Take a look at Windows Hello in action on the Lumia 950 XL

While we are still waiting for the Lumia 950 XL to be released, someone managed to get a hold of the upcoming smartphone and got the Windows Hello security feature in Windows 10 Mobile to unlock the phone with an image of just his face.

The man, "Tafsern", posted his quick demo on YouTube during some kind of Microsoft event held in Oslo, Norway. He also wrote some impressions on the Windows Phone Reddit board:

"It worked better than I expected! It was fast, I didn't need to hold it straight in front of my face and it felt like something I could use daily with no problem at all. Felt a bit futuristic to be honest....it impressed me, and it's been a long time since I have felt really impressed by something on a phone."

Will you be using Windows Hello to unlock your Lumia 950 XL? Let us know your impressions of the demo in the comments!

Source: YouTube Via: Windows Phone on Reddit

John Callaham
  • Superb...
  • Like Clock work
  • Nice. But doesn't mean much without handing to someone else to see off it opens for them too.
  • That's a statement for the people doing the demo video, not the tech. They should have handed the phone to someone else, then back.
  • Video not found.
  • video found
  • Same here; go through Links instead...
  • Whooptie do...
  • Not impressed?  Tough crowd...
  • It's totally awesome I can't wait to get this technology in my hands...
  • Yeah I can see where you wouldn't like this, there isn't enough marketing for this feature. What they need to do is some in your face marketing, then perhaps you'll be impressed.
  • Lulz Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING, can't wait to own it
  • How long it takes? Are you playing the video in slow motion or something? It took like 1 second at most.
  • He had to position it each time before it worked. This sucks it and is why facial recognition in Android doesn't work. Fingerprint readers don't have this problem. This is just a gimmick. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dont even think of comparing windows hello with android facial recognition... You can't compare a ferrari and a pizza delivery scooter.. These people are hard to convince.. Goowwwdd
  • Actually, when all you need is the pizza, you can compare a pizza delivery scooter to a ferrari. Who cares what the delivery guy came in. I just want the pizza just like I just want to unlock my phone.
  • We don't know if he had to. He did, but that could be because it was new to him. There's no reason that it had to be done that way.
  • You're the type of person who if I gave a $100 bill to would look back and say, "What? You don't have 5 $20s? Do you know how hard it is to break a $100?" aren't you? 
  • This isn't facial recognition, this is an infrared iris scanner. It's simpler and faster but requires more hardware than just a forward facing camera that facial recognition on android uses. Of course it needs your eye to be visible, but it doesn't have to be held up to your eye. It works at reading distance. So unless you use your phone while holding it at some retarded angle, it's all good. This is no gimmick. The majority of windows devices will likely have this soon.
  • It does seem to be slower than fingerprint. Im not sure its fast enough to stop apple users laughing at it
  • Do you even read articles or just see video and click it?  First off the article said this was in Oslo, Norway, hence the Norwegian they were speaking.  Secondly, in MULTIPLE articles and even in the video introducing the phones back in October, they CLEARLY state the feature does not work on the glance screen.  You would have to turn the screen on for it to work.   Glance now can be activated consistenly consuming 0% battery, another new (very overlooked) feature.   I guess what I am getting at...your an ass.  Of course it's gimmicky but so are a ton of features on most smartphones these days.  The bottom line is, is it gimmicky to a point you use it once then never again, or can it be gimmicky and serve purpose?  I fully believe this will serve purpose.  The fact passcodes can be easily hacked and fingerprints can be lifted, iris scanners are MUCH harder to fool.  
  • Well, regardless of what anybody uses...There's always this to consider: https://xkcd.com/538/ In all seriousness I agree with what you're saying here. This is the kind of feature I think many people will use. Fingerprint sensors on the iPhone are/were a gimmick, but it caught on with their users. One of the big things about Windows Hello is that they want people to come to expect this on Windows devices in the future - Microsoft don't want you to have to remember passwords and pins, they know that average consumers and users don't like them, and they often use insecure ones to make them more memorable. I didn't know about Glance using 0% battery now even when on consistently. very nice!
