Should Microsoft have removed the LinkedIn app for phones from the Windows Store?

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A few days ago, Microsoft removed the Windows phone LinkedIn app from the Windows Store. If you don't have already have it installed, it's no longer available for download. If you try searching for LinkedIn in the Windows Store, you'll find no results. Weirdly, however, LinkedIn got an app update just as it was pulled from the Store.

The update transformed the app from an old Windows Phone 8 app into a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) web wrapper app. We can't exactly say that's much of an improvement, but it's odd to see Microsoft push out such an update for the app and then pull it at the same time. Users who have the LinkedIn app installed can take advantage of the new app update. But everyone else is left out in the cold.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft pulling LinkedIn from the Windows Store? We believe Microsoft should just leave the web wrapper version online. It's better than nothing, and considering LinkedIn is Microsoft's own service, it's pathetic to see there's no longer a Windows Phone app. There's a conversation going on in our forums right now on this very issue.

I'm sure there's an update in the works or something. UWP is the future MS is pushing for. Wouldn't be surprised if an article on this subject pops up on the WC front page lat


It's worth noting that just a few weeks ago, an email was sent out to LinkedIn users saying the Windows phone app would be going away soon. LinkedIn followed up shortly after to say the email was sent out in error. As it turns out, apparently it wasn't an error. Maybe LinkedIn will make a return to the Windows Store soon?

We want to hear what you think about all of this. So hit the link below, check out our forums and partake in the chat.

Microsoft pulled LinkedIn from the Windows Store

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