LinkedIn mobile app receives mildly disappointing update — if you can even get it

LinkedIn (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The LinkedIn app for Windows phone has received an update, but it's a pretty mixed bag, to say the least. The update does indeed make the app look better than before, but it seems to be simply a web wrapper.


The new look is essentially what you get if you visit LinkedIn mobile site in your browser. Humorously, this being a wrapper for the mobile site means that users still see a banner advertising a faster mobile app. While the look and performance are arguably much better than the app's previous state, it's still liable to upset anyone hoping for a true native Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

But here's the kicker: all of this applies only if you're able to actually get the app. The LinkedIn app was actually removed from the Windows Store earlier this week and has yet to reappear. Basically, that makes this update available to only those who still have the LinkedIn app installed. We were alerted to the update from numerous tips, but haven't been able to find it in the Store for ourselves.

At the very least, it's a curious move given that Microsoft now owns LinkedIn following its 2016 acquisition. It also comes several months after Microsoft mistakenly stated the LinkedIn app for Windows Phone would be retired in an email to users. The company later walked that back, stating "older version of the LinkedIn app on your Windows phone will continue to work normally." This update doesn't betray those words, but it is likely to ruffle some feathers even if it's just a stopgap.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • It's hard for other developers to support Microsoft's app efforts when Microsoft demonstrates poor support for Windows apps themselves.
  • It's unfair to dismiss this just because it is a web wrapper. A web wrapper CAN give a great experience and the way they are created in W10 allows full access to UWP features like notifications and live tiles. We need to wait and see what they do with it - despite what some people might think a web wrapper is actually a valid approach to an app, especially when the web app is as good as the LinkedIn one is. A web wrapper with hooks into native OS features actually should be enough for many types of apps. Let's give them a chance to actually release it properly and some time to see if they implement features before crying about it
  • But does it?
  • I'll be honest, I'm past caring 😂 I don't know why I even bothered to post that original message.
  • Lol... I've been using LinkedIn a lot lately, so it does concern me.
  • The new wrapper doesn't have notifications or live tile at the moment (who knows if it will, but if it does it'll be a good app). Looks wise the other mobile apps look almost identical. They could make this really good if they actually bother to try
  • Yes, I don't care it it's a web wrapper.. Wrappers can be advanced nowadays, and if you ask me, all app development should invest heavily on HTML code anyways. Every device with a compliant browser would have every app available. Seems like developers would want this because they would only have to make one damn app that could run on every platform in the world... All we need is that set of UNIVERSAL APIs that MS's been talking about, so we can have things like live tiles, notifications, widgets, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the like, without "apps" having to be coded for every specific platform... Security? Well, those standards would of course be put into place.. This is the smart web, and some of it is already in place... MS really needs to push the industry hard to convert to this method of "Cloud First" computing!... This may be the only solution for the "app gap", and personally I think it's inevitable.. I'm surprised we don't hear more about it.
  • Should I get the xperia xz premium or lg g6?
  • LG G6
  • No, web wrappers are ******* stupid. People have come to expect certain basic features from native apps that are common on the OS (design language, live tiles, share UI, Lock Screen, Settings, etc.), and it's insulting to give us an "app" that doesn't even implement the basics.
  • It's 2017... Web Wrappers can do everything native apps can do... The problem is that the closed minded industry will not convert to the better method which is in fact the web wrapper... Think of the benefits of a WW.. Platform independent. Updates server side, and the OS only has to keep up with current HTML technology... In the future the battle should be of the browser... In the future Apple, Samsung, MS, Google, and others should be in competition for browser dominance.........
    If that was the case donyou think MS would compete? Do you think MS would update their browser quick enough to keep up with the competition?... Well, MS is already taking one step by putting Edge into the store.... JASON WARD must write an article on all of this.. This is MS's way into mobile.
  • Again,  that is where you are wrong.  Webwrappers cannot do NFC / Bluetooth stuff.   Only the basic visual stuff.  Now if your talking future web apps that are starting to be developed now....As far as I know,  they will be able to do more.  But at present,  TRUE APPS have way more functionality.  
  • woo hoo fangirl downvotes...don't get your panties in a bunch when someone says something about the almighty.  ha ha...too funny.   It is true....webwrappers are NOT AS GOOD AS TRUE APPS!
