet it was not an accident.
  • Daniel... plz don't publish these type of bad newses... i'll cry
  • So you can remain in denial?
  • Even after you are given examples where it was? Still "never"? Wtf
  • daniel its not an accident. the support team has replied that they are retiring the windows phone app permanently and recommend us to use youtube for accessing their content. they mentioned that windows 8.1 version wont be taken down though.
  • It's sad when the chief editor of one of the most popular Windows sites is in denial about the state of the platform... It's no wonder so many fans can't handle to hear the truth about the situation Windows(Mobile) is in.... SMH.
    "For some reason, WP just cannot catch a break lately"...... Really❓ For some unknown reason❓
    Can anyone out there please give me your thoughts on why this keeps happening❓
    1-2-3 GO❗
  • dude Rodney ... get an android my friend :)
  • No... I love my 1520. I've had a Focus, and still use my 920.. I don't think I would like Android based on what I've used, and the myriad of inconsistency that I see everyday..
    Nobody ever said that WP was bad, it's actually pretty damn good, it's just the app situation... Personally, I'm not dying for a lot if apps, and games... I have pretty much what I need, with the exception of the obvious ones... But, even the apps that I do have are far less superior than their iDroid counterparts.... My beef is marketing, and it's really all about self preservation on my behalf... If market share increases then other users will get the apps they long for, and it'll also increase competition within the entire WP market, leaving us all with better devices in the end... That's my ultimate "goal" for WP.... But, I'm ready to even start thinking about leaving,,,,, yet..
  • Please tell us what MS needs to do that will appease you. ?
  • To appease me❓ ..... Your priorities are not in the right place, son... Ask me a serious question.
  • No Dad, I'm serious. What can MS do to not get blamed for every App that gets pulled. This is a serious question...
  • *dad lol
  • Lol... Alright, partna... Even though I shouldn't entertain questions that I know you already know the awnswer to, and just to hear you say that you don't agree, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time....
    Simple answer❓ Marketing... Everything that happens, or should happen, after the device leaves the factory.
    But, a lot of these issues are issues that evolved here in the US.. US based apps, poor US market share... Unfortunately the US drives a lot of popularity for products,, especially US based products, which in a way isn't entirely true, but just for shitz & giggles marketing is nothing less than horrible here....
    It consists of
    1 devices type strategies (high end devices)
    2 carrier support
    3 OEM support (we've seen great progress here)
    4 product placement
    5 advertising
    And, anything that marketing can be indirectly related to, and factors that can be affected, like perception, or popularity.... These things obviously haven't been done anywhere near their fullest here in America....
    Lets look at Surface, and Xbox... That's the kind of attention WP has never had..
    But, I didn't just say anything you haven't heard before, nothing ground breaking... MS just has not yet done it, and developers are not going to be satisfied until they do.. Simple concept.
    I did my part, now you do yours❗....... You asked for my opinion, now respect it... Feel free to disagree, but respect it, and I'll hear you out.
  • HaHa, my dear chap! I wasnt going to disrespect your take on this. Although I think it's the hate Microsoft love Apple mentality being conveyed by the drooling tech media that impeding WP growth more than anything. I've been trying to get friends, family and coworkers to at least try WP for the last almost 2 years, to this day most don't even look at mine if they do they will look at the start screen and hand it back. so my friend, I must kindly disagree that marketing would have a signifcant impact. Maybe flood the schools with free Lumias to get a generation hooked? Honestly I have no solution for blind fanboyism.
  • Oh well.... I guess MS is gonna just have to keep trying, and maybe they'll get back on track with the incremental market share increases.. It was a lot better when WP's US market share was on a slow, but steady, rise... Remember❓ That's what actually gave faith to a lot of developers to actually bring their apps to WP in the first place... If they could've just kept that tiny momentum up then we wouldn't be having this problem right now...... So, I guess that's not too hard to fix.... But, this stagnancy is making people loose faint quick....
  • Using Windows 7 have fun with 8
  • I hope those Microsofties are reading this thread
  • This has been my attitude, and message for a long time... Good to see that people are finally beginning to see how critical the situation is...
    And, I'm with you.... I hope MS does see this..
  • I just did something that is really a "kick in the pants".  For the first time in years I decided to browse the "Google Play" store a bit.  That's really all it takes to make you understand what you are missing out on.  Even the Microsoft Apps one would assume should keep you tied to Windows phone are all there and probably better.  It's a very sad situation that wishful thinking is not going to change.  It's not getting better, it's getting worse and sooner or later you have to face the music. 
  • Yeah MS apps are pretty much on par with the WP versions now. They weren't 3 months ago when I started using Android. Some people say the Xbox music app is better on WP. I'm not sure I feel the same way. If it worked like it was supposed to, I guess I'd consider it better. As for all the others, when you compare, there's no comparison. The one I currently use now that I didn't have on WP, is the Walmart app. It's pretty awesome if you shop there. It allows you to scan your receipt and if the items on your receipt have a better price advertised somewhere else, you get the difference. The other one I use is Picturesque by MS. It kinda fills the gap of not having a WP.
  • I had to buy my wife a cheap Android tablet because the app she needed for work isn't on Win or WP. For$50 on Amazon I got her a quad core 9" touch screen tablet. ALL the Microsoft apps are in the store. I've got Xbox Music, OneDrive, OneNote, Bing is set as the default search engine, Office... Any damn MS app you want is in the store. Hell you can even install the live tile WP skin with live transparent tiles. It's basically a MS tablet. Plus access to everything's else in the store. You could literally turn a Samsung Galaxy into a Windows phone, for free. And the tiles and animations are dead on.... With a color picker. MS is just putting no effort at all in their own platform or they are so focused on W10 that they are way out of tune on mobile to the point where Elop comes out and pledges that more love will come to Windows Phone. Really? That needs to be announced??
    I will add that she loves her Surface.
  • Yep.. People need to wakeup❗
  • Right on the money Kevin. I finally gave up waiting for Microsoft to do something to convince me to stay and moved to Android. Not only are there way more apps, they possess better functionality than their available counterparts on Windows Phone. Shazam: better. MLB AtBat: Better. News Apps: better. Plus, all the MS Apps I use are available and work fantastic on Android. I held out for 3 years believing the platform would improve but not even Windows Phone 10 could lure me back.
    If one still loves the platform, great. I'm convinced they will never obtain a respectable market share and therefore the developer attention required to really take windows phone over the top. Apps really do matter when it comes to quality of development. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yep, yet here you are.  hmmm
  • Reality check❗❗ We have serious work to do.
  • Gotta admit, even i've been taking a casual glance in the direction of Android lately, as a Plan B. Combined with the numerous Shells, two wireless Chargers, a Nokia Bluetooth speaker, and my 820, i've invested a serious amount of cash into Windows Phone. But lately....sheesh. I'll probably stick with WP until the bitter end, but whereas i would have recommended one to others a couple years ago, i certainly wouldn't now. 
  • Yet another great point added today... Man you guys are on a roll.....
    You're right... I would only suggest WP on a "try at your own risk" basis..... Hopefully MS will be able to regain enthusiasm with W10.
  • The biggest issues here all stem from MS being late to the start of the game. iOS and Android both hit in the 2007.2008 time frame. WP7 didn't release until 2010, and by then iOS and Android had a head start. MS then reworked it into Windows Phone 8 in 2012. In comparison, My 1520 (and my 920 & Win HD) phones give me a cleaner platform to do everything without as much futzing around as iOS or Android to get the same level of ease of use. I certainly hope this is all some hush-hush around Windows 10 because the UA platform means tremendous gains for those who get on board early. Yes, the apps are the single biggest failure point. MS needs to go after the popular apps and get them on board. And make sure they are feature-for-feature equals of the same app on other platforms. And then start promoting the heck out of it - TV, Radio, events, etc. Many know it's out there, but don't know what WP devices are capable of. Many don't think it's 'natural', but that goes back to my one biggest beef: Apple won big on the iPhone because of one simple thing - Go back and look at the original ad from 2007 - the entire ad is showing how to use the phone! Tap, swipe, pinch, home button. They were indirectly training people before it ever came out! They showed the phone, they showed the apps, they showed how to use it in a simple 30-second spot. MS can learn from this, and even go beyond with a series to show the features you just can't get on iOS or Android. Show users how it's a better platform. Make the apps they want. Drive consumer interest,and it will also grow into Enterprise adoption.
  • I agree with your first paragraph and disagree with the second. The ship has sailed at this point. When Microsoft missed the window in late '09 (launch of the Droid on Verizon) it was done. They just didn't know it yet. The only way Windows Phone can be a major player at this point is if the other platfforms drop the ball, much like Windows itself dropped the ball in 2005 and was wide open for Apple to swoop in and wow people with OS X. Other phones are "good enough" as is, and offer their users far more functionality for their phones than Windows Phone ever could.   It's actually a good thing that MSFT is merging Windows and Windows Phone. That means they actually won't have to drop the mobile platform due to profitability issues since it's development is done in tandem with desktop Windows. That way if there is ever a reason for people to look for Windows on their phones (for example if MSFT invents the Next Big Thing and it acts as a halo product for Windows Phone) then they'll have a product to sell them. Otherwise if Windows Phone isn't good enough for you right now, I'd advice jumping ship. I'd be shocked if things got appreciably better.
  • Nice, productive comment.. Makes a lot of sense..
  • Unfortunately I had to move on to an LG G3 Android phone. My bank deposits are going away on WP like Bank of America and Chase. Also I couldnt get the Microsoft Band and wanted a smartband. I will come back once this gets resolved.
  • It seems Windows Phone.... Or... Microsoft.... Lumia.... Windows for phone or what the heck ever the official name is, won't be the 3rd mobile OS in the long run after all... :( here's hoping I'm wrong!
  • you might be right ... I have all the services on android ... such as onedrive outlook etc. I dont see a need to use WP anymore. rather msft has better quality apps on android than WP. Soon we will have cortana as well :) 
  • I hate to support this frame if thought, but as far as design MS is also making the OS more "Androidish"...... That I seriously hate.
  • I don't think anyone here on these Forums is happy to see WP die. My sense is that they are mostly Fans of the O/S that have sadly seen the light of day. Where do you want to invest your $$? A shrinking and slowly dying platform or one that continues to grow?
  • Exactly....
  • Who are you replying to❓ Who's happy it's dying❓ What's wrong with you❓
  • Go on to Google play and search for Microsoft Apps. Maybe this is why our WP apps are so crappy. Looks like they have been spending all their time over there. The screenshots show things that look so much nicer. Sad :-(
  • No need to visit.... Stupid Phone Arena does the best apps for a three platforms, and iOS, and Android make WP look entirely sad every week...
    Now, PA doesn't do WP justice, but you can basically see that the situation over here is critical... SMDH.
  • ... And who do you think will surpass it? BlackBerry at 0.1%?
  • I would place my bets on Samsung and Tizen, they have the two most important factors needed to bring a 3rd mobile ecosystem off the ground, deep market penetration through global brand resonance & capital... Lots and lots of it!
  • Yeah, I don't see anyone else poised to surpass MS any time soon...
  • Things can happen really fast in this industry Rodney, if Samsung's gamble with Tizen pays off I see the likes of Xiomi and a revamped BlackBerry coming on board, if Samsung could lock in only those two on Tizen then they have a real shot at not only taking down WP but even android! Lord knows Samsung has the global brand resonance and cold hard cash needed to accomplish such a monumental achievement! All that is needed is a easy to port framework (which Tizen has) and a couple of meetings with the right people at the right time.... Anyways.. That's. What I see as a real possibility in the next 2 - 4 years...
