Pocket-lint has learned that Vodafone will begin to sell Micro SIM cards for non-iPhone devices in the "not too distant future". Such a piece of information forces the obvious question: what device could it be for, since Micro SIM is so rare these days? Says Vodafone:

"We don't comment on rumour and speculation but we do regularly refresh Micro and regular SIM collateral to ensure it's clear and relevant to all customers with compatible devices. Our Micro SIMs would work in any device which requires a Micro SIM to connect to our network. Bar their size, there is no difference between a Micro SIM and regular SIM."

Pocket-lint goes on to speculate that Nokia's Windows Phone is the most likely candidate for the new Micro SIM. We found this interesting because we heard of a certain Nokia phone with the name "Sabre" (though that could be off) being sent to an engineering lab for tests and while no spy-shots were taken, one of the specific things we heard was that it had a Micro SIM card.

So Pocket-lint, we concur.