  • First of all, the dude I'm filming is my friend and he's a Note 4 user. And he always keeps a phone as far down as his belly button for some reason. The 10 times I tried it (I always hold the phone about chest hight), I didn't move the phone to my face. It works at a normal distance :) And it was fast...about 1 second 99 percent of the times we tried. So no, personally I don't see this as only a gimmick. It's usable all the time. But you don't have to if you don't like it!  
  • That's fast - but if not fast enough for the iSheep/Lagdroid brigade then I just wonder what they do with the .5 seconds they "may" save when using their phone? Sounds like they live awfully stressful lives lol
  • Well you first need to wake the screen and then look at, by then any phone with a fingerprint scanner is unlocked.  Then there's the problem of sunglasses.  So credit for being different but I just want to unlock my phone with minimum hassle. 
  • Every time I get a demo of fingerprint scanning, both Android and iPhone, it just does not work 100% of the time. Then they try again and it may work the second or third try. Not exactly minimum hassle!   And the times I see these people attempting to pay and it doesn't work first or second time shows there are problems with these fingerprint scanners!  
  • Pathetic?  I'm afraid not.  The setup took a while. But the recognition that appears to have been demonstrated was fast. Like pull out of your pocket and glance at the screen fast. Not pull out of your pocket, position phone for finger use, type in PIN fast.  It may not be impressive to you, and that is fine, but it is not really "pathetic;"  at least not with respect to it's apparent performance. pathetic
     adjective pa·thet·ic \pə-ˈthe-tik\
    : causing feelings of sadness and sympathy
    : very bad, poor, weak, etc.
  • Fingerprint readers don't do gloves in the winter... a mirid of other reasons you don't want to touch your phone that render fingerprint readers useless. I'd much rather walk up to my desk/coffee table and have everything simultaneously login without so much as lifting a finger..... Im happy they went with facial recognition it was the smart choice.
  • Yes.... But a big question on my mind had been...... Will it work if I am wearing sunglasses? Serious question, is the infrared something that can see through the tinted and polarized glass?
  • Depends on  how dark the tint is. IR goes through tint just like the visible spectrum. The question is how much IR light gets back to the IR camera?
  • Agreed. I also like the fact that you have it the same on PC and Mobile, they could have done fingerprint on Mobile easily enough, in fact much easier. I prefer to have consistency between my devices rather than have 0.5s of my life back and for Apple fans to just be like "ha Microsoft just copied Apple again, yay we're better than you!" Plus the gloves thing is a major benefit to anyone that lives in a cold country, but on the flip side it's a hindrance for people in hot countries that like to wear sun glasses. Swings and round about people! Anyway I prefer the iris scanner to fingerprint scanner for my own personal situation, other people will prefer the fingerprint.
  • Does it work with glasses on?
  • Normal glasses yes, sun glasses no
  • According to this guy, yes, but I imagine it will depend on the tint. https://twitter.com/Nawzil10/status/659049790924173312
  • Neat!
  • When in 'murica?
    Sorry... But really, I'm only sorry that you have to put up with it because MS is teh lame on a release date.
  • The 950 was just approved by the FCC, o think that's the train we haven't seen the preorders go live.
  • Nice. Now let me buy the damn thing!
  • That is awesome! I cant affort a 950 but when it comes out on a phone I can afford I am totally getting it! =D
  • I would like to use it with a phone to use Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems still a little bit on the  slow side and I would not particularly like that it seems you have to have it direclty facing you (i.e. you wouldn't be able to e.g. in a meeting to just turn the screen on on the table and glance at it from an angle, without anyone noticing/attracing to much attention). Luckily, I don't lock my phone anyway so its non issue for me personally. Hopefully speed will improve further and that it does work at least within certain angles.
  • Your expectations seem way too high for this. He didn't bring it all the way up to his face, he brought it to a normal viewing angle. It unlocked very quickly, about the same as any other form of unlock (pin, fingerprint). I am very impressed.
