Video interview with Microsoft's Loke Uei [WME @ GDC]

Our brother editor Rene Ritchie of TiPB fame is still out at GDC 2010 in San Francisco, and he's caught up with Microsoft's Loke Uei to talk a little more about developing for Windows Phone 7 Series, and what's coming up. Check it out after the break!

Phil Nickinson

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  • what would be the point in even having an xbox if the games will work on both pc and xbox
  • wow...seriously? but i dont think you're going to be seeing the forza 4, or left 4 dead, or w/e games are popular on windows phones. the phones are made for the cheap quickie games. those same games (no idea how things work on xbox) but on a ps3 would run you like 1.99/2.99. There's no way in hell you're going to see the quality of length of a $60 game on ANY mobile platform. that would be the point of still having an xbox
  • it seems he has a new build on the phone and didn't want to show the new stuff. @fupamobile
    same reason I choose to watch netflix on my xbox over watching it on my computer.
  • I'd have to guess the same thing. He said it was his personal phone so maybe he didn't want to show the contact info he's probably got on it for privacy reasons OR he's got a newer build probably what they're show off at MiX in a few days! I can't wait for all the goodies come Monday!
  • Loke Uei has actively executed a worldwide Mobile Embedded & Developer Conference series across nine countries. Prior to his career with Microsoft, he was in software development for several leading software development companies in Malaysia.