  • True.. That's possible... But, we really don't see any sign of it happening yet.... WP could surpass Android by 2019... Anything is possible.. Lol. But, that doesn't really hold any water, yet.
  • Okay, call me dumb or whatever but everytime an app is removed / made unavailable, Scroogle is the first thing comes to my mind.
    Why should one remove an app...that too "permanently"? Looks more like a threat/hint than an explanation. I really don't see any reason here. If its costly to update or maintain an app, then just keep it in the store as it is. What's the need of removal?
  • I think they say permanently not in the sense that it will never come back, but to let users know not to expect it back soon... So,, users aren't under the impression that it's a mistake, or they are fixing the app, and plan to bring it back very soon... I wouldn't focus on the permanently part too much....
    The real issue is that one of MS's critical platforms is getting a lot if it's big name apps "suspend" from use... That's really what's going on here.... Because, we all know, well some of us know, that if MS magically increases market share these apps, and more, will come running back.
  • I'm on the new blackberry passport, I left my big family of WP and I love having this business productivity and being able to run android apps. The camera is slow but it is sharp. Call it quits everyone, unless the future flagship changes the game.
  • Lol... Not ready to call it quits just yet... But, you're right the next flagship absolutely needs to be killer.
  • Maybe they just want to get rich quick. Haha.....
  • Rodneyej, this is a bit weird but I think I'm starting to agree with everything you say.
  • Lol... It's called brain washing, or the truth... Either way,, it is what it is.
  • So doesn't that mean the 8.1 version becomes the W10 version which will work on the phones also?
  • Exactly! Another no news article painting a gloom picture for windows phone when it will be all rectified come w10...moving on...
  • I like your enthusiasm, but are you 100% sure of that❓ I mean, we all have high hopes for W10, and we surely hope it turns things around, but should we be as dismissive about articles like this, as you suggest❓❓❓
  • If Win 10 truly brings the universal, this app isn't needed. The Xbox version can take its place. However, pulling it now is premature.
  • Well you can choose how dismissive you wish to be, and I wouldn't blame you for feeling like what I state is just wishful thinking, especially considering how these articles are written, but MS's main goal with W10 will be unifying their stores and getting all these apps working across all their devices. Period. So its only logical that they are removing the current exclusive wp app to be able to launch the NEW all in one Windows app when it's ready to go.
  • That's a good point.. A different take on the situation.. You could be right, and I hope you are.
  • Npoe the Second is for sure!
    The first possibility is why they pull them out of the store?
    Here, lucklily not important, we have some app not updated since 2011 that neither start anymore, but noone pull them out of the store
    While in usa companies pull apps and make it public
    That's really strange
  • Even VLC has been pulled on the store, but we know is due for a massive update
  • Vevo= Sony + Google
  • I heard the Developer is Vlad Putin or something. I think he was sick but he's back now. Im sure he'll give his love child full attention.
  • Why do app developers quite windows when there is such a bright future? I don't get it
  • Read the article.
  • The future of WP is only bright to us fans.
  • But can't app developers understand that with the universal apps they have more chance to get more users from Phone to Pc , tablets and Xbox .
  • you have a good point ... but its yet to be proven. its still a philosophy universal apps will work across the devices. we have no clue how much work we need to do 
  • Hopefully, not a lot. I would imagine that if you already have a scalable interface then there wouldn't be much more work to do other than compile it. Microsoft have a video somewhere showing off writing universal apps, I think it might have been one of the BUILD keynotes this year.
  • You can make Universal apps today, its not much work. However rather than 80% code share, its will be 100% in the near future. We are waiting on 2 OS releases for phone and tablet, plus the VS release which arrives at the same time. It will even have Xamarin inside to target apps on iOS and Android!  
  • There's no need for Universal apps. Users can already run my Win32 programs on Intel-based Windows tablets, laptops, and desktops. The outlier is Windows Phone, which has effectively zero users and only runs WinPRT apps. Why should I, as a dev, spend my time doing the massive port to and dealing with the crushing limitations of WinRT for zero extra users? Win32 was already portable across CPU architectures. All MSFT needed to do was define a secure subset and add a scalable UI layer ... and backport that framework to Win7. Everyone wins: users get scalable new programs, devs can target one framework, and MSFT could rake in Store sales across their entire OS line. WinRT was the dumbest and (will end up being the) most expensive blunder in business history.
  • Agreed :(
  • Effectively zero? I think there is something like 75-100 million users now.
  • Typical developer response "It doesn't support the APIs I want to support so I'm not going to develop for it", when are you developers going to realise that you have to be flexible if you want the users!!!!! Yes Win32 was and the keyword being WAS portable across architectures, except MIPS, DEC Alpha and Power PC support were all dropped in Windows 2000. The only one that was never supported was ARM, this is where the WinRT APIs come into their own as they ARE portable between x86, x86-64 and ARM architectures with about 95-99% code reuse. Not only that but Win32 apps can't be ported to other platforms using Xamarin unlike WinRT apps.
  • I have tens of thousands of Win32 customers and, no joking, around 150 WP customers. Should I spend all my time working on my WP/Universal app (of which the code would not work for my existing users on Win7 or below) and neglect the orders-of-magnitude larger base of Win32 users? I'm not the smartest businessman but even I know that would be suicidal. Win32 is, of course, fully portable across CPU architectures. What do you think forms the base of WinRT on ARM? Do you think they rewrote Office for SurfaceRT? Nope, it's a Win32 app recompiled for ARM CPUs.  
  • Yeah and winforms are better than wpf too right? Xaml, bindings, linq, direct x, async, xamarian all pointless. Pretty sure the company has bigger plans than we know of
  • I don't use any of those frameworks, just C++/Win32/Direct3D for maximum performance. You're "pretty sure" that MSFT has something waiting in the wings to reverse the decline in WP? After the colossal blunder of Win8, why should anyone give them the benefit of the doubt?
  • That's okay. Just stay in the stone age and keep complaining.
  • And I prefer WinRT Software over Win32. For many reasons.
  • Same. More user friendly and modern.
  • Well... They're keeping their PC & Xbox apps.
  • That's just the marketing hype; what the reality actually is, remains to be seen.
  • True that. Lolzzz! Wonder when the end will come.
  • A source tells me that the Lumia phone division will be turned down within 24 months of Mr. Burning Platform being replaced as the head of devices division.  
  • I could see MS selling the device division and the new owners would continue to make cheap low end WP for India as usual. Because Nadella is all about services, majority of loyal WP users would just migrate to other platforms for that. It would spell the death of Widows Central.
  • Sometimes I hide with my 1520 in basement and sing: "This little light of gonna let it shine"
  • Lol... Funny.
  • W/WP is the Greatest and the Latest!!!
  • Nah. I really blame the lack of marketshare on the developers. At first it was smart not to develop, but 5 years later and developers are just making lame excuses. While obviously there isn't as many users, several million users can still easily justify a development budget especially considering 1 man named Rudy Huyn can do multiple apps all by himself in very fast, timely manners. If it takes years and millions of dollars to write a WP app, you're doing it wrong, plain and simple. The marketshare will never be there without the apps, because people who play all the games and use apps that only exist on the competitors are never going to switch without their ecosystem being present in the first place and that will never exist unless the developers quit being selfish and lazy when many of the companies are making money hand over fist.
  • So the entire world of mobile app developers are selfish and lazy and out to get Microsoft and Windows Phone? That's some persecution complex you got there.
  • Umm, no, just the ones who refuse to make apps who have more than enough means to do so.  Reading comprehension should have made that much apparant.
  • "The means to do so?" This is capitalism, not entitlements and government-forced wealth redistribution. "The means to do so" has nothing to do with it. "The will to do so" needs to be there or it does not happen. This is known as freedom.
  • because as a developer we cant make enough revenue from WP apps :( its better for us to spend time and energy developing apps for android and IOS
  • MS seems to have done it well lately.
  • "we cant make enough"
    Need to change that to "I". You have not been anointed spokesperson for all WP developers.
  • I know some developers complain about not making enough money on windows phone and I get that. But why pull an app. I understand that if you dont want to update your app dont do it... like instagram wich is still in beta for over a year... maybe two.... but its still in the store, they havent pulled it. Why pull an app? Pinterest did the same thing, why not just leave the app in the store?
  • Wild guess... Someone paid them to pull it? Hehehhe
  • Rubino, I dont represent all WP developers. I'm talking about my group of developers therefore I used "We". I cant keep explaining when I use "We" how many developers I'm talking about.  I know you are big fan of WP don't take it personally, I'm just stating the fact. This is the reason Android and IOS developers don't write apps for WP. We/I don't get enough downloads and ad hits as much as I/we get on other platform. even silliest app on android can generate a revenue.  I cant really explain you, who have never used Android. be happy in your 4% WP world :)
  • I have no idea who you are. So when you say we, I take that as all devs.
  • if you have no idea who iam ... why would you consider for all devs ? anyways I dont care
  • That makes zero sense... " we cant make enough". How would I take that any other way?
  • What apps do you make?
  • What does that have to do with anything? He said we, Daniel responded to speak for yourself. He then responded saying, how many times does he have to explain. I replied saying I have no idea who he is so when he says we, I have no idea that he is talking about his group of devs.  
  • Were you replying to me?! If so, no need to fly off the handle...
    I simply wanted to know what apps the other developer had released. If they were useful for me, then I'd support his work. If they are no good for me, then I'd explain why and in so doing, hopefully allow him/her to build apps that are better suited to the market.
    People like Rudy Huyn show that good money can be made. However, it isn't some guaranteed gravy train...the apps have to be genuinely useful, otherwise they'll just remain dormant.
  • I wasn't flying off the handle, I just felt like I needed to expalin myself. It shows that you replied to me asking what apps I have made. I explained why I stated what I did.
  • I replied to ASPDEV initially as he/she were the ones saying it wasn't profitable to develop for Windows Phone...(I didn't even know you were a dev!)
    So yes, this whole little interchange never needed to happen - and we can blame WC's silly commenting system for creating the confusion!
  • spinzeroWL, I don't know who Huyn is ... I dont care he is profitable or not ... I'm giving my group's perspective ... and in general IOS and Android have proved to be profitable ...if WP is working for you all good luck ... write more apps
  • I normally don't defned Daniel on here but I can guarantee he has use Android before.
  • lol did he ? so he dinn get a chance to write in androidcentral ?
  • Well, I can tell you that I'm very happy being in this 4% world. I have never liked android. iOS is a different story, but for me.... There is nothing android can do to make me purchase one device running their software. Devs that develop for android always have some way of making their useless app a malware or virus. Not to mention how devs want to become millionaires by placing adds in every "free" app that gets sent to the store. If windows phone is a failure, and I hope it doesn't turn out to be one... Then my move will be towards iOS again. We have a better system, we have better devices.... The only reason you devs drool over iOS and android is because of the fast and easy money. Don't developers understand that people will purchase devices supported for their apps. How many times has a windows phone user heard, "I like it, but the apps I use are not there"?!?!?! Devs are killing windows phone and no one else.
  • Developers don't do what they do out of the kindness of their hearts.  They do it to become successful, and hopefully make a ton of money. Everyone wants to be the next Instagram/Snapchat/Uber ( the latest hot app is Meercat on iOS, a live stream broadcasting app) and become a paper Billionaire after an IPO. In conclusion, they don't owe any userbase an app.
  • I'll second that.
    My apps on Windows phone more than covered my expenses.
  • I little bit egocentric comment, just a bit.
  • Exactly❗ People need to open their eyes... This is the real situation at hand... Thanks for just coming out and saying it....
    And, it's not that MS isn't trying to do something about it, but like someone above stated, the universal app model isn't proven yet....
