We're already getting a new snapshot for Minecraft: Java Edition, adds achievements

Minecraft Nether Update Beta Soulsand Valley
Minecraft Nether Update Beta Soulsand Valley (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Hot on the heels of the last snapshot, we're already getting a new one for Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • This one has more bug fixes and improvements, and one big change that could be exciting for some.
  • Advancements (or achievements/trophies) for the Nether Update are now here, for all the completionists.
  • There are 10 in total, with some changes made to older advancements as well.

It seems like just yesterday that we got the last snapshot for the Nether Update, and that's because it was literally yesterday. We're getting a new one today that has some more bug fixes, which is completely expected, as well as an cool new feature that indicates we're getting very close to a possible release for the Nether Update.

The addition is none other than advancements, or special awards players can get for completing specific tasks or goals. On Xbox these are known as Achievements, while Playstation lovingly dubs them Trophies. Whatever you call them, they're perfect for completionists and achievement hunters seeking for their next score, and gives players a reason to explore the Nether.

The new advancements include:

  • Hidden in the Depths. Obtain ancient debris.
  • Cover Me in Debris. Wear a full suit of netherite armor.
  • Country Lode, Take Me Home. Use a compass on a lodestone.
  • Who Is Cutting Onions? Obtain crying obsidian.
  • Not Quite "Nine" Lives. Fully charge a respawn anchor with glowstone.
  • This Boat Has Legs. Ride a strider and control it with fungus on a stick.
  • Hot Tourist Destinations. Visit all the biomes in the Nether.
  • Those Were the Days. Enter a bastion remnant.
  • War Pigs. Loot a chest in a bastion remnant.
  • Oh Shiny. Distract an angry piglin with gold.

Older advancements have been updated to incorporate new features in the Nether Update, so it's pretty safe to say that big changes are locked in at this point. Now Mojang is focused on polish, and making the Nether Update as stable as possible for the public release. Adding these advancements may not seem like a big deal, but it means Mojang is confident in all the features they're adding in the Nether Update.

If you're interested in the full changelog, you can find that here, or you can skip to our guide on playing snapshots to jump into the latest snapshot.

Are you excited by the new advancements/achievements? Are you going to try and 100% complete them all? Sound off in the comments below!

Zachary Boddy
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