Twitter's popular social video service Vine is now available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets, expanding the app beyond its previous mobile confines. If you're a fan of taking in the often-hilarious videos 6 seconds at a time, you'll now be able to kick back and meander through your feed from the comfort of your Windows 10 machine of choice.

Those who use the mobile app will be able to find all of the same features in the new PC and tablet app as well. You can venture through channels split up by category, check out trending vines and more. And on the UI side, you'll be able to check out Live Tiles, and you can even pin your favorite channels and accounts to your Start menu. And of course, if you want to share your own Vines, Vine lets you easily drag and drop videos from your desktop into the app.

All told, the Windows 10 Vine app looks pretty slick, and it's definitely worth checking out. If you'd like to give it a shot, you can download Vine for your PC or tablet at the Windows Store link below.

Download Vine for Windows 10 from the Windows Store

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