  • Bright future? It's a dead platform.
  • Are you sure you're in the right place?
  • Why❓ What is this supposed to be the place for denial, and false praise❓
    If someone said that WP was the best, and most popular platform you could get, and it has the most apps, you wouldn't jump on that... His comment is more accurate than that one...
    So, what's the deal❓ Its ok to make comments closer to a lie, than closer than the truth❓ Not saying that anyone is the truth, but you guys need to stop denouncing true WP fans for speaking their minds... It's ok to disagree, but disagree respectfully.
  • I wouldn't say it's dead, rather not looking good.
  • you are the only one who really makes sense to me. you are ready to accept fact. Even I own 920 great device ... but OS lacks a lot of features ... it took ages fr microsoft to add main features like notification center, vpn etc
  • It's not that hard.....
  • I blame the editors, not making enough waves. Nobody is complaining about the fact that in 2015 you can't attach files directly to your e-mail (I repeat for others - DIRECTLY!) or the fact that apps like LinkedIn or Instagram (which is Beta) have not been updated in more than a year. Half-baked functionalities for apps like these that are extremely popular. Sigh!
    Let's forget the apps for a second. There are a ton of issues that Microsoft ignores on their own OS, like the fact you can't have your phone vibrate while it's ringing (having a custom ringtone of a song will only make it ring once at the beginning and the end).
    Microsoft only knows to hype and make promises that it cannot keep. Sounds like my first employer! (he didn't end up well).
  • Exactly... I see you..
  • It's not dead; it's resting.
  • Because at this point it doesn't have a bright future?
  • There is not a bright future for Windows on phones.  In case you haven't noticed, even Microsoft doesn't support it.  They've been updating apps for iOS and Android and completely ignoring Windows Phone apps.
  • Skype on Android is sluggish as hell comparing to WP version. I didn't believe that untill I tried it myself. And there is no Xbox SmartGlass app for Android, for my MeMo PAD 7 at least.
  • But, there is so much more on Android to make up for that... Showbox for one... That's MS's strugle right now... That's the point.
  • Then why are you still using WP, if you don't like it then go use Android or iOS and stop complaining!!!!
  • he wont... he wants WP to have success more than msft 
  • ASPDEV.... We you see comments like these, from people like this, just ignore them... They don't have nothing to do with what we're talking about, or trying to achieve... I don't even respond to that kind of ignorance anymore..
  • If only Rodney would listen!
    All he succeeds in doing is annoying people.
  • That's because they are working on universal apps for there services on Windows 10. Why invest time, money and resources in updating WP8.1 apps when you know that there will be completely new universal apps for Microsoft services on Windows 10? The logical thing to do is not update any old apps and invest all your time money and resources in developing the new Windows 10 universal apps ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's because they are working on universal apps for there services on Windows 10. Why invest time, money and resources in updating WP8.1 apps when you know that there will be completely new universal apps for Microsoft services on Windows 10? The logical thing to do is not update any old apps and invest all your time money and resources in developing the new Windows 10 universal apps ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • thats one of the most annoying part ... with new OS they make changes to programming APIs. we have to keep updating app and release for appropriate market. with android its easy release it for lower version api ... all greater apis can download app
  • Bright how? 10 will be the forth or fifth big release of WP and market share is still single digit figures.
  • Hmm odd, Vevo is a popular app for music videos and used allot.
  • Would not be surprised if this is done because Google pushed them to do it.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to learn Google is behind it all, trying to kill off the platform before Windows 10 becomes a threat.
  • "Fuck google!" - Every WP fan
  • That´s what I thought. Once you have spent your money developing an app, the only benefited when you retire it is the competence. Maybe even they are paying for every app is retired.
  • I think the same. Actually I think that some commenters here are paid by google too.
  • Well that's nice
  • Why vevo app when you have YouTube channel of vevo?
  • Yeah, that's my thought too, but I guess people like the curated, official-ness of this. The quality was supposed to be top notch, but again, something like MyTube or Tubecast also stream in very HD.
  • Maybe because having a place to browse all Vevo videos from every artist is much more convenient? On YouTube, each artist has his/her own Vevo channel.
  • Vevo also have some exclusive videos.
  • Well tons of videos on Youtube are not available in every region. We struggle with our German performance rights organization called GEMA that seems to take pleasure in restricted music videos online. That's why an official app is so important. I would use VPN, but then again I am limited to zero vpn apps in the Windows Phone Store.
  • +929
    Love mytube!
  • Vevo has channels like a TV service e.g. Top 10 live streams at certain times etc. It is more than just a repository for videos.
  • Damn vevo was a cute app but guess ill wait for good news
  • Well there's always their youtube channel & mytub
  • You Tube sucks as a music source. People will mis-label content on purpose.
    Love VEVO on my Windows Phone and my Xbox ONE.
  • Look for official videos or even Vevo's Youtube channel.
  • True, but why bother if one has the Official VEVO app.
  • The answer should not always be to adjust your life around your phone.  Sometimes it is just better and easier to change your phone.
  • I guess you could say with Spartan coming im guessing more companies are turning away from native apps
  • I have it installed and barely use. I forget about it. Oh well.
  • Wth?! Been using Vevo everyday !
  • you need not worry cause you already have the app or if you lost it there are better youtube apps that can access vevo official channel. :)
  • MTV should go back to playing videos all day and release an app.
  • You can watch MTV hits
  • I'm one of the people who sent a tip in. They intentionally pulled the app as indicated in this link.
  • "Use YouTube's app to view Vevo videos." - They can't be serious...
  • Yeah I agree, with no official YouTube app. Maybe Google changed Vevo's terms in regards to YouTube and put in something that forced Vevo to depublish their WP app.
  • That is brutal.  Owning a WP is a lost cause.  This is blackberry part 2, except blackberry is still trying to make high end hardware. 
  • And BB10 has some genuinely useful features to distinguish it, a good browser that actually works (and even has Flash), a much better app catalog, and innovative hardware to run it.
  • "a much better app catalogue" Dude... You're joking, right???
  • Yes he is IMO
  • "and even has flash"
    Not if you have the latest update
    "a much better all catalog"
    Except that you have to download the .apk from some sketchy store online to access Netflix since the Android port in Amazon's store no longer work.
    "and has innovative hardware"
    Such as? Many of the things they're doing are iterations of their old stuff.
  • They abandoned Flash?! Ouch...
  • Adobe abondoned Flash for mobile devices a few years ago. This why no current Android phones have Flash and why Microsoft chose not to include Flash in Windows Phone. Apple, on the other hand, intentionally did not include it for their own reasons. Any old version is not secure and not supported. In fact, Flash in general is slowly dying and will probably disappear completely in the next few years.
  • Blackberry has been porting it themselves. Adobe doesn't need to make mobile versions.
  • Flash deserves to die. 
  • "much better app catalogue" You must be crazy.
  • So is Microsoft, if you'd have paid any attention lately?! They said they'd bring out a new high end device with the launch of Windows 10 ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you had paid any attention lately* Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Most know that.  Problem is the sheer amount of time between high end releases.  In today's day and age, you can't be slow in mobile.
  • They arent slow. They have released the Lumia 930 less then a year ago (build 2014). That it wassn't the phone most Lumia 920 owners where waiting for doesn't make it less of an high end phone. And in the USA you did get the 'HTC One M8 for Windows', so there issn't a good reason for Microsoft rushing a high end smartphone to the market just months before releasing Windows 10.
  • I honestly find VEVO an unnecessary app YouTube does it all. That's my opinion, but it was the official app and that's not good.
  • Burn their headquarters! Lock the management in the dungeon! Here comes the bitter WP townsfolk with pitchforks and hoes!
  • Seal your doors & guard your walls, for there approaches the angry mob. Armed not just with pitchforks & torches, but also a few Nokia 3310s to lob.
  • Lol.
  • Holy balls, not FREAKING VEVO. What will I do without my Katy Perry, John Mayer, and rapper du jour music videos? Oh, yeah, that's right... ... Listen to my massive music library that isn't locked behind ads. No big loss here aside from the possibility that if it isn't an accident, then it's just one more to bite the dust. Edit: Upon re-reading, I can see why there is more cause for concern. Not only is it rather popular, but also well-made, which is pretty unusual for a bigger player like that to have a quality WP app. Let's hope that this is just a TeamViewer-style accident like Dan mentioned.
  • You should NEVER want an app to leave the platform.  Even if only 2 people use it, an app helps bring/keep people to the platform.
  • I looked for it just over the weekend, I hope it is just an accident.
  • Exodus from Windows Phone. Please support android apps
  • Oh no! Exodus is brutal!
  • Ohhhhhhh not again
  • Omg the sky is falling... It's the end of the world. I feel sorry for the masses that don't read these news articles and subsequent comments. They are all missing out on the doomsday hysteria. Give it time all will be well.
  • I never used this app. Metrotube is enough.
  • I must admit watching Daniel and Paul joke about us delusional windows phone users holding out hope on apps returning, kinda makes me want to jump ship Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are using Android already you have already abandoned ship
  • Probably hard to get excited to report every day on (i) another version of the lumia 500 exclusive to some random country/carrier, (ii) another missing app, and (iii) discounts on a skin case for one of the afforementioned lumia 500s. 
  • I am a true supporter of Windows Phone since the first WP7 wave, from an LG Optimus 7, to Nokia Lumia 800, 1020 and finally 830. I always positive about Windows Phone, but lately I am worried. Microsoft is pushing really hard on other platforms. And developers are often on their way out of it. Even with Universal apps coming, which is probably the best thing on the market right now, Microsoft doesn't seem to be able to bring back the developers. I am afraid that the Lumia 830 is going to be my last Windows Phone if this doesn't change, and I am really sad about it.
  • All those people on W7 can develop for Android, but not for WP. Pushing LOB apps is annoyingly complicated as well. Add to this the 8th development framework in ten years, and you get the idea. So much to MSFT's developer story.
  • If we don't know the reason then why report it? Unless you like to read all of those "Well Windows Phone is DOOOOOOMMMMMEED!!!!!" comments. 
  • Umm. What? Because its news. It's happened. They don't have to know WHY, just that it IS.
  • Because you would then report WC is slow.
  • Vevo said the app has been permanently retired as per the link posted above.
  • Well, lets hope it's a mistake!
  • The big apps will come back. Many working adults use Windows devices all day at work. Once the majority of enterprise use goes beyond Windows 7, the apps will come.
  • Well I hated them already, so no much change for me.
  • Awe this is one my wife and I use frequently.
  • Possibly for the reason that the market share is plumetting and the user base is being pushed further and further into the low income category by reason of their million-variant-junk-phone strategy and absence of flagships?  People don't develop for markets that don't have disposable income.   We may start seeing apps for quarter water and off-brand potato chips.  The WC hive mind is going to have to come up with some strange reasonabing to justify this one.  We can all switch our accounts to Wells Fargo (sure), where to you even watch videos when youtube and vevo are off limits? 
  • "WC hive mind", true words......
  • This is exactly what I have been saying for months now, but people dismiss it as if marketshare is the only thing devs are interested in. As a student in Software engineering I can assure you, that devs couldn´t give 2 shits about marketshare, as long as profitability is high. Low-end devices or a 20+% marketshare in India will not change anything. Its the people with high-end devices that are more likely to pay for software.
    Proof: iOS.