  • Well, the last couple of times he brought it closer than at least I usually hold my phone. Hopefully it does work from futher away too. As for the speed, I think it could still be a bit faster, and if it was, could really change the game. As it is now, it is IMO more of an alternative to fingerprint, and arguably not as good in some scenarios (such as the one I mentioned).
  • A guy who claimed to be the one who recorded the video says that it did indeed work from further distances without any problems. He also mentioned that they were in a crowded room as you can see in the video. A few things to point out. It appears to work very well for something that is in beta form,also you seem to be being too judgmental from a quick video. Lastly,your scenario seems to be trying to be nit picky,as even a fingerprint reader wouldn't be discreet during a meeting.
  • i said i hope it gets better still - exactly because its beta. i beleive its ok to point out areas that could still be improved fingerscan vs. picking up the phone to look at it - it is obvious which one is more discreet. third, like i said i don't lock my phone so what i said was in hopes of the feature becoming even better so that w10m has a killer feature. as of now it looks good but could/should be even better to really set it apart. fourth, good to hear those filmer's comments, did not see them even on the youtube page. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You said that it wouldn't be as good in some scenarios such as the one that you mentioned,and that statement was in comparison to a fingerprint reader.
    And I've read your comments several times,I know and understand exactly what you said. There's nothing wrong with you pointing things out. However your first comment had more of a negative undertone to it. I wasn't necessarily talking about you in referencing your scenario,just as you probably weren't exactly speaking of yourself as well. As for the comments of the other person. He replied on another thread.
  • well, undertones are your interpretation. to me my comment was and reads quite neutral. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It would certainly appear that others have those same interpretations as expressed in the down votes on your comment(s). Nevertheless, I get what you were trying to say. I digress.
  • Yeah, I guess expressing an opinion how they could make it even better - you know so that W10M would have a better chance at competing - is considered a no no by some (there are quite a few others in this thread that have expressed similar opinions though). But I, too, digress.
  • What do you currently do in a meeting? Tap in your 4 or 6 digit encryption pin? How is that any faster?
  • Umm, like I said I don't lock my personal phone. For my employer issued phone (f-ing Android Sammy) I use the fingerprint scanner, not  a PIN. Even if I did use a PIN, my point for that scenarion was not so much about the speed but about being able to do it without having to pick up the phone. Again, I hope it works from angles too, and not only when directly facing you.
  • If you don't want to lock the phone, then don't use Hello. Another thing is that, unlike most phones, the 950 already has a glance screen, meaning it stays on faintly all the time and shows you the time, missed calls, emails, the weather, etc. If you need anything more than that, you're going to need your phone in hand anyway.
  • yes, like i said i dont lock my phone. and i am merely expressing my opinion as to how it could be made even better and something that would really smoke the competition. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Viipottaja, I suspect (just like the iphone can be unlocked by PIN code as well as fingerprint) that you could use a PIN if you are unable to put your phone to your face. But the scenarios are minimal for that surely.
  • yes of course, pin can always be used. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you not look at your screen? lol You don't have to pick up the phone, but yeah, the IR camera has to be able to see your eye. So what? You hold the phone in your lap and look down. Why should it work at crazy angles? You really read your phone this way? This is hardly a useful scenario imo.  
  • who said anything about crazy angles? if you dont see that being able to look (hint: yes, my eyes are pointing towards the phone but not necessarily in a perfect 90 degree angle to the screen) at your phone on a desk next to/in front of you and the phone being able to recognize you as a useful scenario and a nice improvement, if possible, then that is fine. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Look again. And check the remarks of the filmer.
  • Which remarks?
  • I think the whole welcome message is what slows it down a bit.  But I kind of like it that it notifies you that the right person was flagged And in a meeting if you keep your phone flat on the table you just have to lean over a bit and look at it.  It's more discrete then reaching for something and putting your hand on it.  Then have a bluetooth mouse under the table and navigate away lol. Although people may think you're doing something else.
  • Lmao
  • that is exactly what i hope is possible, i.e. that you can look at it from at least some slight angle, be it on the y or x axis. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have you ever heard of "glance" screen? Probably not, because it is a function only some Windows Phones have (also these 950's) Edit: already mentioned.....
