Volvo updates its official On Call app to become Universal

Volvo has updated the company's On Call app to make the official offering Universal, as spotted by Microsoft MVP Scott Lovegrove. This means you'll be able to enjoy a unified experience whether you're on a tablet, in front of your PC, or out and about on your Windows-based smartphone. There will not be a time when you won't be able to connect to your Volvo.

Also available for both iOS and Android, On Call allows you to connect to your vehicle remotely to check information like fuel levels, security, as well as perform various actions like starting up the heaters before you get into the car. Even if you do not currently own a Volvo, you can still download the On Call app and test out the functionality to see if it's something you'd enjoy using with a new vehicle.

Download Volvo On Call for Windows (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Didnt know Volvo had an app out on WP. I'm glad my favorite car brand supports my favorite mobile platform!
  • This!
  • Nice going Scandinavians! ;)
  • The WP app has actually been around for over 4 years! My previous car was a Volvo V60 and I used the OnCall app every day to remotely start the heater on cold mornings. Also it was great to check the status of windows and locks! This is great news. This will make me consider a Volvo when I change my car again in a couple of years!  
  • Volvo is now being made in China. Fuck you Sweden!
  • Good news!
  • I was unsure but now that i know I'm buying a Volvo because their wise and not a bunch of assphonelikers
  • Excellent! Great app :)
  • So i have to buy a Volvo to enjoy the app, and they say crapple is overpriced haha
  • Nice =)
  • I guess I'm buying a Volvo after my TDI Volkswagen
  • Random, but how do you like your TDI? Considering buying a Volkswagen sometime next year.
  • I assume you haven't heard about the massive emissions cheating scandal involving millions of VW/Audi TDI vehicles?
  • That scandal is politics.  The car is still the same car as before.  Perhaps if you take it to a garage they'll update it and performance or MPG will fall a little, but that's if you take it in... either way, I'd still buy one and hope to get a good deal because of the news.
  • LOL be aware of wolkswagen diesel
  • And what about from Valve Corp.? At least steam chat.
  • I hope they'll make W10M app.
  • They wont, I even suggested them the porting tools so it will be easy for them to make it. They just said theyll pass the suggestion to other employees. In translation I can go fuc* myself.
  • Mailed them a month ago if they are planning to do Windows app. NOPE ! Told me to use web browser.   They are anti MS as Google.
  • Marketshare declinded by half in 3 month.. dont get me wrong.. who would invest in this situation invest into the platform even with microsoft not investing to heavily in it
  • They didnt wanted to do it back when there was like 4% so I dont think that marketshare matters as much. You need atleast 10-15% marketshare to have enough gamers amongs them to create pressure on company as Valve so they would have to reconsider.
  • Well... Shit.
  • No it did not, you should read the article too and not only titles. marketshare is the same more or less around 3%, only a bad quarter (expected since they are not pushing any new model and we are waiting for the new ones).
  • Let them be! People like sensational news. The percentage quoted in the article was the percent of windows phones shipped this year compared to other phones. And it is obvious it will be low because we hadn't seen a phone from Microsoft in the last few months.
  • They really should make a universal app. I think they should be on Windows 10 desktops/tablets, phones, and xbox one. Just their chat. But then we can still talk to friends and stuff. It couldnt hurt sales by doing so...
  • They shouldn't be Anti MS because most of PC's have Windows.
    + Most steam games only support Windows. I just hope more people want Windowsphone now with Windows 10 mobile. as it's beautiful and very attractive looking OS.
    Many people said that Windowsphone 8.1 looked little bit too "Engineer" and "Technical".
  • That's awesome! Good for Volvo for supporting us. I'm surprised considering they're one of the smaller mass-produced car companies.
  • Bit off topic but Peugeot told me a while ago that they were going to make a Windows phone version of their MyPeugeot app...
  • Volvo where's Half-Life 3??!?!
  • Volvo is a car brand... I think you meant Valve? :D
  • Well, sarcasm wasn't strong enough here I guess. Shame on you DennisvdG :P
  • I wish other car makers would also follow suit...not that I personally have the models that use said apps but it would be =p
  • This is good news. I was always thinking I should get a Volvo... Maybe now I will
  • Victory
  • Its happening
  • Nice