Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 is now available for developers

Developers can now download Update 1 for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2015 software creation tools. The update, which has been in testing for some time, is packed with both big and small new features, along with improvements and bug fixes.

One of the big improvements centers on making apps for the universal Windows Platform, which supports Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft says:

"This update enables you to build and submit apps to the Windows Store targeting Windows 10 SDK Version 1511. It includes several developer productivity improvements to .NET Native, the XAML designer, the manifest designer, Windows Store packaging, and the debugger in this release."

More information on Update 1 has been posted on Microsoft's site (opens in new tab). One small but interesting change is with the logo for the tools. It's been slightly changed so that developers can identify it quickly if they are working with more than one version of Visual Studio on their PC.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • How's this more important than the Microsoft store being down?
  • I didn't try to buy anything, but the site is loading for me.
  • For developers does not include Just windows.
  • No point having a store if devs don't have good tools.
  • Well, for one, if your on build 10586, you can now publish apps into the store. Previously, you'd have to reinstall the 10420 UWP SDK.
  • Caus has decided that the store being down on Win Phone 8.1 is the most important thing to him, so clear out all the other stories. Stop the presses! Nothing else matters. We cannot handle reading more than one article at a time. Everything else will just distract us. Ignore that WinCentral has probably have known about this happening for a while and wrote the article days ago waiting for VS2015 Update 1 to be published and then they published this article. The store is down!!!!11!1!
  • How much space does it take?
  • Depends what you choose. According to the installer when I ran it: Defaults that setup chose: Setup required 3GB. Select "Universal Windows App Development Tools", it goes up by 13GB. 5GB of which is emulators Selecting "Windows 8.1 & WinPhone 8.0/8.1 tools" adds another 7GB. Selecting "Cross platform mobile development" adds 15GB. Please note: I already had VS2015 installed so that may affect the sizes.
  • Mine is at 16GB.
  • Wish they would institute Java as an officially supported language.  Can use VS for basically everything I want to do except for the courses where I need Java.  Although I'm guessing Oracle would be standing in the way of that.
  • AND PHP.... I'm aware of paid extensions, but I'm cheap like that.
  • This one is free. Doesn't seem to have debugging though.  
  • I haven't used it so can't say if it's any good, but it has 80,000 downloads
  • They don't see a point in supporting Java since there are already tons of good Java-focused IDEs like Jetbrains, Eclipse, and Netbeans. Oracle cannot stop Microsoft from developing a Java IDE, Lol Use the Community Edition of IntelliJ for Java, IMO.  Netbeans or Eclipse if you need more functionality (Netbeans is an easier setup compared to Eclipse).
  • Don't see mention in the bug fixes that it addressed the broken emulators from the last Windows Updates. I guess we'll see. :)
  • So, you didn't opt for delayed updates? Having the latest SW is cool and all, but you've really gotta be aware of bugs others are experiencing before taking the plunge yourself.
  • Actually not my box. My developers box. I have the distinguished honor of supporting him. :) Not upset in the least. He has more than one machine configured (by me) to develope on. And yes, when the one that broke broke, we intervened to stop the other.
  • Don't know why there's no option to download VS ISO image
  • There has always been an option for that. Look under Visual Studio downloads where other products are also listed.
  • Found. Thank you Extreme Guy :)
  • Cool beans. Most interested in that XML designer and debugger.
  • There's an annoying problem when after VS is finished building a C# WPF solution, it stops reacting and displays a message that VS is busy for about a minute or more. Apparently it is parsing freshly generated files when compiling XAML files. I hope I was not the only one to report it and that it will be fixed. There's nothing more frustrating than buggy development tools.
  • "One small but interesting change is with the logo for the tools. It's been slightly changed so that developers can identify it quickly if they are working with more than one version of Visual Studio on their PC." Woohooooo!!!
  • Great, now I can debug on my phones again - I was having to deploy from the command line without being able to debug, but apparently this update fixes that problem
  • Do you know if this works with Windows 10 mobile devices? If it does I'll get it installed tonight.
  • I thought it was supposed to fix the issue for deploying to Windows 10 Mobile, but I just tried it and I'm still getting an error unfortunately - If I can get it working I'll post another comment here.
  • Does anyone know if this fixes the issue with trying to deploy silverlight programs to Windows Mobile 10 devices through Visual Studio?
  • Yes, this update should fix it
  • Good. The 2012 and 2013 logos are way too similar and I'd constantly open the wrong one accidentally.
  • Yes :) I will download this imidiatly when I get on my PC.
  • Just adding Jumplists to my apps :).
  • Would be nice if the installation was smaller.
  • How much time it take to install. I'm installing it from 10 hours....