Video of the Samsung I8000 (Omnia 2?)

Sure enough, hot on the heels of the first news of what may well be the Samsung Omnia 2 comes video of the beast in action. [via] Let's hope we see things speed up before any official relase.

Now, where have we seen that cube before?

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  • This operates real sluggish, wish you can load blackberry os or andriod or pal pre touch webos, screw the iphone
  • We review I8000 Omnia 2 model here,
  • I just bought the Pure from ATT for $350.00 to hold me over until the Tilt2 (TP2) is available which I plan to get with the contract discount. I have to say that I am seriously impressed with the Pure, as well as the scrub m65Touchflo3D, the new WinMo 6.5, and even the normally substandard Mobile Internet Explorer has been vastly improved. As a long time HTC Tilt user it is a totally new experience and it all seems pretty good. Exchange server set itself up perfectly. The phone works flawlessly with conferencing, speakerphone options. I checked out the Fuze (TouchPro 1) before and even though the specs are nearly the same there is no comparison because the software and the touchscreen are so much better. The zoombar now (in 6.5) works with too many programs to list and it is indispensable. The only complaint I have is that not enough programs autorotate but that can be corrected in the registry (although I do not like the miniUSB cover either). I could actually see myself not getting the Tilt2 but I know as soon as I check it out its gonna be mine. I may just keep both as the smaller frame may come in handy sometimes.