Last Thursday, we asked for your help rename Weather+ for Windows Phone. The app, developed by Bailey Stein, had received a ‘Content infringement claim’ from an iOS developer who had an app of the same name. So what to do? Why not ask you folks, since you use it!

The rules were simple: suggest a new name in comments. We would then pick five from the more than 1000 entries, and hold a poll where you can vote for your favorite. Well, that time is upon us, so head past the break for the five winners or round one, and vote for your favorite!

Here are the five new names going forward to the voting round:

  • One Weather - Twitter@Firas_MD
  • WinChill - Tense
  • Weather X - moc426
  • 4castr - wildbohr
  • WeatherM8 - 963Delta

As promised, all five of those participants get a $15 gift certificate to the Windows Phone Central Store (we’ll be in contact soon, so check your PMs). And now for the second part: vote for which one you like the most! (Poll is below. If using our app, slide to the right and hit 'Show in Browser' to vote or just head to


Whichever title wins, will also get an extra $35 gift certificate to the Store and of course, have their title emblazoned on an app. You have 24 hours to vote, so get cracking!