  • Also interesting given MS's collaboration with Canonical - Scopes / Unity 8 relied on web wrappers. Granted the partnership is more about Azure, but they can still take from other ideas, too.
  • Which web wrapper app gives a great experience??
  • Right and recently i got errors in the Aamazon app on  Android so i see that Amazo nthere is also a web wrapper with integration to Android functions. This is nothing new because there is no line now beween webwrapper and app. What can that line be, my app also use some web to showcase some parts of the app but other aprts are not and call APIs and theapp designes the UI. So tody there is no visible line between web wrapper and a good app anymore, this was years ago but today we can maybe only seperatethem in performance.
  • Great post. The LinkedIn website is excellent on mobile. One complaint though (with Edge) - why do i always see prompts to get apps from the Play store?
  • Couldn't they just have ported the iOS version though? This move seems more like a patchwork job.
  • NO...they cannot "just port" over the ios version.   They will make you think they can but in reality,  the islandwood, astoria projects were a BUST.
  • Web wrappers suck univeserally, because the web itself sucks universially as an application platform.  Web "apps" are a perfect example of "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should."  The only reason people did it at all was to solve issues with traditional deployment of native apps, but with the various app stores, that problem too has been solved, and web apps need to die.
  • The disappointment is in the result not in the potential.
  • It's not like it can't be updated. It might get updated, it might not. Crying about it is a waste of time. If it doesn't get any further updates then fair enough, if you need notifications (the only feature the iOS app has over this) so bad then just go get an iPhone
  • Exactly! My Lumia 950xl will be my last Windows phone
  • Mine too...
  • Good decision. Not even a surface phone will make me switch.
  • On the plus side, the app now takes advantage of fluid design, and has a transparent tile now.. Let's see what else I can find.
  • Project Westminster ''port''
  • It's actually really nice now.. fast.... If there was somehow a dark mode option.
  • Stop making excuses now.  It's a web wrapper.  No amount of unimportant modes to pacify some means anything.  It's a web wrapper!  That should say it all.  SMDH!
  • You know the iOS app is pretty much identical except the tabs for navigation are on the bottom. If they add live tile, notifications and hook into the phones contact list this will be a great app and work almost exactly the same as on other platforms
  • Dan, unless if this a way Microsoft is showing it's hand by indicating their future phones will be running a desktop OS so get use to web wrappers then I understand.  If this is not the future preview then this is shameful.  They own LinkedIn now.  They should have a proper app.  As many have pointed out, if Microsoft is willing to not invest in their own product why should other developers show interest in Windows Mobile.  It's just not a good look.
  • Project Westminster🤓
  • thats a big IF.
  • I'm not making up excuses! I'm saying that I've been using the last version, and this is working better already. It's a fact! It's called giving credit where credit is due..
    Honestly, if you're a WP fan, and you understand the power of the Web Wrapper, and what It's capabilities are, you should be asking for industry to convert to this method...
  • @rodneyej If you say you're not making excuses I'll go with that. But you'll never convince me a web wrapper is better than a full fledged app. Face it, we're just guinea pigs. Microsoft does not respect its fan base. I thought the beta testing was over? Microsoft and in respect Windows Mobile is in perpetual beta testing. And not for the better.
  • What you witnessing is the bargaining stage.
  • Web wrappers can be good, this one is above average but still has two big flaws:
    1. It's slow. I mean, I've pretty great LTE and shouldn't have to wait 4s for a page to appear...
    2. It's not integrated enough, and thus has no advantage over a website at all...
  • Not slow for me, in fact it's pretty damn fast!
  • Yeah, it's fast, not slow.. It's working better than the app. Just needs dark mode, and a LIVE tile.
  • It's Fluent.
  • I disagree.
    Every so often i search the store under Microsoft and i always find a new app or two.
    Right now in trying Flow.
    Microsoft or garage is working hard on apps
  • I walked away from Windows Phone 2 years ago and haven't looked back. I always check to see if there's any reason to come back...nope.
  • Lol
  • Don't get me wrong, I wish this wasn't the case...I've owned the 920, 1020, and 1520, gave Microsoft more then a chance to get their act together...I loved the UI, but lack of apps killed it for me 🙁
  • Damn, there's that god forsaken stank @ss smell again...
