Vietnam-based Q-Mobile announces five new Windows Phone 8.1 devices

Q-Mobile, a smartphone OEM based in Vietnam, will be selling no less than five new Windows Phone 8.1 devices in that country soon, including one with a 6-inch display. The company made the announcement this week at a press event.

All five of the smartphones have a Qualcomm 1.2 GHz processor inside. Two of the phones, the Storm W408 and W410, have 4-inch displays, with the W408 getting 512 MB of RAM and the W410 containing 1 GB of RAM. The Dream W473 has a 4.7-inch display, 1 GB of RAM and is slim and light at just 103g. The Storm W510 has a 5-inch display while the Storm W610 is the one with the 6-inch screen, and both have 1 GB of RAM. All of the phones have 4 GB of internal storage except for the Storm W610 which has 8 GB.

Pricing for these phones range between 2,190,000 to 3,990,000 VND, or about $95 to $195 without a contract. In other words, these are low to mid-range devices. Still, it's encouraging to see more OEMs picking up the Windows Phone banner. What do you think of Q-Mobile's five new Windows Phone products?


John Callaham