Video: Windows Marketplace for Mobile

So technically the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is only available for phones running Windows Mobile 6.5, but you know us. We can't leave well enough alone. (Nudge, nudge ... wink, wink.) Above is a brief run-through of the Marketplace running on a Moto Q9h with Windows Mobile 6.1.

Phil Nickinson

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  • So I installed the marketplace app to my phone memory on the omina (not the 8GBinternal storage or 16GB memory card thinking that's the best place for this app) and the Marketplace automatically installs apps directly to the phone memory. Not sure if this is b/c of where I installed the marketplace or its designed that way. Will have to uninstall and reinstall it to a storage section to see.
  • from what I have read at this point getting it on the storage card is not an option.
  • Hopefully we see some of the fantastic Zune HD interface make a permanent addition to Windows Mobile 7.