Last year Microsoft made a touching commercial to air during the Super Bowl and this year it's back with a new pair. The two spots tell stories of how Microsoft technology is empowering real change in some peoples lives. Like little Braylon O'Neill in the first of the two clips that you can see up top.

This 68 second spot shows how Microsoft technology is is helping Braylon to play sports and live a normal live despite missing the tibia and fibula in both of his legs.

The second, which you'll find below, is Estella's Brilliant Bus. It shows the idea had by Estella Pyfrom to take technology on the road to help kids who need it to reach their full potential. Of course, the technology she takes in the Brilliant Bus is from Microsoft.

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Super Bowl ads are traditionally some of the most creative – and expensive – commercials you'll see all year. Microsoft's latest pair are plenty touching, and show us just how much of an impact the technology around us can have on our lives, and the lives of others.

So, what do we think?