  • And no one is paying attention because it doesn't fit into blaming Google every frigging a app is pulled from the store. Microsoft better get the rumor mill going about releasing some high-end devices because if they don't those who buy them will already be headed elsewhere Posted from my HTC M8
  • And it's why developers also thrive on OSX, that only has a fraction of the computer/laptop/desktop OS marketshare compared to dekstop Windows.    Customers who buy Macs tend to be on the upper end of the income scale, and they tend to spend more on software (than, say, somebody buying a $399 clearance PC from a big box retailer); thus developers still flock to the platform.
  • Didn't use the app, but its not good the amount of apps actively leaving the eco system...
  • Bad news every day.
  • +1
  • I didn't even know they had an app. Reason I never installed it.
  • This is my last windows phone.....
  • Given that Google are co-owners of Vevo, it's a miracle the app lasted as long as it did.
  • Google strikes again
  • I never realized that. You're right though. Google bought stake in the company in July 2013 so it's quite obvious that they were involved in the decision to pull the WP app. The rest is owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media Group.
  • Well, there ya go. Do No Evil Incorporated strikes again.
  • I really hate to say it but WP seems to be dying slowly. Smh. I have 5 Lumia phone and really prefer it over Android and IOS but the masses are speaking. I keep a android(M8) as a backup and for emergency reasons but lately been using it as my daily driver. Microsoft really have to pack windows 10 with features and get it out! Otherwise they are going to lose badly.
  • It doesn't matter how feature packed Win10 can be if, for instance, I can't manage my chase credit card account. If apps keep disappearing, there won't be much keeping users here.
  • Yep, Nokia's Symbian OS was even more feature packed than Android, yet once mobile developers ignored the platform, it was game over and only a matter of time until they shut it down.
  • More and more likely to jump ship to an iPhone, and I've always thought I'd never say those words. Ever.
  • ....oh, and this isn't my breaking-point app, I don't use Vevo, don't really care about it. It's just all this dooming news lately of this app, that app that's dropping WP support. *sigh*
  • I'm in the same situation. But Il try stick a little longer. I've used Windows Mobile and Phone since 2006. Won't give up just yet. But if I do, I will go iOS. Not Android, ever.
  • You mean Android. > 80% uses Android. Unless those carrier locked americans.
  • I'm leaning toward getting an iPhone in May. And not because this, but it's just not looking to good right now. And once windows 10 releases I'll update my Lumia and check it out. Would love a surface phone but I've got to have some apps.
  • You're going to get an iPhone in May and then a Lumia a few months alter when Windows 10 launches? How many phones do you buy per year?
  • Pretty sure the OP was talking about updating the phone to Windows 10, not buying a new Lumia.
  • I have a Nokia 928 and will update it to windows 10. To answer your question, I normally keep a phone 2-2.5 years.
  • shame for ms, they never pay enough effort on such things. too much bugs in their app store, searching, rank,  etc....
  • I suspect apps to disappear and be redone to be universal and compatible with 10. That said, companies like BoA that actively block WP should burn in hell!
  • "I suspect apps to disappear and be redone to be universal and compatible with 10. "
    There is no reason for them to "disappear". They can develop for Windows 10 and update their Store listing accordingly when it is ready.
  • yup
  • Thank you. This is the most irritating comment that gets made in every article about an app being pulled.
  • +1 to boa
  • From the article, "The notion that Vevo would remove this app in anticipation of Winows 10 is extremely odd.There is no technical reason for doing so (developers can just re-upload to their existing accounts to maintain Store presence and their past ratings/reviews)."
  • NO. It is not.  If they keep it in store, they have to maintain it.
  • Right, because there aren't any apps in the store now that haven't been maintained in years...
  • Hahaha... Why about Instagram beta® ???
  • Hahaha stop dreaming guys. Windows 10 won't fix everything for phones. Worse, the apps won't suddenly appear or update after Windows 10 release. The situation will still be like this for a loooooong time.
  • Duh
  • That makes no sense as that is not what happens when you submit an app. I see this over and over again, anyone saying they are pulling an app to make way for Windows 10 is likely not a developer or is just making stuff up. Developers submit an app package targeting the platform (8, 8.1 or 10) they want. You can have multiple packages targeting all of them if you want. Migrating an app from 8.1 to 10 means I take my package for 8.1 and repackage for 10. I then go into the store and just added that file to my account and delete the 8.1 package if I no longer want to support any 8.1 devices. The key point in this process is I can take 6 months to make the 10 app and during those 6 months there is no technical or logical reason to delete the existing 8.1 app. Deletion only happens the day I submit a new 10 app and it passes certification.
  • loose some win some
  • *lose alot, win some.
  • noose some, drown the rest
  • I have to think that these are all really poorly worded attempts by companies to not support WP8 but in reality dealing with the potential of W10 across all platforms. The way Microsoft tells the story - the ability to have an app that is on PC, Tablets, and Phones all running Windows 10 is as 'simple' as a press of a button and a few keystrokes (as a non-developer, I'm pretty certain it isn't that easy... but i'm sure it's a LOT easier than before). You'd think they'd all be preparing for that inevitabilty. Especially if they all move their own corporation computers to Win10 (since you know... it'll be free). I'm an optimist. I'm just thankful that none of the apps I actually use have been de-listed yet... my tune may change when that happens... who knows.
  • +1
  • Err the free upgrade to Windows 10 within the first year doesn't apply to them only consumers.
  • The migration to Windows 10 won't be free for corporations.   They'll have to pay an annual Windows license fee, just like always. The free update will apply only to certain lines of consumer PCs.
  • I'm starting to think people/devs whoever, are fearing the awesomeness of Windows 10.. at the same time, I'm really considering leaving.. but again I'm gonna wait til years end and see what Microsoft pulls out they a** to resurrect the fun of windowsphone
  • Lol at use YouTube's app. They don't have an "official" App. Does Google in any way control or own part of Vevo?
  • Metrotube is better anyway, it's a lot better than the offical app was...
  • Yes, apparently Google bought stake in the company in July 2013.
  • YouTube app? What app?
  • Metrotube, Tubecast ....
  • It says use YouTube's app, not a YouTube app...
  • Windows 10 won't change anything, this isn't going to work. Think about it, for the last 5 years we've been waiting for the next big update to finally make wp take off but it's time to wave the white flag. Once OnePlus announces their second phone I'll be moving to android.
  • It'll probably be iOS for me. Its a shame too, Windows 10 has so much potential to bring Microsoft up to par with everybody, but when you resort to using feedback from consumers who want change and consumers who dont, all you get is chaos and a directionless strategy, and that's exactly where Microsoft is stuck at this point. I really am considering moving to iOS until Microsoft gets their shit straightened, and Ill be more than happy to move back once they do. I've been to Android before, and vow to never go back. I want nothing to do with Google's ecosystem.
  • Windows 10 needs to be able to run android apps for a start, a drowning man grabs at anything! LET THIS APP GAP CRAZE STOP!
  • And you really think that will help? Go to blackberry where they have an emulator that can run android apps and they have seen a steady decline in their sales. In fact alot of the android apps don't necessarily work. They have to download Netflix apk files off a sketchy store in order to enjoy Netflix. It isn't entirely perfect either.
  • Lol at "Use YouTube app to view videos". Irony. I love Windows phone, been using it since Win Mobile 6 to Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Lumia 1020. I'm going to stick with the next generation of Win 10. If after that, we still don't have the major apps or they keep getting pulled, I'm going to switch (never thought I'd say that).
  • Me neither.
  • I even go back further to Windows Mobile 5 phone and Pocket PC 2003 before that. I've had Samsung Focus, Lumia 900, Lumia 920, and I currently use a Lumia 1520. I've never had an iPhone or an Android phone or even a Blackberry. I don't care enough about the Vevo app even though I used it on occasion, or any of the other major ones that have been pulled so far American Airlines, Chase, Bank of America, etc, but the lack of support and updates and even worse pulling apps simply because they don't want to bother with the platform anymore creates a frustrating situation and more and more bad news is starting to get to me. I'll still probably be the last one to completely give up on Windows phones as I have other devices (non-phones) that I can use for anything that is 'missing'. I really hope Windows 10 is successful and reverses this trend.  
  • I'm in the same boat, even own the 1020.  Renewal coming up in two months and I'm afraid the white flag has gone up.  I'll miss the O/S but I'm done waiting.  I want a functioning Delta Airlines App and an App for my Credit Union.  Both Apps are thriving on Android and IOS.  I was hoping for something that would replace my 1020 to come out of Barcelona but that was a pathetic Dud.  I'm sick of waiting. 
  • I really wish there was some word from Microsoft. They seem to be very quiet while we're all freaking out.
    I know you can re-skin Android with win 10 or WP8.1 live tiles so getting Cortana on there would be the last straw. And all the Microsoft apps are there. So you really could make your own WP phone in any Android phone. Not so sure of you have that with apple. But I wish I knew what Microsoft has in mind to answer this app issue.
  • I think that if Microsoft had some amazing Lumia in the wings for Fall, we'd have heard about it, at least *some* leak. But, nope, radio silence.   I suspect that they'll have just another 'affordable flagship' that's neither affordable nor a flagship, or that they're positioning the former Nokia phone division for a sale and divestiture.
  • Something's wrong, as more and more apps are hitting the store, more and more apps are being removed.
  • Yep.. But that's the same as other platforms.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone!
  • It's not so much devs pulling their apps that bother me as much as it is them doing it without giving us any solid reasoning behind it, or if they will return later in windows 10. They need to learn to communicate with users in order to avoid all of these ridiculous comments. At least back up why you did what you did before pissing people off even more. Give them clarity. All I know is at this point Im really starting to lose faith in this platform, when I never thought that I would. Im hearing more news about apps being dropped everyday than I am about new apps being added or finally being updated after a f***ing year and a half. It's really a shame, because I like Windows and Windows phone, but Microsoft doesn't really seem to be doing what they need to in order to fix this ridiculous decline or cockblock of apps, and they seem to be favoring other platforms more than their own, so what's the point in sticking with Windows anymore as a consumer? Businesses I can understand needing Windows, but with the little stuff that I do on a computer, I really don't need it
  • Sorry to hear, but VEVO sucks in general. No love lost from me...
  • Let's remove every app, shall we? -_-
  • glad i still have this app, its a really beautiful app, but why remove it fromthe store? just let it sit there, whats the issue here?
  • Everyday I am curious to look which apps are leaving WP and causing it die. Sooner the better. So we can switch to another OS.
  • If it's to remain on Windows 8.1 then hopefully it will become universal when Windows 10 is released... Fingers crossed for all who use the app...
  • Uncross those fingers, it's a 99% chance it won't happen. If it's gone, it's gone. There's no reason to pull an app if you're going to update it anyway.
  • Until Windows Phone reaches a respectable percentaje in market share, Mainstream apps/businesses won't care about it. That's a vicious circle as while mainstream apps/businesses don't care about Windows Phone, people will not feel attracted to the environment. It's a challenge MS will have to figure how to solve.
  • Microsoft should simply remove the app from Windows as well.
  • So just curious.. Apps being retired from WP 8.1 could still return for WP10? Just wondering if we're losing apps because devs figure WP10 is around the corner and most people will be running that. Or are all 8.1 apps compatible with 10?
  • all Xap apps must be re-written to be appx formatted
    So maybe it'll return
  • At this point, the strategy of MS allowing users to install Android apps on WP is really the only alternative to stop the boat from leaking further. It won't bring any more new users to the platform but it would at least stabilize and help fix the app gap. Plus how hard could it really be to shove a JRE into Win10 anyway?
  • Windows 10 for WP won't be out for what, 4-6 months? Makes no sense to pull anything now. Unless the app is hopelessly broken and the developer is sick of getting complaints about it, which doesn't appear to be the case with the Vevo app.
  • Isn't vevo awfully chummy with YouTube?