  • iPhone 6s fingerprint scanner is much faster.
  • http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/19/watch-a-cat-unlock-the-iphone-5s-using-... lslslslsls
  • IPhone overrated
  • iPhone has the build quality, apps, and features to back up your claim. WP or mobile 10, whatever they call it, has? Continuum? I doubt it'll be a regularly used feature. Windows hello? It's cool but...? Universal apps? The iPhone has something similar already . And the best feature of all iPhone has that wp or mobile 10 (shitty name by the way), is family sharing!
  • Default 32GB storage, SD card, 3GB RAM, Wireless charging, higer res Amoled screen, Iris scanner and so on. You just confirmed iPhone IS overrated. Compared to a Lumia 950/950 XL.
  • One has been already available for sale, the other is MIA. One has wide distribution and available everwhere.  The other(s) will have limited distribution among a patchwork of countries and limited carriers. So, yeah.
  • Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile is a shitty name? How about iOS and iPhone? I don't need Family Sharing because I can actually purchase my own apps since I can purchase my own phone.
  • As an owner of both a Lumia 1520,and iPhone 6 Plus I humbly say bullshit. I frequently find myself tapping on the iPhone's screen only to realize that it has no tap to wake or glance feature. It would be useful at this very moment since it's charging. I could just double tap the screen and have a look,but I can't. I steadily look for a back button,only to find that it too is missing. I have to hope for the very little text in the top corner to say something like: "back to Facebook". The call history feature sucks. There's no way to search the history from a search box,very inconvenient. For example on WP,I can start typing a name or number to see all it's history weeks back. Being that I use both of them I could go on,but that would take too long. Again,I say... Bullshit.
  • Yeah buddy. Glance Screen is Very Great the Best thing NOKIA had and on other manufacturers had it. Some companies make another screen on the back for that glance functionality
  • Troll much???
  • Another iPhone troll spotted
  • "Universal apps? The iPhone has something similar already . "   That would be what? Oh, you mean the iOS apps that also work on Apple TV. Do they work on Macs as well? And there you have it.
  • My wife just got a 6s and have to agree I'm disappointed that the 950 is not fingerprint. Fingerprint reader doesn't care if its dark or if you have sunglasses on, it just works.
  • The iris scanner does work in the dark...
  • The iris scanner works in the dark too! :)
  • But equally, the fingerprint scanner doesnt work with gloves on. So, neither side is perfect.
  • The iris scanner also works in the complete dark (IR). And with gloves on.
  • It isnt scanning your iris people, come on. It is only recognizing your face's IR signature. The iris scanner is only for dekstopa nd requires a much larger camera. But i reckon, most folks dont enjoy calling it what it is, and think iris scanner is cooler. 
  • Actually, wrong. The phone is scanning your iris. What you're referring to that requires extra hardware is either facial recognition (because it needs three dimensions to be sure you're not just holding up a photo of someone) or *retina* scanning (because that requires more advanced hardware). Windows Hello on the 950 IS scanning your iris.
  • Fair point!
  • Yep. I live in Canada. So iris scanner is going to be far more useful for me.
  • Yep, when it's -20 to -30 here it's a good ida to keep your gloves on.
  • What... You have never heard of glove sensitive touch screens? Something used since the Lumia 820?  
  • I wouldn't  need to take off my gloves to text. I'd just unlock the phone with Windows Hello and tell Cortana to send the text. Easy. 
  • Ummm considering u have hey Cortana and Nokia has always had super sensitive screens sending a text with it is possible
  • Nokia is originaly from Finland where people use gloves quite a lot. They DID think about it. Three years ago actually.
  • So does an ir iris scanner, supposedly.
  • Good point..
  • It's not a good point. It isn't true. (IR cameras work in the dark)
  • The darker it is, the better it works. With sunglasses too. It's infrared camera.
  • exactly, the darker it is the better it works. unfortunately, it won't work in direct sunlight...
