Help rename Weather+ on Windows Phone and you could win something

Feb 7, 12:30PM ET: Comments are now closed! We'll be going through and picking our choices! Thanks to all who participated!

Weather apps. Everyone wants one, and everyone has their vision of the perfect one. Weather+ is the new kid in town that we’ve been covering, and it’s maintained a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Store. That means many of you like its unique gesture based interface and bold UI.

Unfortunately, the weather app has run into naming troubles. This is an issue we’re seeing more and more these days as the mobile playing field starts to get crowded. The culprit? Weather+ is evidently a popular title on something called iOS (yeah, we haven’t heard of it either) and they’ve filed a successful ‘Content Infringement Claim’ against the developer Bailey Stein. The app has been temporarily hidden due to this dispute.

So, you know the drill. Based off of the app’s unique design and gesture-based UX, what would you call it?

The guidelines are simple, so you better follow.


  1. Think of a new name
  2. Leave a comment with just the name you came up with (put banter in a separate post, if you must)
  3. Multiple entries WON’T BE COUNTED, so don’t spam names
  4. The first instance of a name gets the credit, so pay attention to previous comments

From there, the Windows Phone Central team and Bailey will pick FIVE possible choices. We’ll then run a second article with a poll for you folks. Whichever one you vote for the most, gets the new name, deal?


  • 5 entrants to the prelims each get $15 gift certificate for the WPCentral Store
  • The top winner gets a $35 gift certificate (in addition to the $15)

All for just writing down one, ultimate title. Sound good? Think of your new name for Weather+ and sound off below! You have 24 hours.

Daniel Rubino

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