  • You hit the nail on the head Google is behind this. The sad truth is Windows Phone is a better OS then Andriod and Google knows it.
  • A welcome present for windows 10 :D Thanks devs
  • "Use YouTube's app to view Vevo videos."
  • I know everyone wants to have a whole bunch of negativity but since the Windows 8.1 version is still it seems like it may actually be supported as a universal app in the future. I know I loaded it and never really used it.
  • You do realize that you can make and publish a universal app today. Has been the case for a long time now. In Visual Studio you can choose to build a universal app. I know because I have published a couple. All Microsoft is doing with 10 is expanding the number of devices you can target from just phone and tablet to other form factors and tweaking the development kits to make them easier to do so.
  • and MS is still making changes to the SDK for 10 so I can completely see a developer dropping the app which isn't used often (I'd imagine) if they plan on rereleasing the other as a universal once the APIs finalized. I can completely see them dropping an app if they think they can save some effort with bug fixes, user inquiries etc... it's in the realm of possibility.
  • Its truly doom and gloom. Those who refuse to believe must be completely blinded. I'm too locked into MS services and subscriptions. Thanks MS for being better on other platforms. iOS looks so tempting.
  • Microsoft has nothing to do with this.
  • It has everything to do with this. Microsoft has failed to recognise their own platform by making superior apps and experiences on competitive OS. No third party developer is obliged to consider WP as a suitable development platform.
  • >Microsoft has nothing to do with this. Marketing, Pushing Windows Phone, proper training for sales reps to sell more phones and make the market share higher. Yea, Microsoft has EVERYTHING to do with this after WP being on the market almost 5 years.,  
  • Microsoft needs to do more, period. Those of us that love WP don't want to switch to another OS, we want it to succeed. I never see ads for WP. Even Google did a big Android commercial around the Super Bowl and Apple used to advertise iPhone all the time. People want to use what their friends use, no snapchat, no YouTube, no vevo, no BofA, no Chase... Glad at lest Rudy can help stop some of the bleeding but still
  • I use WP and Android at the same time and still prefer WP. Many don't have the luxury I do of having multiple phones. Anyways like you said, WP users/fans want to see it succeed and I agree. Android ain't bad but Il support WP until the day Microsoft calls it quits, and honestly I don't see that happening.
  • It wasn't enough that Windows Phone was late to market, compared to iOS and Android, but Microsoft also let development stagnate, starved the division of resources, and left it to twist on the vine, while iOS and Android forged ahead. It's *completely* Microsoft's doing.
  • They are not quitting Windows desktop, only Windows Phone. If Windows 10 gets sufficient traction they will have no choice but to develop for it.
  • What youtube-app? Stupid vevo.
  • myTube is the best! (it's not a dedicated vevo app, but it can play vevo channel videos)
  • Who cares.. Didn't use it anyway... I'm still prefer youtube client...
  • Yeah, who cares? BofA pulls their app: Who Cares? Chase pulls their app: Who Cares? Snapchat blocks 3rd party apps and refuses to build their own: Who Cares? Instagram hasn't updated in over a year: Who Cares? People on competing platforms care, that's why WP market share is garbage. I'll never understand the apathy of WP users
  • Fuck u!! Did I mention Bofa, Chase , Snap chat , Instagram on my above comment????! Where did u put your eyes on?? What I clearly mean VEVO. Garbage???actually you're the one , not wp market share.
  • Lol, you hurt my feelings with those words, do you use that language around your parents? My point is, that every time an app gets pulled, everyone says, who cares? If no one cared, the apps wouldn't be on other platforms. You need thicker skin, buddy
  • No , I'll only using that harsh word with someone that kinda like you actually.. Btw am i the only one that using that "who cares" thing?? There's alot of people here saying worst thing than that. Why u didn't scold them?? Stop being so negative bud.. This is internet. What I really mean is I'm tired already with all the bad news that happen with this OS. That doesn't mean that I hate it..
  • Windows is dying clearly I know Windows now give morning to fans but padon and tension for supporting it....
  • Since the app is still available for Windows 8.1, I'm wondering if they're instead going to shift their focus for a Windows 10 app, which would also be available for phones, no?
  • Not, not automatically... You have to adjust the UI eg. for the Phone Store... so... no. 
  • 8.1 apps will run as is on 10.
  • I don't feel like I will be missing much.
  • Microsoft really needs to its PC users to migrate to Win 10 to start plugging the dam. They need to unify the windows store with metro and win 32 apps in order to get people to use it. That is what can potentially save windows phone, windows phone cannot save itself. That being said, I would never be a target for apps like vevo. The one time I played with it, it seemed to offer videos of artists like izzy, manaj-a-twat. Not exactly music to my ears.
  • Agreed about Windows 10. As for Vevo's music, they offer many music videos going back as far as the 1980s that I used to enjoy watching on MTV when I was younger, not just the current music that is mostly trash.
  • You don't like close up views of big huge silicon filled a** cheeks slapping around in circles on your screen?  Noooo!  (Actually I'm surprised that thing can even fit on a phone screen)
  • @daniel Rubino, I sent you a mention about Vevo about a month ago. I had to replace my 1520 for audio reasons and was reinstalling apps when Vevo was not available. I had to go online through the Windows Phone Store to get it. Just another blow to big name apps leaving Windows. I will repeat, Microsoft is generating money and more patents just to return to Software only company. No matter how much you dislike android or ios, if you want a smart phone those will be your choices. I've been around since the palm days off and on and now Windows is my daily driver but the platform is stressing me out.
  • Lol... Even MS dnt care about its apps on windows then why would other developers care... MS also getting revenue from other operating systems like android n ios, so does other developers... At the end of the day, its just business... No1 gvs a damn about consumers
  • SO, Bank of America, Softcard, Weave, MLB 2015 and now this ? And this is in the last month or so. These are just the apps that were installed on my phone that I use. Nevermind the handfull of apps that are available for iOS and Android but, have no Windows Phone apps (and 1/2 of the you cant do with out the app, not supported via the browser) I really love Windows Phone but, I honestly dont know how much more of this I can take.... What is next ?
  • Just switch to android or ios. Why make yourself suffer? It doesn't pay to be loyal to any platform.
  • I might just do that, grab another phone and swap time to time..... This loss of apps or missing apps is really getting old. Never mind the lack of hardware options (like smartwatches)
  • Just switch me and my brother are now.
  • Haven't you been paying attention here? The day Windows 10 is released every popular app will be available on Windows phones, everyone is going to trade in their iPhones and Android devices, and MS will instantly become the leader in the mobile space. Just wait and see.
  • Yeah, like 7.5, 8, and 8.1 did. The situation is even worse, with market share and mindshare dipping. For example, the 920 made a big blast in even a place like India. Ask someone in India about the 930 that's released, and they will be like, there is a Lumia 930? Im seriously considering jumping ship, too many things pulling me towards the 'dark' side. CoC, Pebble, Snap chat, Facebook, its messenger, heck even the WC app is better. What more can I say?
  • WC app isn't better. It feels like a copy and paste of Android Central. Maybe your opinion but I don't see how it's better.
  • Hit the nail on the head with that. We always think the next big update will turn things around and we've been let down everytime
  • Whoosh?
  • Find what works for you man. Honestly Il support WP until they decide to throw in the towel. But I also have the luxury of having multiple phones so yeah... If you think switching platforms is the best solution then do so, no one blames you seeing the trend here is a bit upsetting. And hopefully Microsoft makes the right moves to correct these mishaps and you come back to a platform that actually looks like it's headed in the right direction. There's good promise with what Microsoft is doing but these articles are a real letdown. And trust me they are quite aware of the situation and there's only so much they can do.
  • Yep, I dreaded android when I got my first and probably only Lumia, the 525, but seeing the advancements over 2014, I'm not really sure what MSFT has in store for us. I don't want to feel like a plastic bag when they actually decide to throw in the towel (which they slowly are, W10 is just that), but at the same time I'm sad there isn't a proper third competitor to the market. I really love the WP UI, but they're changing that too, so I guess I might be holding an HTC a year from now.
  • F*ck you
  • Whoop! ! More apps disappearing. Still believe windoes 10 will change the fate of windows phone??
  • I've never thought that it's just a hail mary.
  • Universal Apps? ... The Windows 8.1 and Xbox Apps are still there. Bump them to be Universal and presto, a Windows Phone app is back but on the exact same code base as the other apps.
  • Google is behind this. The sad truth is Windows Phone is a better OS then Andriod and Google knows it.
  • Yea, another google thing. I wish MS would have some balls here. Pull all the Microsoft apps out of the google store and put a block on Windows to stop all google apps from being able to be installed. If they did something like this, within 2 weeks we would see all the google apps in the Windows Phone store. Fight fire with fire...
  • If that were to happen Google would try to be the ' good guy ' and offer replacements for Microsoft services, Microsoft Office=> Google Docs, Skype=> Hangouts, Outlook=>Gmail etc. Not to mention Microsoft would look as if they are abandoning their users on other platforms and may tick some users off and in return they may end up losing customers, which is the last thing they want/need. On the other hand, those using Microsoft services and start to like them may consider a Windows Phone in the future since they correlate it to the (great) experience they had using Microsoft services. That's the smart move.
  • Yup
  • If it's going to continue to be available as an app on Windows 8.1 - wouldn't that suggest when Windows 10 comes out it'll be on Windows 10 Phone as well?
  • Yup
  • Lol honestly me too I'm afraid. I'm just gonna ride out this year and see what happens.
  • I have been particularly hard on MS and WP for stuff like this lately. Maybe universal apps will solve all their problems
  • Isn't Vevo a wing of Youtube, therefore a part of Google? If so, then why is ANYBODY surprised they'd pull WP support? That's par for the course.
  • Since it is still available on Windows, one would assume we will see a universal app for 10?
  • Didn't even knew there's was kind of app for that in store.. LOL
  • Probably retiring the WP specific App, it'll be back as a Universal App in due course.
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • First WCW and now WP
  • Haha, Vevo. Never even knew this existed..
  • I respect them saying they were going to pull the app rather than have an app languish in the store with no updates. Is Microsoft sending signals that is spurring this exodus?  I wonder sometimes.
  • That's it!   It's time to delist Minecraft from Google Play...release the Kraken!   But seriously...I've been wondering just how Microsoft-y Samsung is gonna let the Galaxy S6 be.  Colour me intrigued. 
  • First Cortana and multiple platform and now this RIP WP
  • Long live the king,
    Microsoft needs to get off their ass and hire engineers that can write software.
    Stop dragging people along with the "Next Big Thing" eather shit or get off the pot!
    Microsoft is still arrogant as ever, Microsoft listen to your supporters before you are nolonger relevant!!!!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft can hire every software developer in the world to build apps, but if a company doesn't want an official app in the store then there isn't much Microsoft can do.
  • Dude, ever heard about Microsoft's user voice thing? You definitely have no idea of what you're talking about.. Just praise your Lagfull Android OS..
  • Enough Now, Always Been A Great Windows Phone Fan But Not Anymore.. Hello IPhone ;)
  • I assume it's a bit of redundant app cleanup. :)
  • I didn't use it anyway....maybe if they would cut down advertisement (in-app ads) then ppl like me would use it but because of the quantity of ads makes it a real pain to use!
  • Still happy with my 1020 and 630 and OS
    *Microsoft should hire a group of developers to port andro-iOS apps to Win *
  • It is not clear cut as you make it sound.
  • They did this with facebook , why not with others!
    *WP users are full of negativity *
  • Cycling is right, after you build the app, which takes time and requires the company's consent, someone still needs to update and maintain it. Microsoft can't do that for all the thousands of apps out there.
