Congratulations to our Vito Software Give-away winners! The members who share bragging rights are:

jfail Sandra Rosenzweig
Pony99CA badersk
ChristopherDean zim2323
mharms1 pelona
benjimen RBeaubien

Check your email for directions on how to claim your prize, a copy of Vito Technology's Communications Suite.

Vito Technology sponsored this give-away not only to show their appreciation towards Windows Mobile users but also to help us find out where you think Windows Mobile is headed.

And thanks to everyone who is contributing to the discussion over in the forums on Windows Mobile's future. I think the resounding tone of the discussion is that Windows Mobile is doing just fine and will be around for a good long time.

Stayed tuned for another WMExperts Summer Giveaway. If you'de like a hint, you've heard of red ants, black ants and now one that's blue?