Video: Windows Mobile 6.5 at MIX09

We've been watching the MIX09 Web Design and Development Conference this week as Windows Mobile 6.5 was expected to get some Las Vegas face time, and the presentation is now online for all to see. [via]

Among the 6.5 goodness in the hour-long presentation is a fair amount of Marketplace information. You'll be able to download apps from your phone or on the Web, and there will be a ratings/review system, and apps will be tested before being released into the marketplace.

Go take a look for yourself, and let us know in the comments what you think.

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  • WinMo 6.5 looked really nice....overall I liked what I saw, but you have to wonder if coming out so late in the year won't hurt Winmo a bit.
  • liked the changes that were made to the very first titanium screen, (the zune like interface) glad that you can use it both ways. Hope they've updated the GUI of Windows Media Player. Also like the fixed scrolling in the start menu, hope that they've fixed how you move tiles around.
  • A few things I like/don't like...
    I like the lock screen, but hopefully (which I highly doubt) will be as customizable as S2U2.
    I also really like the semi transparent top and bottom bars. I hate the Today screen though. Hopefully we can use the old Today screen. They should have kept the old one, added many official plugins for it, and made it more customizable.
  • still very disappointed that they're still saying that the touch pro 2 & diamond are the only phones slated for upgrade...the hd, diamond & touch and any other phone with similar specs should get it. All of these & the aforementioned 2 versions have the exact same hardware specifications. Like pocket pc now mentioned, someone needs to take a page out of apples book. Iphone v1 & 2 have both been able to benefit from the subsequent updates... I get it for older devices, that the hardware might not be able to power the OS, but for the devices that have the same specs....sad...
  • Its all about the $$$, nothing more. The demo was actually done on a touch pro which has the exact same internal specs at the TP2 yet it wont get the upgrade. HTC and other OEM arent in the business of giving away software when they can get you to pony up for a whole new phone.
  • Even charging a reasonable fee, say 10-20 bucks would be acceptable. But forcing people to buy a whole new phone (with the same hardware) is just wrong. I hate to bring up Apple, but at least they've been giving their upgrades out for free on the iPhone, though they do charge for it on the iPod Touch. Thank God for XDA I guess.
  • Hey guys thank you for this video!
  • i'd like if they merge up n down bar with bigger buttons