1080P Mockup on Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 is reportedly set to go to “full HD” with a 1080x1920 resolution later this year, an update that will come with the GDR3 OS refresh presumably for OEMs.

Now, Justin Angel, who used to work with Microsoft and Nokia, has managed to dig up some emulator files for Windows Phone that coincidentally support that 1080P resolution. The files come by way of Visual Studio 2013, which was previewed at Build last week.

Those files are used by developers for running a “virtual” Windows Phone on their computer, to see how their app or game will look and perform. Emulators support resolutions that they run at, meaning a newly added 1080P skin will allow devs to test at the resolution.

Needless to say, this is just further confirmation that hardware vendors will be able to make new Windows Phones with 1080P displays later this year and developers will have the tools to update their apps.

Source: Twitter

1080p emulator in VS2013