  • You can't be serious.  They'd get sued out of existence.
  • like others it probably wasn't worth the cost to support on such a tiny platform
  • People still watch music videos enough to need a dedicated app for it? Wow...
  • Pulling WP so the Win8/10 app can be launched as Universal?
  • What is vevo ? Did anybody use it? Is it just another pointless app that has been removed from the store? I don't know anybody that used it even on android. In fact alot of my android friends never even heard of it. Alot of fuss over nothing cant miss what you never had. imo
  • I did not even consider App availability when I was looking into buying my first "Smart Phone." I always considered the vast majority of these apps as the lazy man's way of accesssing the relevant website concerned. What is so hard about going to and saving it as a Favorite using the IE that works great on every WP that I have ever owned. I now have the cadillac of all phones in the Nokia 1520. Every single person that sees me using it marvels at the speed and productivity of that device. I use my phone mainly for listening to local music files (Xbox Music) and the outstanding camera abilities it gives me. Really the only apps I even give a crap about are weather radar (Aeroradar is awesome) and the high quality photo editors (there are several on WP) and lastly for communication (phone calls and texts). The other factor that lead me to buying into the Windows phone platform was the ease of being in the same ecosystem as my laptop (running W10) and my PC.
  • I will understand or accept if one or two major apps retired but continues dropping of major apps? Other regretting to make apps? Ill tell youthis is a seirous problem for microsoft
  • It's starting to feel like a hand full of core WP devs are the only thing standing between this platform surviving the next 2 years and Microsoft announcing the termination of their WP initiative... Once again... Really really hope I'm wrong (about to add a 735 as a 4th Lumia in my line up...)
  • There are many things I would miss, but honestly, I am really going to have to look hard at my options when it comes to getting a new phone.
  • "Good riddance. Never used that app anyway" "F*ck you, VEVO" "That's it, I'm canceling my VEVO account and switching to Wells Fargo Tube" "They removed it to concentrate on their Win10 Universal App" "MetroVEVO is a better app, anyway" Did I miss any glass-half-full comments for this article?  
  • lol nail on head
  • What's Fargo Tube? Oh, never mind, I will Bing it later
  • I reiterate: it's not apps of redundant services having a mobile page, that's missing. MSFT could easily "appify" those pages, as they essentially did in Win7. It's original content, that's missing. Even Kindle is crap on WP, and why is there no Xbox Books!? If I buy a toy for my kids, the companion app is never available on WP. My 8yr old daughter, who is much smarter than me, tells me to get a "real" smartphone. That's the next generation, and MSFT plays no role, because it is already known as "that shitty OS". Wake up, MSFT.
  • Am afraid couple years from now most kids won't even know what reading a physical book feels like... I've got several nephews and neices, who kept prodding the book to change pages... Not to mention the slow decay of focus and concentration. This is a horrible precedent imo.
  • What the hell is going on?? So many apps being shut down lately. It sucks.
  • Never used vevo, youtube alternatives are far much better
  • Never used it anyways
  • Windows Phone = Betamax (higher quality, more expensive, small but loyal fan base, not many movies)
    Android = VHS (lower quality, cheaper, much wider fan base, pretty much every movie) I'm going to keep my Betamax (Lumia 1520) for as long as I can. I still think it's the best phone on the market. But the lack of movies (apps) will kill it despite its higher quality. Unless there's a massive turnaround when 10 hits (highly affordable, top-quality phones with every feature and app one would want, plus a few exclusive ones you didn't know you wanted but will need after they're announced), this party feels like it's starting to wind down.
  • There has not been a top notch expensive Windows phone out for a long time. It's all cheap low end stuff now.
  • Maybe it should be WIndows Phone = Laserdisc (Highest quality, VERY epensive and very small but loyal fan base and a lot of movies but, not everything) I was a big LD fan when our only real option was VHS....
  • Galaxy S6 here I come.
  • It's getting to the point that no matter how much I love windows phone, the support for Android and ios is undeniably beginning to be a more worthwhile product. I feel like I would be able to be more productive and keep pace with tech by switching to Android or ios (more Android then ios, I don't really like apple). Idk I'm very curious to see if windows 10 is really going to make much difference at all or if it's just hype at this point.
  • Yeah me too.
  • I already hit them up on facebook. You all better do the same and complain loud. 
  • I guess we just have to put all I hopes on dailymotion
  • Burning platform...
  • If they make an universal app, it will be back.
  • Blame Microsoft I mean really what is there to be excited about with WP 99% are low level devices the rest are exclusive. Come this fall when nits upgrade time I'm not going yo settle for a low end middle range device
  • Yeah but low end middle range windows phones are quite good.Better than all low end android phones.
  • That's nice, but what about the people who want high-end hardware? I don't think its wrong to want something with the latest tech
  • Big win for windows phone users who won't have to listen to the crap music vevo offers...
  • There are some idiots saying the app is useless , lets face it WP is falling (dunno what Windows 10 brings) , other software's are doing much better ,so WP really need to to some thing about,
  • This is just sad... I love this app... Always worked for me on my Lumia 520 ,never crashed,not once. Its just sad really...
  • It's frustrating that apps won't come to WP unless there are people, but the people won't come unless there are apps.
  • I'm on my 930 watching vevo vids right now. What did I miss I never used the app
  • Honestly I'd prefer that companies focus on making a kick-ass web interface (which should be possible with HTML5). Then *all* platforms would be equal and it would simplify development as well. This whole issue of separate apps for separate platforms is kind of stupid actually.
  • Well no not really... Because some people like things personal or a certain way. Some people use iPhone because of the simplicity, some use WP because of its interface, etc...
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Google had a hand in this.
  • Universal app incoming? They do note the Windows version remains.
  • Vevo says you can watch Vevo vids on another app? Perhaps that's why no one used their app? I didn't. Someone show me the stats on the number of apps leaving each OS monthly or me a reason to be concerned about this.
    I've visited sites where Android is discussed...they whine about it just like everyone here whines about WP. People I work with that have Androids' complain about their phones random behaviors, updates that cause annoying glitches, etc. ... again, show me why I should worry about an app that no one uses.
  • True, I used MyTube. Vevo app is simply an unnecessary redundancy to maintain for them.
  • They're just getting ready for a brand new app
  • Hi fellows, stick around it's not all lost yet.
  • I'm trying lol
  • Excellent! Good things come to those who wait.
  • It's because windows phone is a miss and it can't compete with Android and Apple. Even Firefox os will be better than windows platform. Goodnight Lumia!
  • Ha I've read about Firefox OS but never actually seen one and you are saying it's going to be better than WP? Until I see it that's a tough claim you're proposing.
    And yes it CAN compete with Android/iOS. It has been quite stable in comparison to android but android has made improvements. Apple's real focus seems to be higher end market. WP can cover both low end and high end. There's a reason why Google has limited it's services to nearly nothing on WP. I think it's mostly fear. They see Microsoft as a viable competitor, Apple seems to mostly focus on higher end hardware which has a higher profit margin (for Apple) but not the deepest market penetration due mostly to price. Most android phones sold are CHEAP android phones. That's why android leads the world in OS on phones. And Apple still enjoys nearly all of Googles services....
  • "For some reason, Windows Phone cannot catch a break lately." That reason would be feeble market share and the lack of ROI. Not a mystery.
  • Bingo.
  • My phone out performed my wife's I phone 5 she confiscates my phone so much I can barely find it to use it so she can take pics of the kiddies. People love my phone but its hard to switch once you are invested in a platform. Wait for crossplatform integration. It should help alot with sales. Window 8 as a whole had many bumps confusion at the start.
  • Out performed exactly what on the iPhone?
  • I've yet to find an App I 'need' that I don't use? Vevo is least amog concerns, besides, half these Apps are just wrappers - might as well use the mobile site.
  • Another google (partially) owned service gets pulled from WP. Say it ain't so..... /s
  • Nonsense
  • This trend is becoming seriously concerning - personally this app isn't something in worried about. Bank apps I am worried about. MSFT need to address this "retirement" trend.
  • There's nothing MSFT can do. The owners of the content aren't required to make an app available for every platform. They're not required to make their API available for third parties, so MSFT can't write a compatible app themselves. About the only thing MSFT can do in this specific instance is to complain to the US DOJ that Google is using their "monopoly" in web services to illegally kill WP (death by neglect). Good luck with that. What we're seeing is what MSFT has dread for decades: a platform shift. Back in my day it was DOS competitors and MacOS, then Netscape's platform, then Java, etc. Windows was able to beat all of them. Unfortunately, MSFT laid an egg with Win8 ... precisely when the threat was most grave (the competitors were of equal size or larger in the case of AAPL). GOOG has their huge advertising empire (with attached web services). AAPL has their iOS empire. Those platforms will kill MSFT in the long run (why do you think Balmer spent billions on Bing and web services for all those years, he was no dummy).  
  • This is lame
  • I have a theory that if this app remains for Windows 8.1, if that version then gets Windows 10 ready isn't then an app that should work on all Windows 10 phones?
  • That's what it sounds like. They may be going the Universal App direction.
  • I don't use it on my phone
  • Use Youtube app to view VEVO videos? Really? Youtube is crap on WP platform, unless of course you are using any one of the great third-party apps for it.
  • I'd like Microsoft to combine store regions like playstore for reviews of apps and show amount of downloads.  For example, on android there's nearly 200,000 reviews with up to 50,000,000 downloads.   Not everyone leaves reviews.  I sometimes am hesitant to download stuff without reviews as the permissions are insane and it's some unknown publisher.  But if I knew how many others have downloaded it, I would figure by then fishy stuff might have been reported.  But then again there's been android apps installed doing bad things that no one even noticed hehe.
  • The nice thing about WP is there is close to nothing in terms of malware and/or viruses coming from their Windows store. Android has quite a bit more in comparison. I've never installed an app on my WP that made me fear it would compromise my phone/data/security/ etc. Android on the other hand... Android has somewhat addressed this with the way they publish apps but even then, they still have some issues. In terms of security, Android is near the bottom compared to iOS/WP/BB. Doesn't mean they aren't working on it though (and they should).
  • deloa84:  I think the problem is the user base is small.  It's also possible things were not discovered.  Think about exploits that are discovered years later that the government was exploiting and possibly others.  The reason I am very cautious is because microsoft allows EVERYTHING through just to get it's app numbers up.  I mean the amount of clones is ridiculous.  I see a developer in Chinese writing that requires everything from phone dialer to camera controls and it's for a game that doesn't need it.  And yet other games are not requesting this.  We know Microsoft doesn't need to approve of in-game downloads.  Think about Modern combat 5 or other games downloading extra data from their own servers.  Now, get some developer that you just gave full permissions to that downloads something in-app without you knowing.  The only thing that may be keeping the malware low is the popularity.  There was a time when apple had no malware but now there's always articles about new malware or other stuff.  The apps are secure in that they run in their own little jail so to speak.  But if you give it full permissions it can still do damage.
  • You make a solid point there. Hopefully Microsoft puts emphasis on security. And as user base grows so will it's exploits/viruses/etc. Windows (PC) is a good example of that.
  • Never used that crap. Windows phone users are not shiny object distracted like android and ios users are. So am not losing sleep over this.
  • I never understand why some get so worked up about a specific app being there or not when the same content can be accessed via the web.  I would much rather save space on my device and use a web app...I can get the same content, so what's the big deal?  Especially when I can pin a specific site and have a one-touch tile take me right to the web-app.
  • That's what you prefer, other people aren't you and some sites don't render properly therefore an app would be better.
