Microsoft CEO

You could say today was a pretty big day for Microsoft. The company announced their third CEO today, Satya Nadella. It was big news and to celebrate. To celebrate, former CEO’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer took the stage to welcome Satya on Microsoft’s campus. It took place in Studio D at Microsoft and had hundreds of employees cramming the atrium to catch a glimpse of history. Below are some highlights of the event shared by Microsoft.

Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and John Thompson, new chairman of the board, took the stage to welcome and introduce Satya. You can check the little clips in the videos above to see Gates and Thompson introduce and talk about Nadella. Below is a clip from the first time Nadella addresses employees as CEO.

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As you can image it was a very big day for Satya Nadella. Here’s what he said also said to those in attendance:

“I am honored, humbled and excited – three words that describe what I feel. You and Steve have built an amazing company. The technology this company produces has changed the world.”

It’s a new chapter in Microsoft’s story. Not only are they currently repositioning themselves as a devices and services company, but they now have a new CEO at the helm to guide them into that future.

Good luck to Nadella!

Source: TechNet