Waze Released for Windows Mobile

Waze Inc. has officially launched Waze, a free turn-by-turn GPS application, for Windows Mobile. Waze is a social network for motorists to not only provide driving directions but also offer information collected from the users to identify traffic congestion, road hazards and other conditions that affect travel.

The application also has an online component to allow users a live view of maps and conditions. In the coming days we'll take Waze out for a test drive but in the meantime, if curiosity gets the best of you, Waze can be downloaded here.

Phil Nickinson

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  • im downloading to my Sprint TP2 right now. be back with details...
  • The download site says "* Verizon MUST upgrade to latest OS". I think that's probably applicable for the Touch Pro and Samsung Omnia (which needs the latest to unlock GPS to 3rd party apps), but they have the "*" on the Touch Pro 2 as well. The phone just became available 12 days ago and the GPS is unlocked out of the gate.
  • Works just fine on my Verizon TP2, no firmware upgrade needed. It scales to the TP2's 800 x 480 screen just fine and provides voice prompted turn instructions. If you are going any distance, you'll need to make sure you have a charging cable in your car to keep the phone juiced up as data and gps will kill the battery in under 2 hours. Seems to work well in it's early stages. I like it better to navigate than google or bing.
  • Maybe their servers were busy when I tried it earlier but this is nowhere near as functional as Bing to me. Couldn't locate addresses and failed to save the few it could find to the favorites. It also failed when routing from my gps position to one of the few addresses it could locate. Doesn't seem to link to the addresses in your contacts either. Definatly needs a resolution bump as well, looked kinda crappy to me on VZW TP2. This one has a looooong way to go, think I'll be uninstalling it for now.
  • i use amaze gps. its pretty accurate but not as streamlined as say navigator but you save 10 bucks a month. i can never get bing to connect to a satellite. i wonder how good telenav is.
  • I downloaded this and it seems fun. I don't know how well turn by turn is but it is fun to see how many points you can get. I have noticed that some street names are wrong old streets that have been removed are there and new ones are not. Should get better with time