  • Actually, I find the opposite. It works fine in direct sun, but half the time it doesnt work in the dark for me.    EDIt: I am talking in regards to Windows Hello on SP4 
  • SP4 doesn't scan Iris like the 950s, so you're right when it comes to that device. 950 works better
  • Yes, but the iris scanner on the Lumias use an infrared ligt to shine on your eyes for the scan. The Facial recognition in SP4 needs some visible light for the cameras to recognize your face.
  • You shouldn't. It looks to be actually better. And more high tech. Iris scanning also works in complete dark environment. Some day you will look at your wife's phone and say: Nah, old school fingerprint scanner ;)
  • Well I stand corrected, it supposedly works in the dark ;)
  • 3am bed time, dark room, wife sleeping. Flash! Wife wakes up! Honey, what are you doing? Are you taking a selfie? You cheating on me? Smack! No baby. I was turning my phone on to check and see what time I work. Wife- oh I'm sorry baby. Forgot your phone unlocks with your face. But how does it recognize you looking like at that at 3am after my moms bday party? Lol!
  • Tell your wife to calm down, he's a dude and he's wearing khakis.
  • Lumia 950 has glance screen showing clock at all time. No need to unlock screen like iPhone to check the clock. You can just glance at it.
  • Well, it uses an IR scanner so no, there won't be a flash.
  • Your wife's vision extends into the infrared? What species did you marry?
  • Well he can claim he has an extraordinary wife.
  • I've never laughed so hard at a comment in entire life!!!! God that was funny!
  • For your kind information iris scanner also perfectly work in dark and even you have sunglasses on.. Just bing it dude before writing such baseless comments
  • In the remarks: Quote: Actually, it's my video and it's a friend I am filming. We both tried a LOT of times...it worked like a charm every time. You actually don't have to hold it very close, the angle I am shooting the video from (it was crowded there!) makes it look that way. And my friend ALWAYS holds a phone really low all the time. That's why he raises it closer to the face...but when I tried it worked great on the distance I use a phone It's really awesome...and feels futuristic as hell btw! iPhones newest fingerprint sensor are really really fast, but the iris scanner was fast enough for me and 1000 times cooler
  • Bingo!
  • Iphone 6S plus Fingerprint scanner is slower takes 2-3 seconds
  • Really? All tech outlets been saying you can't even look at the notifications anymore cause its so fast. Hmmmm who to believe Posted via the Windows Central app for Android because it's infinitely better than the WP/ WM "app"
  • But in the winter...950 will be better :P
  • Awesome
  • It's just as simple as you blink eyes. :)
  • Sweet! android tried it but it fail
  • the wide-angle camera really helps there
  • Ffc and iris scanner are not same
  • Now release them so I can try it!
  • I would like to see how fast it is when held at the right distance immediately. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wonder how well it works for those who wear glasses.  I have terrible astigmatism, so being able to recognize through glasses is essential for me.
  • There is an option for users who wear glasses too, you need to let it scan once with and once without you glasses on Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's nice but I wonder, what about in the night?
    And when your are in the bed just woke up and look for the telephone with the hand, it always needs to be perfectly awake like the families in breakfast commercials.. Maybe a fingerprint is more easier for the majority of actions and situations. But, maybe it's better waiting when it's released.
  • The IR scanner actually works better in the dark. And it even works when you wear sunglasses.
  • Kind of a weird affect, dont you think? So many people assume that the iris scanner must work better in the light (possibly because we can see better in the light) or not work at all in the dark when it's the exact opposite. It works better in the dark and won't work in direct sunlight. How strange.
  • It's because it uses infrared light. Natural light actually has some ambient infrared in it, which creates a noise level that the iris scanning needs to overcome. If you have ever switched a camcorder to night mode in the day or with the light on you'll see the effect of this; it gets brighter and a bit washed out. Whereas in the dark there is no ambient light to overcome, so the iris scanner can work better.
  • Oh I know how it works I was just pointing out how it's strange that the generally accepted truth/assumption is the exact opposite of the truth. Sorry for the confusion (and sorry that you wrote all that out).
