Ever hear of Windows Weekly? If not, then shame. It’s the top rated TWiT podcast dedicated to all things Microsoft. The show features Leo Laporte and Microsoft experts Paul Thurrott (WinSuperSite) and Mary Jo Foley (All About Microsoft), who go through the week’s news with commentary and analysis.

This week, Thurrott is hitting the slopes, but the show must go on. Instead, Mary Jo Foley will be joined by Peter Bright (Ars Technica) and this site’s editor in chief, Daniel Rubino.

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Topics? Nokia’s forthcoming Android device, Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Icon, OneDrive and more! Tune in two hours at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT), where you can watch the stream live. The podcast will be syndicated later, in case you miss it. Show length is two hours, so grab some coffee.

Head here at 2PM ET and join in: www.twit.tv