Vodafone to launch wireless services for US-based enterprise customers next year

Vodafone Americas has announced its intent to introduce wireless services for its multinational enterprise customers in the United States in 2015. The services will be offered under an mobile virtual network operator deal with T-Mobile US.

From Vodafone:

Vodafone's MNC customer proposition includes:

  • An unrivaled international wireless footprint, with networks in 27 countries (including 16 Vodafone markets with 4G LTE networks) extending to more than 75 countries through partner market relationships
  • Proven total communications products and services for enterprise, from telecommunications expense management and security products to cloud services and Vodafone OneNet fixed-mobile converged products and services enabling employees to collaborate and communicate on any device on any network, anywhere
  • Ongoing expansion of the world's most advanced IP-VPN global network, with 91 points of presence (PoPs) rising to 212 PoPs by the end of 2015 to span 67 countries
  • And global leadership in M2M capabilities, with Vodafone SIMs now embedded in more than 18.6 million products across 23 countries

The launch of Vodafone's services is expected in fall 2015.

Source: Vodafone

Joseph Keller
  • Yes! No more Verizon like carriers!
  • I'm not sure if T-Mobile is the right partner to have an mvno deal. Vodafone's a pretty big name in wireless.
  • More competition is better for consumers.
  • Interesting, considering Vodafone is looking to buy T-Mobile USA, so say the analysts... Maybe just a foot in the door exercise...
  • Interesting that it's not Verizon Wireless since they used to own 40% of it.
  • Vodafone are used to GSM networks, Verizon was the exception to the rule.
  • Two big Reds in the States? This is gonna be good.