  • Yeah, people tend to fallback to common sense even in cases where common sense is not enough or even where it contradicts facts. My favorite example of common sense failing is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeXIV-wMVUk
  • Damnit people. Can't you read? This feature has been written about like gazillions of times. Also, if you just google a bit ... IR means infrared. Infrared light is used in night vision systems to illuminate darkness without emitting visible light. So what can we conclude? That IR scanner WILL work in the dark. And actually it works better in darkness because bright light will wash away the features the scanner is looking for.
  • Ignore the morons, no point in wasting your time with them. Let them believe the world revolves around their bubble.
  • Hey, man! Calm down! It was only a question, not even an affirmation! The world apologizes if it's not as acculturated as you are. Take it easy, life is better than that...
  • I was able to get a demo of this during the Device Night in Dallas earlier this week. It does seem quite nice, I'm liking it even more after the demo. The lady told me you can continually calibrate the Hello feature to make the readings even more accurate and quicker over time.
  • Wow, that seems much more advanced than finger print sensors and Google's old face detection. Hopefully, multiple users can be set up on one device.
  • Faster than I expected, though I also expected it to work from an arm's length. Still not going to be my thing, since I don't leave my phone lying about. I don't use a PIN.
  • I don't use a pin either, but I will with windows hello since I don't have to type it in...lol
  • After a couple times having to position it properly and waiting for it to unlock, you will remove it. Android already has this and it isn't worth the hassle. Fingerprint is way better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android does NOT have this same tech. That's like saying that the iPhone fingerprint scanner is the same as those old crappy laptop scanners that nobody used because they sucked.
  • I feel sorry for you. Not because you had to use that poor implementation but because you compare it to a completely different tech without even seeing the tech. People who uses it said it worked really well and from variety of angles and distances. Maybe it's not using the fron tfacing camera but infrared scanner. Oh, it's written in the article. Oh crap.
  • Hope nobody steals it from you.
  • Me as well, though I've made it through, like, 6 phones without any theft. Yet I had a CD player and a set of golf clubs stolen from my locked car...
  • Wow...much faster than I expected it to be! Can't wait to get the XL
  • cant wait to show that off
  • "Looking for you" 950xl...!
  • That's fast, I like it. :)
  • Cool.
  • I almost freaked out when I read the article "unlocked the phone with just an image of his face.".  I took that as meaning a photo.  I recommend rewording the article to make it very clear (even though you can see in the video), that it's his actual face that unlocks it.  Thank you for sharing this.  I have been waiting to see this for some time.  It looks great.  I'm excited for my 950XL  Can't wait  (currently on 830, San Jose, CA)
  • It isn't the face, it is the iris.
  • I read it exactly the same way!
  • I agree. I had the same exact reaction. Needs to be reworded.
  • Nice... however would it be possible to unlock withoug pressing power button?
  • If I recall correctly it won't work with the double-tap-to-wake function for some reason, but maybe software updates since October 6th have changed that?
  • Lumias 750 & 850 with these feature will sell like hell. Average user don't care about Continuum . Let's just hope MS can see that.
  • I agree. I don't need continuum. I need a phone that's fast, smooth, has a great display, has the apps I want and work well, and has a great battery life. I think those are basic.
  • I'll use it if it doesn't destroy the batter life.
  • Cant wait
  • i see myself doing some crazy shit with somebody elses 950 :D:D does it work with polarizing sunglases?
  • Does it work with a burka, a motorcycle helmet, a clown mask, with the face turned away? What else? What about with a copy of the photo in your passport? Hello is a security feature, it should only unlock after positive identification.
  • hahaha
  • Looks fast and convenient. A great feature to show off with.
  • I did a similar demo the other day, I was worried about the speed compared to fingerprint scanners but it was just as fast (actually faster when you consider the time it takes to place the finger on a scanner). 
  • You have to place your finger on the power button and then you have to position it properly for this to work. Fingerprint just required you to pressure the power button. This is just a gimmick and you will turn it off after a couple times, just like Android's face unlock. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When will be Lumia 950XL released in Singapore
  • I wear glasses. Would this work for me?
  • Yes, it works with prescription glasses and even solar ones provided they aren't of the reflective type. In fact, if will even work while wearing sunglasses in near darkness. The only problem happens with too much reflexions/light.