  • This is my first and last windows phone probably :(
  • Meh... Apps come and go. If you don't want a WP app then fine... How many WP users are there anyways? 50 million, 100 million or 250 million. If you are not interested in catering to a number that big then... Meh...
  • Good, it's shit anyway.
  • If they are going to maintain their Windows 8.1 support on tablets and PCs...why don't they just make a universal app and have it on both? Also, why pull the app today when it works. Just don't update it. If a universal app isn't in the pipeline I'll be shocked, as it makes sense to have the app on Xbox at the very least...and if they are already supporting 8.1? Seems like a no brainer...but then again, who knows. I'll be staying with Windows on my phone regardless of all the apps news, I personally don't use that many apps and enjoy the feel of WP...but for people who aren't me, I can see the frustration and totally understand it. Hopefully Windows 10 can help aliviate this, even if that's wishful thinking. I think Xbox UAs are the key to it all on the entertainment and gaming side of things.
  • Now that WP is dying my hope was that Microsoft would inverst in Cyanogenmod and maybe get an Android version of that OS without any scroogleware baked in. Obviously that ship has sailed now that Microsoft has decided to definitely not invest in Cyanogenmod.   As someone who dislikes iOS and would never ever use anything with scroogleware in it I'm going to be in a bit of a mess when WP finally dies.
  • 1 - I didn't know Vevo had an app. 2 - I didn't know Google was part owner of Vevo.  That explains why Youtube is always pushing Vevo videos on me. 3 - Now's the time for Microsoft to heavily push market share in the U.S.  Waiting until the fall isn't helping.
  • WP isn't gaining any ground , what's Microsoft going to do about it ?
  • I mean lets be serious...who uses the Vevo app to view Vevo they suggest there are better alternatives...
  • Daniel, I get what everyone is saying. The harsh reality is the Microsoft has not done enough to market Windows phone to make it stand out, and have not done enough to get app developers to stick around. The phone lacks behind in many ways. Also the UI can use some updating. I have never been a fan of the metro design. The live tile idea is great, but its it necessary??? Not really.. I love windows phone, have supported it since it came out. I see the writing on the wall.. Its either stand out and or die. I hope Windows phone 10 will make a difference, but I'm not going to hold my breath. In the meanwhile, ill keep enjoying my Icon and see what happens.
  • Question, how come YouTube and Vevo are on X1 but not on WP, when there much more WP devices than X1 ?
  • Google is using their power to shut out WP. They don't care about X1 because they have no game console to compete. Marketshare is just an excuse; the advertising revenue would have easily been greater than the development costs. In fact, they already had a good Vevo app and Microsoft has created a good official YouTube app that Google blocked so the sole reason is they don't want Android to have the competition from WP.
  • I hate Google, and I hate even more that people are blind to the fact that Google of 2015 is much worse than Microsoft of 1995.
  • Ok, I get the whole "Low Windows Phone Market-Share" excuse for not making apps or pulling them. But the number of Windows users is astronomical. So why such a crap shot with apps for Windows? People just have their heads so far up Apple and Google's ass because it is the 'cool thing' that you end up with this bullshit.
  • Here is what i think guys: Microsoft should learn to deploy the right platform (OS) to the right market. In developped countries, when it comes to using phones (or mobile devices), people are considered to be power users, meaning when they buy phones they care about what the app store has to offer, which is different from emerging markets where people are not really using tons of apps and are more concerned about buying what's affordable. So my point is in developped countries, Microsoft should get rid of the windows phone OS, and start working on its own version of android that comes preloaded with Microsoft apps and services. Would be even better if they could just buy Cyanogenmode and preload all of its apps (onedrive, onenote, skype, etc) in it and generate revenue by selling the hardware, in this case by selling phones. Microsoft can make windows 10 on phones as beautiful as it wants but as long as its app store can't compete with iTunes and google play, we won't go anywhere, i don't even think universal apps will solve this problem. Android being open source to me means anybody can take it away from google, and i believe microsoft is well positioned to do it. And please, Daniel Rubino i know you love Microsoft to death but when developpers tell you that they can't make enough money from their windows phone apps, you should listen instead of being very diffensive. 
  • Yep, i suspect more apps will be disappearing in the next months. I'm getting an android today, sadly, WP is done...
  • Google is at it again!
  • Why would VEVO do this? this is just wrong I have the app on my phone. My God
  • When you think things will get better for windows phone it keeps getting worst. Vevo for windows phone is one of my favorite apps. If I do not see any benefit from windows 10 and universal apps. I will not be purchasing another windows phone. I have been an early adopter since windows phone 7, and I have constantly been let down by Microsoft. You own so many studios is it that hard to give us good games and apps. X86 apps better work on windows 10 for phone. Or there is no hope for this platform again. Because no matter how many half baked attempts developers make to publish apps for windows phone, they are still doing more than Microsoft and that's really sad. Movin on something is fishy about so many apps getting unpublished lately, could google be pulling strings from behind the scenes.
  • why isn't the WP community raising a bigger, louder voice in regards to the issue of companies pulling their apps from WP? Since the new year started more and more companies are dropping out, major US banks, others refuse to work with WP at all, like Snapchat and Pebble, and yet there is no response from Microsoft addressing this ever grown problem. I mean what is it going to take for someone to notice and do something about this? instead of improving the app situation in WP is getting worse by the day!
  • Because it really does not help yelling about it, the ONLY thing that will help this is marketshare. Get more people to buy a WIndows Phone and these problems will go away. Everyone who has a WP device needs to do this. I've gotten about 7 people to get a Windows Phone (who still own it) and another 10 who desided to stay on their platform because of apps.... How about you ?
  • If we are expected to use mobile websites for apps! That's like saying just use a flip phone to make calls and text!
    Sorry people I'm just venting hoping MS will do something!
    I know I should not be posting since I already switched and
    got rid of my 1520 but was still hoping to return someday. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Morons. Seriously, the app was already built and published, how much effort could it possible take to just leave it there?
  • I used to always download this app in the past, either for my Android or Windows phone's but I deleted it from all my systems as I never used it, mostly just use Youtube.
  • Good news....yaaa some reason make me "go to android phone" this too
  • well we can't use the youtube app to view vevo videos, now can we?
  • Just bad news for windows phone... W10 won't be able to change this situation, I'm afraid... I love the UI of this OS, but that's not enough for us... I have a Lumia 920 and I'm considering to buy an Android just because I'm tired of this "market share related problems" :(
  • I'm pretty sure this is paid by Google. Does anyone have any other explanation?
  • Ok so maybe windows 10 will resolve the app issue, though it seems that every company that google acquire drop wp apps. In some cases I'm relieved as I wouldn't want google knowing my bank information.
    I really hope 10 brings some apps back, that said nature abhors a vacuum so maybe it could encourage more app developers.
  • You seem to imply that an app getting bad reviews would be a reason to pull it from the store.  No.  You think they'd pull their app from the App Store or Google Play if it got bad reviews there? Maintaining a Windows Phone app is an investment that has to pay off.  Windows Phone market share is stuck at an insufficient amount for these developers to want to continue to invest.  Microsoft has failed to drive market share.  Their marketing of Windows Phone has been immeasurably poor.  They need to get busy, or this recent wave of app retirements will turn into Windows Phone's death spiral.
  • Galaxy edge it is then... A sad day for me
  • I don't see what the confusion is all about. Google is a co-owner of VEVO and if there's a super villain in our Windows Phone Gotham City, its They're showing their clout and if there are any other apps in the store that have ties to google, prepare to see them depart too.
  • Something something death knell
  • But seriously how many WP users are there? No, not % cuz that does not mean anything. Is it 35 million which is like the population of Canada or 350 million which is like the population of the USA? Even if its a million only wow, I would be happy to get a App to a million people.
  • Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Most apps barely pass a few hundred downloads. Most phone users download about 100 apps on their phone so not every app reaches every phone.
  • We need a flagship fast. I expected a decline in market share following the Nokia merger. But not having a flagship at this point is absolutely ridiculous. Once they canceled “McLauren” they really should have had a backup plan and at the very least had something ready for MWC. If we don’t see a flagship by late summer/spring things will really start to look grim.
  • You won't see anything. Microsoft has *repeatedly* said that there isn't a Windows Phone flagship due until late 2015 (probably November, for the holiday season I suspect).
  • I will always be loyal to MS even is no more apps supports it.
  • My Situation is Like after Using Windows phone I don't want to use anything else but when I need a good App that is not availble and now Apps are being pulled from the store...... :(
  • I'm kind of starting to believe that Windows 10 is the last Windows Phone OS. After that Windows Phone is dead.
    Even Microsoft has ported almost all of their official apps to iOS and Android. OEMs will not prioritize WP over Android. Developers are running away. Consumers are getting all the Microsoft apps on Android/iOS (if only they're interested). How will WP survive!!!
  • Not a ground breaking app...make way for windows 10 revolution...
  • 1st time come to know that app store have an apps called "vevo". Haha
  • lol who cares. Why are people watching music videos on their phones anyways? I can honestly say I'm not really missing any critical apps that would make we wan't to switch. people are seriously too obsessed with apps. That being said, I am concerned about the future of WP. I do wonder if there is some anti-competititve behaviour going on from the likes of google and apple sometimes.
  • Dailymotion it is!  Gotta put all our hopes on Dailymotion!
  • First and probably Last comment from me. Very sad that WP is slowly dying. I love this OS. Way better ten Android or IOS. But hey money talks!!!
  • Are these devs on the dumb train lately? Do they even *know* about Windows 10?!?! Sigh...
  • I think we are at peak app. Why do I need this app to watch videos and not the mobile site. If all your app does is what is possible from your mobile site then I will do it on your mobile site. 
  • It's vevo, not really a significant app, does not bother me at all.
  • If this continues MS might as well retire WP, even before WP10 gets a chance.  
  • Stop panicking about retiring apps! It's actually a good thing because WP IE is the touches mobile browser around. Why develop a standalone app when your mobile site works so well with IE?
  • At this rate, in the next six month we will get see the following apps leaving. 1. MSN News, MSN Weather, MSN Stocks, MSN Health and Fitness. 2. OneDrive 3. Lumia Apps suite. And Microsoft's announcement will read: "We've decided to refocus our resources to deliver a first class Microsoft Experience to iOS and Android users around the world. Windows Phone users can continue to enjoy our services via"
  • Do not underestimate the Redmond Giant.
  • Aside from the jokes I hope that this app decay problem gets fixed soon.
  • What Microsoft need are thousands of third party devs looking for their name in the lights to be wonderful third party apps if the official ones aren't staying plus an amazing web app system that can bake functionality into the apps to become native ones with little effort and maintenance
  • When will it stop working? Ot still is at the moment
  • They're not retiring the 8.1 app. In others words they don't understand the concept of a Universal app. Perhaps MS needs to save these developers from themselves and promote the power of universal apps (which don't require waiting for windows 10).
  • Fuck off Vevo
  • YouTube app, it's a joke, right?
  • Bizarre
  • Well the app never played the standalone videos in full resolution. The Xbox one app is full of bugs (constant buffering, skip forward, sometimes crashes).
  • Either they are working on something much better and to make the Desktop app to be universal for Windows 10 devices (Desktop+Phone+...) and don't want to invest more resources on WP8 version OR Someone is paying companies to pull down the apps ( wild guess...) :P
  • Hey Daniel, frankly speaking, it's good that the Vevo app has been retired. I have always enjoyed Vevo in the Windows Phone browser. If something works fine in the browser then its app is simply a diaper and a bib that I as a Windows Phone user refuse to wear.
  • Scrotoogle
  • Why did they retire it? They could've just kept it there...
