Recently we reported that the popular traffic app Waze was finally headed to Windows Phone in an official capacity. That story was second hand reported in an online newspaper with the company itself remaining mum on the matter. Now, it’s official: Waze is in the works and about to enter beta.

That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s beta and not exactly around the corner for immediate, general release. However, betas can move fast and that original June timeframe could still easily be hit, assuming the developers are worth their salt.

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Even better is that you can sign up for beta testing, so long as you are committed to providing feedback on the experience to the developer. You’ll need to have an account with Waze and sign up through their forum, where they have detailed the instructions. Of course there’s no guarantee you’ll be selected but hey, if you’re a big fan of their service it is certainly worth a shot.

Head to Waze to get more info and hopefully we’ll be hearing more over the next couple of weeks.

Source: Waze; Thanks, Mark M., and others for the tip!