VK for Windows Phone 8.1 gets updated with People hub integration

VK, originally VKontakte, is a very large social networking site that’s popular in Russian-speaking countries. Russia is of course where it’s super popular, but it enjoys a healthy following in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova Belarus and Israel. Today the official Windows Phone app has been updated to take advantage of a great new feature found in Windows Phone 8.1 – People hub integration.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find VK (vk.com) at version 3.2. Here’s what you get with this version:

  • People hub integration
  • Bug fixes

We don’t have a VK profile, but we’re impressed with the people hub integration. As you may or may not know, Facebook and Facebook Beta are the only two major apps officially in the Windows Phone Store with People hub integration. Those who nabbed the beta version of Twitter will also have it, but that’s still not technically official. To us that means VK is the first app to get People hub integration outside Facebook.

Congrats to them and we hope anyone with a VK account enjoys. Let us know what you think of the integration!

Via: wp7forum.ru

Thanks for the tip Denis!


Sam Sabri
  • Others must to take this example and keep going!
  • The first would have to be facebook. Integration of this vk app in the people hub is utterly brilliant and both embarrasses facebook greatly and shows Microsoft went the right way with this form of people hub. Images and posts open INSTANTLY! No delay, not even on my 720 and 620! I don't know what these horrific developers at facebook or wherever they are are doing, but vk just showed us how pathetic the facebook app and effort really is. I do not use vk much, but sure will more from now on.
  • They are busy investing in VR, so you can browse your FB virtually and kill your brain with constant adds all over the f*cking screen lol
  • It's sad that VK isn't more used on the rest of the world, seems like a really nice social network. I hope they continue to support WP anyway, more quality apps is always good for the platform.
  • Yeah heard they have really really hot women on VK vs bots on Fb. Of course the are other benefits like official app etc.
  • It's Snowden wearing a wig. Have fun.
  • Vk ui is fast and.. Fb should learn from them
  • Awesome, can't wait to see what other apps are added in the near future, hopefully WhatsApp and instagram
  • +720
  • +920 for Instagram. Would also love to see Swarm (Foursquare) integrated when it's released
  • Cool update, now all my friends are in people hub, really enjoying it.
  • Meanwhile, Facebook got a small update without any change log.....
  • Never heard off, but looks great.
  • There's a transparent live tile now as well
  • This is the one that funded telegram right?
  • The same person funded Telegram and VK (now VK has a different CEO).
  • Hope that all the 6apps add people hub integration. Can I dream with WhatsApp integration??
  • Is this an open API so that any developer can do it, or is it a private API that only certain apps will be able to use?
  • Open API.
  • Yeah its "open" but largely undocumented since MS only really wants big name apps that matter in the people hub...
  • VK has great and simple apps on pretty much every platform, and tbh it is a pretty good network. Probably won't be that way for much longer, though...
  • I am always watching gay porn on the Russian VK.com ;p Maybe i need to sign up and use this app! :P
  • Too much information XD
  • LOL
  • Bwah right lol
  • Haha, nice one.
  • This is fb for those who don't want to be seen and read by a fat maniac from NSA.
  • Glad you noticed, I've done my best to make my answer as dumb as the comment I answered to. 20 years passed since communism has fallen here but you still manage to refer to CIS as communists. Do your homework on world history and geo and I'll got rid of NSA meanwhile, that'll be easy.
  • You have read. Twice. And even replied talking it no less seriously. Twice.
  • Funny I have a VK account using my Facebook sign on. Its a good site for videos
  • The app is also became universal with this update. Waiting for photo gallery integration.
  • Great update. Very easy to use, fast and intuitive unlike facebook app.
  • Seems faster and that's not a joke. Seems native.
  • All hello from Russia. I am very glad that our Russian social network is integrated into a hub contacts. That's great. All of good luck. And I wanted to ask still, you in Xbox Music, the live tile works? At us in Russia isn't present.
  • VK best app . Works great!
  • For having lived in Russia I do have a VK profile, and I was always struck by how great this app is on WP when compared to Facebook for example... everything works, it's fast and you can do almost everything that you can do from the browser version.. Now with people hub integration --> perfect!
  • Vk app was working very fast and smooth event before on WP8 and WP8.1. Now with People Hub integration it is event better. Facebook should learn from it!
  • Just installed an update. Don't know yet is People Hub integration is any better that using just an app, but I'll give it a shot. For now it looks very fast. Funny thing! Being a Facebook clone initially, VK become much better than its ancestor. Very easy and comfortable UI, free music and movies, great communities! When I go to facebook, I see no life there. Only politician and "stars" pages and useless homewifes pages, but in VK there are lots of fun communities which are easy to discover. PS: abandon shitty FB timeline, go to VK