Video: Official Twitter app for WP7

While not earth-shattering per se, especially since we've seen a video of the emulator version, Twitter was caught on video by CNet in a nice little walk through.

Not much to say other than it looks smooth, it looks good and we're glad Twitter is officially on board. Actually, it is kind of neat that you evidently don't need an account with Twitter to use the app, you can just browse around if you want. Good for you social-network-phobics out there!

Update: David K. over at MobilityDigest correctly notes this one big downer mentioned in the article (which we'll summarize soon) is: "The result, combined with the lack of copy or paste, is that the Twitter app for Windows Phone 7, while unique and pretty, won’t allow for important basics like being able to tweet a photo from one’s library or even send a link from the Web browser."


Daniel Rubino

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  • If only you could copy and paste your status from facebook to twitter. BOOM. (I had to go for the low hanging fruit).
  • Can't you link Facebook and Twitter so that Tweets show up? BAM. (I had to go for the logic).
  • meh. Won't be long before there's proper deep integration or you'll be able to eventually do some of it from the people hub or messenger. Pretty cool looking app, however.
  • Yeah, even Twitter thinks this is just some "v1.0 growing pains"--they wouldn't have committed resources to it if they didn't see a future with it.
  • I just received a message from a friend of Live Messenger! This App is so cool idea!
  • Even though WP7 has RTMed they're not done working on it, I don't even think the main OS team has taken a break yet. Once phones hit shops it wouldn't surprise me if we start to see/hear about the next update to the OS.
  • It is a great application from Microsoft, but recently we had quite a few posts mentioning Twozaic - complete experience for mobile Twitter Windows 7 - and the concept beyond.Great ..
  • ..."important basics like being able to tweet a photo from one