There's also a dragon! However, the game hasn't seen the addition of any major monsters for a while now. It's been many years in fact. That's about to change on November 18, 2017 though. During MineCon Earth, you'll have the chance to vote for a new mob which will be added to Minecraft.

MineCon is an annual celebration of all things Minecraft. Members of the community come together to see each other creations, celebrate each other, and find out a little about the future of the game. This year, it's taking the form of an interactive live show.

According to Mojang, during the MineCon Earth livestream, voting will be open to choose one of four new mobs to be permanently added to the game. If you like a particular one, make sure you and your friends vote for it because the other three will be gone forever. A winner will be announced soon after the livestream ends.

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Hopefully one of these four creatures will be a worthy addition to the game. Creepers and Endermen have left a substantial mark on the community and a new addition has a lot to live up to. If you're a fan of titles which require you to gather resources and build structures, be sure to check out Minecraft at retailers.

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