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Video 360 is a 3D virtual reality media player that is available in both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Store. The app supports Virtual Reality headsets such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Microsoft's VR Kit and others. Even without a headset, these 360-degree videos can be kinda cool.

The app typically runs $1.99 but over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Video 360 free courtesy of the myAppFree Deal. It is a universal app, so when you install the Windows Phone version of Video 360, you get access to the Windows version as well.

There's definitely a coolness factor with Video 360 and even if you don't have a set of Virtual Reality Headsets, the 360 video playback is, dare I say, en Fuego.

Video 360

The interface with Video 360 is simple with your viewer controls lining the bottom of the screen and your headset options at the top center. The app has integration with Tubecast and if you don't have any 360 videos handy, there are plenty 360 videos available through Tubecast.

The videos offer you a 360-degree angle of view and as you move your Windows Phone around, your point of view shifts. For example, a video can place you in the passenger seat of a race car and as you move your phone around, you can shift your view from out the front windscreen to the side window to behind you. You can even look down at the floorboard of the car.

Video 360

The camera angle can be moved with your device sensors, by touch, by your keyboard, by mouse or your Xbox gamepad. The Tubecast integration is simple. Search for videos using keywords such as "Video 360" and choose the 360-degree option for playback quality when the video starts..

Again, Video 360 normally runs $1.99 but through the myAppFree promotion you can pick it up free over the next twenty-four hours. It comes across as a fun app to have on your Windows Phone and even a Windows 10 tablet. If you have tried Video 360, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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