  • Yes! I will use it all the time, especially being that my job requires for me to keep my password on my phone.
  • Won't be using if it drains battery in the background. Like most smartphone gimmicks.
  • Why would it drain battery in the background any more than any other locking method?
  • Awesome. I really want it
  • OK, that was really sharp.
  • I do hope it will be enough when hooked to my daskboard... It will neither be that close nor right in front of me.
  • Good stuff..
  • It is the best feature of Surface Book, and looking forward to get it on 950XL as well.   
  • So in order to unlock the phone I have to hold it in front of my face? IDK, i think fingerprint sensor is the way to go. I can unlock my phone as I'm pulling it out of my pocket on the go vs pulling it out of my pocket and holding it in front of my face. What about at night when I'm out and about? Do I need to have light for it to work? Seems iffy.
  • IR works even better in the dark.
  • One of the few posts that I disagree with from start to end of it 100%
  • Any reason why? I'm legitimatly wondering how this could be good and useful compared to other bio-tech
  • Realistically, the use case for fingerprint vs iris scanning is the same. It's unlikely you're going to nimbly fingerprint scan and pull out of your pocket at the same time. I pull the phone out and fingerprint scan and look at it, at about the same moment. At worst iris scanning is a fraction of a second slower, with the benefit of not having to fumble with thumb placement.
  • It works in the dark. You can unlock your phone whilst still wearing gloves in winter or whatever situation. You don't have to worry about someone unlocking your phone while you sleep by putting your phone to your finger. Need more?
  • Will it work on pre-950 phones?
  • Absolutely not Posted via the Windows Central app for Android because it's infinitely better than the WP/ WM "app"
  • Nokia a finish company developed what it called the super sensitive touch screen so it's products can be used with gloves in the cold. In keeping with that solution and functionality, facial/iris recognition was the direction to go for Microsoft.
    Finger print scanners are useless outside in the cold. You have to remove your gloves to activate the fingerprint readers. Not sure if iPhones screens now respond with gloves on. The ir scanners work St all times of the day.
  • Will it work in the dark? Read ALL the posts. The answer is hidden within! (not surprisingly)
  • Godddamn, what a rush!!!
    Seems really really fast...
  • Seems to work quite well. Now, if I'd only be able to buy a phone with that....
  • Very fast then typing a pin
  • It will be perfectly convenience in the winter.
  • Waiting when it will be available for preorder or go on sale in my country.
    My main question about Windows Hello is: does it work with polarized sunglasses or only sometimes?
    I wear them whole day in summer and sometimes in winter.
  • If you are talking about glasses with mirror finish.. Then it's a No..
  • That speed though!
  • Yeah, if only I could afford to get me a new phone I would love to. I guess my regular sized and poor 930 will have to do. Maybe next high end I'll be able to afford another phone. Just got my lady the 640 xl and we both love it :P
  • I want it!!
  • Can the phone be unlocked using a picture of the person who owns the phone?
  • No
  • Oh. Yes. It looked fantastic Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tip for those who think there boyfriend is cheating on them (and also own a 950), while he's sleeping; open one eye and boom.
  • LOL
  • Works amazingly well on the SP4. I was wondering how it would compare on the 950. That video answered that! Some folks are hard to impress, I suppose. But Windows Hello is the epitome of "High Tech". And even right out of the gate it is pretty rock solid.
  • Facial recognition have been available on Android for years. This doesn't seem much different. Especially the motion to center in on your face... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is different - this is iris recognition.  Only one Android has iris recognition right now and it is the Fujitsu Arrows NX-04F which was only relesaed this year.
  • LOL. That was a good one.. Can't wait to get my hands on the 950 xl.
  • Why is it that I can never open these videos in the Windows Central app? Always end up with a "video not found" message every time.
  • This app went to shit a while ago. Desperately needs an update.
  • Works great on Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This. Go by way of Links...
  • Yes indeed I will be using Windows Hello to unlock my 950 XL, just as soon as they go on sale so I can buy one!
  • One of the Microsoft guys demonstrated the feature during Device Night in a dim room. It unlocked his phone fairly quickly. I'm more than willing to give a shot in real life.
