The Wall Street Journal is killing its Windows 10 app

Another big name is about to drop support for its Windows app: The Wall Street Journal. The media outlet has revealed that it will discontinue its Windows 10 PC and Mobile app as of June 30.

The Wall Street Journal has started alerting users in its app, as well as in its Windows Store description, on the impending shutdown. Perhaps frustratingly for avid fans of Microsoft's platform, the alert recommends checking out content from The Wall Street Journal in its iOS and Android apps, as well as online.

The Wall Street Journal initially launched its universal Windows 10 app in late 2015, and it's fairly well put together. It's unfortunate to see it go, but there are usually pretty good reasons (from a business perspective) for such a move. In this case, it's likely that the app wasn't seeing enough use to justify its continued development.

In any case, you can still check out The Wall Street Journal on the Windows Store ahead of its shutdown. It's not clear, however, if the app will completely stop working on June 30, or if it will just be retired from the Store.

Thanks for the tip, Brandon!

Download The Wall Street Journal from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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