  • I am getting extremely frustrated with this drop out situation. I am not even sure which app will be pulled out next. If this nonsense continues I don't even see a reason to stay with WP. Microsoft is slowly killing their own platform by giving away all the OS features, devs refuse to make good apps and update them regularly.. And now drop outs??? I cannot take this!!! The only thing that is keeping me on the platform is the Lumia Camera quality…. right now an Xperia Z2 or Z3 is sounds really appealing to me!!!
  • Seriously though, I am astonished by the number of anti-Microsoft commenters on a site named "Windows Central".  It must be pretty boring on the other side of the pasture for some of you, because you are trolling this site big time.  (Kind of wierd actually, I would think people would have better things to do with their time.) I like my Windows Phone, if it dies, I'll move on.  But as long as it has the functionality and Apps I use and need, then I'm good to go. There are so many ways to use Vevo that this doesn't bother me.  I use BOA's website for my visa account, but I never used the phone app anyway, so these rescent 3 dropped apps don't bother me. What's more troubling though is why it bothers you people who obviously don't like or use windows phones.
  • Vevo has never be available in my country... so I don't care
  • My Vevo app still works, tried earlier it let me log to my account but videos don't play
  • They still have the Windows version available. Does that mean that when Windows 10 arrives, we'll have it back on our phones?
  • They are prepairing full support for w10, muahahaha
  • WP - some points 1 - Platform is fine 2 - Equipment is very, very good - Nokia Lumia 920 owner since the beginning days 3 - Integration is good 4 - Apps I use regularly are mostly rated 4 on a 5 scale (but there is a disconnect, see #5) 5 - Microsoft not communicating well with its base (not the tech wizard early adopters, rather devoted mainstream Windows Phone users who mainly are pleased with what we have so far) - What's coming up for us? Lumia platform was superb under Nokia. What is MS going to do going forward with the equipment legacy bought from Nokia? Are there ANY plans whatsoever for firming up app development and production/release efforts? Lots of missing commercial-grade apps, such as those that work with banks, ISPs, libraries, media outlets, news syndicators, public and private business, sports teams, retail stores, educational entities, Fortune 500 businesses, automation and control, and a host of other categories. 6 - Guess my own solution to this would be to wait things out to see if MS gets a clue about continuity/longevity/customer service. My 920 should hold out for a while as they get they get things sorted out, right? They will get things sorted, right?   
  • Screw you Vevo, uninstalling your app from my xbox and partners iPhone, not touching it again.
  • Ok I'm hoping vevo comes back as a universal app but for myself I'm not going back to android and ios is stagnant. WP has the best user interface and over the past two years been the most innovative.
    So I'm on the platform till the end.
    Every mobile software house google buys shuts the door on wp, so I agree with ms strategy in taking the service market fight to them. Cortana on android means no data info for google which can only be a good thing.
  • A lot of people are saying that Win10 and universal apps are going to fix everything, but realistically, devs aren't going to be making anything for Win10 until they see that it's worth their time. It's going to take 12-18 months before we start seeing any decent amount of apps coming through (Win8 store is still pretty sparse as it is). I can't see WP still being around toward the end of that time frame.
  • Don't you all just think that these companies are just consolidating their apps to one app in lieu of windows 10. There's not going to be multiple apps once win10 comes along.
  • Why are comments disabled on the posts of constant advertising! I bet it's so there aren't loads of negative comments about the fact that there are loads of adverts!
  • Crap
  • Now 39996 apps I guess right?
  • I love WP and my L920 but the app gap annoyed me so I moved on to the moto x and love it. Its nice to have all the apps everyone else does. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Lets see what windows 10 does to this platform doubt it will do little to the market share . Even major apps on WP don't get updated on regular basis ....
  • Time to make a client app!!
  • People dont use it.
  • Does anybody have the xap? Tweet me @noelitaux Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have been reading the comments on articles such as this for awhile now, and all I see is negativity. Comments like "Windows Phone is dead", "Why doesn't Microsoft give us a flagship?" "What's with all these cheaper phones?" etc. etc. etc.  For starters, in my opinion, Windows Phone wont die, it will actually grow with the release of WP10. If a developer pulls an app, it's at their own loss, as there are hundreds and thousands of WP's being used every day around the world. Why are they being used more than people know? Its because Microsoft has their strategy right - make and sell phones at a budget level to get them into as many hands as possible. More consumers using them, means more marketshare for Microsoft, and more marketshare means you will see flagship devices.  To put it simply - cheaper phones = more sales = more money for Microsoft to reinvest into WP to build bigger and better.  So in my opinion, Windows Phone wont die off, Universal apps and WP10 will increase its popularity tenfold.  Oh and just for the record, I have heard Microsoft is planning to do something interesting re apps in the next month or two.  And if you want to kill off WP, keep going with the negative comments.... If you don't want it to die, think about what you write. Some of us actually like WP, that is why we are here.     
  • So all the MS apps are on Android and IOS....great. So they should should Youtube for WP. I won't be spending double my money to downgrade my 1520 to an iPhone just because they sell well to sheep....despite the developers throwing apps at the saturated market. Android.....been there done that, no thanks. I don't need 10 SMS and email apps or a handful of launchers slowing the device down.....or the accompanying plethora of shit looking skins. If you do, go for it.....leave us in peace. If we want an iphone/android device...we'll get one. Don't be scared of our platform...enjoy your own
  • Didn't even know they had an app
  • WP has 3 flagships: Lumia 930, HTC M8 and Lumia 1520. They are more flagships than any iPhone is or was.
    In 2010 I've switched from iPhone to Galaxy S for Google Maps Navigation even if people were complaining about lack of apps. I really didn't care, I had the apps I wanted, I didn't care I hadn't the apps I didn't wanted. I will go further and say that I didn't care I hadn't the apps others said I must want. Like Instagram for example. Nobody really needs Instagram when you have Facebook. Nobody really needs Twitter when you have Facebook. Nobody really needs Foursquare when you have Facebook. And what I am afraid most is that in the near future nobody will need Google Maps because of Facebook (I have 70k edits in Google Map Maker, I'm a RER and an Advocate so I know what I'm saying). When I've switched to WP 8.1 from Galaxy 4 I I've missed Google Maps, Google+, Google Hangouts, Swipe and Dropbox. But in short time I've realized that I don't really need them on my smartphone because I have them anyway on my PC and my Nexus Tablet. And on my phone I've started using Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, Flow, Mytube and Gmaps combined with Here Drive. After 9 months I don't need and don't use anymore Dropbox, Google+ (my Google+ page has 600k views btw) or Android Google Maps. Why? Because they are not on WP.
    If Windows Phone dies, no new Lumia phones to buy, then I'll switch to iPhone or Galaxy but guess what: I'll use the same Microsoft products because they are there and I have them on my PC also.
    Another thing: I will switch from Vodafone to another carrier because Vodafone doesn't have My Vodafone app in Windows Store while the other carrier has 3 apps in Windows Store and this shows me respect for clients. And I would switch banks for that reason in an instant.
    It really doesn't matter for me if Windows Phone disappear or not (I will be sad for a month or two) but Microsoft is doing the right thing offering all applications and services to all platforms. Not publishing on a platform because of fanboism or because they only sold 35 million units in a year is really stupid.
    I never used Vevo and now I know why: they doesn't have a clue how to get to their audience.
  • WP is probably gonna finish this year. Sad to see it go.
  • But once Win10 comes out won't all apps be universal?  So the app they have on the PC will also work on my windows phone?  I'm confused why companies are leaving windows when they know Win10 is coming out.
  • I hate Vevo.
  • Jointly run by Google... Headline could have been "yet another Google related app gets pulled"...
  • VEVO had an app lol.
  • Apps count 500000-1 Posted via zenfone
  • Like the Windows Phone experience but it's a niche player and will be in North America for a quite awhile.  I have/use two smart phones: iPhone 6 which is my main phone and a Lumia 928 which is my "burner" so to speak. The iPhone is on T-Mobile; the 928 on Verizon. I essentially do everything app-wise on the iPhone and not out of choice but necessity. I work in media and you simply cannot match - or even come close - to the number of quality of apps available on iOS. Android has a good selection but I'm just not a fan and use my old Moto G as little more than a Chromecast streaming device. My last three significant downloads were ReutersTV [not available on Android/Windows] Supper [not available on Android/Windows] and Meerkat [not available of Android/Windows]. So a lack of quality apps is not just a Windows problem but it's often portrayed as one. Sure, Android finally catches up after developers get their iOS app out, but Android users face the same connumdrum as Windows users: slow, late, never adoption. The issue is less the platform and more the users. Apple has demonstrated - and catered to - a built-in audience of users who simply spend more money on their phones and apps. And that, folks means more money in the pockets of developers. A lot more.  I think Microsoft's phone future is with low-end devices in emerging markets and enterprise. The same way BlackBerry does exceeding well in Malyasia and other niche markets is ultimately where Microsoft is going to find their success. But if you're waiting for people to stand in line to buy a "flagship" Windows 10 phone at the local mall, I think you're deluding yourself.      
  • The fact that it's still available for Windows 8.1 is hopefully a sign that, with the release of Windows 10, there will be a Universal App that works on all devices.
  • Once again we have an app leaving WP and once again, the same arguments and the same people show up. Rinse and repeat. There are those that make very fair points in regards to areas MS can improve, but then you have those filling the comments with over the top reactions. We ignore the fact that in each case, different reasons have been in play, not all a result of a 'lack of interest'. Also, many of those that will fill up this thread will not take into account apps that are added at the same time, or the major apps that do recieve proper update support. Maybe someone should do a report on the ratio of apps leaving WP to those arriving. You could then compare that ratio to the ratio on other platforms. My guess is that it feels more significant for WP because of its app market size vs Apple and Google but the actual numbers are close. WP is dying though, just not in the way some insist it is right now. Windows 10 is replacing it. MS has been on a long term path to unification that started with Windows 8/WP8. This is simply the next step on that path. More shared code, more flexibility between devices, more robust feature sets(i.e. more mature api). It's not been as quick as anyone wanted, nor has it been perfect, but improvements have come with each release. Windows 10 garuantees nothing but presents a better chance of success in all areas.  
  • @unstoppablekem So why are you here? This thread is really for Windows Phone supporters...
  • So if they are keeping the App for Windows 8.1 tablet and PC then you can infer that they have a team that builds and supports an app for 8.1.  That would tell me that rather then having people focusing on WP 8.1 app they pulled it and probably have them working on a build for Windows 10.  If the apps work across devices then Vevo will be back for Windows 10 and they are not investing any more time in WP 8.1.  I am pretty sure this is what many other developers are doing too.  MS is starting to get a good name again and I think everyone is aiming for Windows 10 to be the next big thing.  I just wish developers would say this when they 'retire' apps. It would have been better for VEVO to just say they were 'retiring' the WP 8.1 app to focus on creating a Win10 universal app to debut with the O/S later this year.  Instead of taking what fans they had on WP 8.1 and pissing them off, they could have made them excited for something coming out in the future....
  • Return VeVo and scrap CNN. That app is a joke on Windows phone! IMO
  • Well that hurts, just wanna see Microsoft doing well in mobile market...
    Well I wouldn't care much about Microsoft if it wasn't for Nokia. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Deleted by user (don't know why it posted as a reply)
  • Things are looking bleak, boys and girls. How can I seem even mildly credible when recommending Windows Phone devices?
  • The funny thing about Apple and Android fan boys is that those mobile platforms have been around for years and yet they try to talk down on the newer WP. As far as vevo goes why need a separate app for videos that you can watch on YouTube?.. If you're into the terrible music of today. I'll take my phone/camera over ios or Android any day all day.