  • Yeah me too!!!! In all the videos that demonstrated that I have seen that it is just so smooth and fast. Windows Hello will just rock!!!!!!
  • IPhone users - haters of Windows phone . Simple definition
  • For the people complaining that they have to look at their phone to unlock it, and that it is easier and better to use a fingerprint scanner, try unlocking with gloves on... As with any other technologies there are upsides and downsides to it. I own a galaxy s6 and I can tell you that sometimes it unlocks really fast, others it doesn't, the same happens with my wife's iPhone 6s. So fingerprint scanners are faster, when they work in perfect conditions. I'm sure the iris scanner is also really fast when you're in the perfect angle. At least Microsoft is being innovative and not just following the pack. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Since there is no fingerprint scanner I will us this option. I think fingerprint scanner is a better direction as more flexible solution.
  • I was also at the event, and testing both 950&950XL with 10586. The camera was really quick, taking pictures quicker than one each second. Felt thin and light and gave me a nice premium feeling. Xl looked almost a bit small side by side of my 1520. Looking forward to it comes in shop.
  • I'm going to try it
  • All these features are great but until they announce a release date.... Im a massive wp fan but im starting to get bored with the wait.
  • Release date for what? The 950 and 950 XL are shipping with a delivery date of December 3rd...
  • Other sources says that finger print scanner is faster..
  • Hello? OneDrive doesn't even support Lumia phone, what's the point of getting 950. iPhone has a dedicates icloud, Lumia does not have Lcloud. What a shame.
  • What do you mean OneDrive doesn't support Lumia phones?
  • One Drive absolutely DOES support windows/ phones. Are you trolling?
  • Faster than I imagined/seen in previous demos. 
  • Works easily one-handed, unlike pin code on large devices.
  • Holy crap! That was fast. And this seems so intuitive. These Lumia flagships need to release in my country already dammit.
  • its fast enough and fun too
  • The article says an image of his face... I assume that's just bad wording and he didn't hold up a photo of his face, which is obviously the point of Windows Hello over previous poor facial recognition sign in apps. Not had a chance to watch the video yet
  • One of the two videos is removed or locked down. I'm guessing the image had cut outs for the eyes. The set up clearly focuses on the eyes (iris). However since there is no video, people are going to speculate. It's only natural.
  • You guys are misreading it (and i agree it was worded awkwardly). The reference to the "image" was the picture it took of his face. To be clear, the guy did not hold up a 2D pic of his face in order to fool Hello.
  • would be better if could scan from bigger distance. I see on the video that the guy had to get the phone closer. Good start though
  • I do will!
    Just waiting to buy 950 XL after a year it launched.
  • Video not found?
  • Wait, did the image have cut outs for his eyes John?
    The setup solely focuses on the eyes (iris) clearly shown in Tafsern's video {one that isn't deleted or locked down} . So if the Image had cut outs for his eyes then yes it will unlock. As it is not taking into account the contours of a person's face and the three focal areas (eyes, nose and mouth) but just the eyes (iris not retina)
    Therefore it is not as simple as using "an image to unlock" :P.
    I'm guessing the removed or locked down video showed him using a "image" to unlock the phone. Since sadly we can not verify if the image had cut outs or not, people are going to speculate and say it is similar to Android's face recognition.
    If by chance there were no cut outs then; yes the iris scanning still needs alot of work....
  • None of my two videos are removed or locked.
  • Interesting, I tried the second video in the app and it say's it been removed or locked due to privacy?
    I used Tubecast (metrotube sometimes has issues in launching videos from the windows central phone app..) and thanks for responding + posting the videos Tafsern!
    Edit: Here is the exact wording I'm getting "Video deleted or private or not available in your country". 2nd edit: Both videos available, the 2nd video is shorter than the first (doesn't contain the setup). Just so people know nothing about using a image to unlock the phone. Saw then using the x1 youtube app.
  • Awesome Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah baby! This is how its done, dedicated to all naysayers. This is way better than fingerprint
  • Seems to be working well.
  • Bravo