Wells Fargo enlists Microsoft and Google for its cloud initiatives

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What you need to know

  • Wells Fargo has named Microsoft and Google as its cloud service providers of choice.
  • The two cloud-minded companies will help Wells Fargo realize its digital infrastructure plans.
  • Microsoft Azure will be the primary servicer in the deal, though Google Cloud will also serve a role.

Wells Fargo & Co. has enlisted Microsoft's Azure to be its primary cloud service provider, though Google Cloud will also be brought on in a secondary capacity.

As reported by Reuters, though the agreement was announced today, the financial details weren't shared. Google and Microsoft were chosen to help Wells Fargo in its digital infrastructure initiatives as the company transitions its operations to the cloud.

This is far from the first time Microsoft teamed up with another company to boost its cloud reach. Remember when the company inserted cocoa into its cumuli in order to bring the power of Azure to Mars, ushering in an era of digital transformation that may or may not someday affect how you buy Twix bars?

Or perhaps you'd like to recall how Microsoft and Azure teamed up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to help the International Space Station (ISS) deal with its very, very strict internet allowance? And there was that other space-related time when Microsoft Azure, Nokia, and South Australia teamed up for cloud and 5G fusion.

In short, Wells Fargo welcoming Microsoft into its fold is just one more example of Azure's reach growing vaster with each and every passing day. No matter how many Pentagon deals Amazon nukes or how many times Microsoft has to share the limelight with Google, the boys in Redmond will not cease their efforts to ensure that the home of Windows 11 is the ultimate cloud authority across every sector imaginable.

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