    Anyways, yes AfuentesJr, the lack of apps is a huge problem for everyone.. But the biggest issue is MS lack of EVERYTHING they did for Windows on Phone... They simply didn't put Mobile first, in every aspect of the word. Short sightedness. Sad thing is that the world told them what they needed to do, but they didn't listen. Can MS make an awesome Surface Phone? Sure. Can MS make it a success? That remains to be seen, and I'm not sure. Maybe MS's marketing team will react differently when they see Surface branding on the device.
  • Agreed
  • agreed!  I use a 950xl for 3d builder integration...but it's not activated as a phone.   I would cry if I had to use it everyday as my main device.   The lack of apps is the killer....
  • This is hilarious. I sometimes visit this site to remember how bad things are on this side. Though I miss the good times I had following windows phone mango, 8, 8.1..., since switching to a galaxy s8 with live tiles launcher, I feel relieved not to have to endure the mess that is windows 10 mobile anymore
  • Can't blame you. I hope one day it is worth you're money to come back.
  • This is probably a temporary gap type of thing... I hope.
  • this temporary gap has been since windows phone 7.   so,  how many years was that?  it's not closing anytime soon.  I went back through my devices,  wow,  I had alot......and alot of windows phone/original mobile devices too!   More than android and iphone combined.
  • MS sucks big time and will loose the consumer market completely it they keep this up.
  • The app also shows up as "name not available" in the download queue.
  • I saw that as well yesterday and was wondering what the heck it was.
  • Big deal, as usual a lot of whinging and complaining about something that is in transition. I had the app and it has now updated to this web wrapper thing and it seems fine. I had to sign in again and now it runs fine. Big deal. My HP Elite X3 is such an awesome phone that it makes my life easy. Every WM fan should get this phone!!
  • Better get a good case for your phone. If you crack the screen HP makes you buy a new phone. Unfortunately I found this out the hard way. Oh yes, don't use an HP case, I had my phone in the hp rugged case and both the case and screen broke in a 1 meter drop.
  • How's that camera? I have a 950, and the camera is sick. Would I be impressed by the X3 camera?
  • I had a 950, and am now on the x3. The 950 camera was better, but the x3's camera is still very nice. Apart from the camera (and size, if you prefer smaller phones), the x3 beats the 950 in every way.
  • I deleted it from my phone when I got that email. Now I'm a little annoyed I missed the news that it continued to work but I can't get it back. It was terrible, but it was something, and I actually would use LinkedIn much more often if I had a mobile app.
  • Please download applinkshow. It's far much better than LinkedIn app mentioned.
  • Microsoft teasing the fans as always.
  • We can say that Microsoft destroyed their phone market with their own hands
  • Man, this app needs help... Meanwhile, MS assures both iDroid apps are nice...SMDH
  • A site wrapper? Thanks Microsoft, Windows fans don't deserve the best.
  • A site wrapper? Thanks Microsoft, Windows fans don't deserve the best.
  • What's interesting is that MS is tailoring to business. LinkedIn is for business professionals ... Am I missing something?!? Come-on Microsoft, if your going to preach it, you should follow it.
  • It was.pretty much terrible before. It would always tell me to download the app and the store would tell me its loaded. I'm waiting on an iPhone 6s+ to arrive sometime next week to replace my 950.
  • Yup... A tad crazy for sure !!!!
  • It's crap
  • LinkedIn app nowhere to be found in the store ..... Doesn't even show up in my app library. It's gone
  • Read the article
  • like this app actually and work just find. need live tile and notification.
  • I haven't been here in a while. Cracked my 1520 and ended up using an iPhone for a few months and as soon as I got this HP Elite X3 I am in love with my windows 10 phone. But the linked in app is seriously disgusting. The iOS version is really nice, and Microsoft has us with these 899.99 phones and the app situation is ******* horrendous. CBS awesome app CBS NEWS even awesome-er, OneDrive ok when it wants to be, Groove, I have to say is actually really good, ally bank app is workable and functional so that's a good thing, Amex is a web wrapper eh, Citi bank sucks never opens, the edge browser i have to say is the best mobile browser I have ever used, instagram finally is an amazing app, 6Tag still is my go to cuz of the editing ability, twitter app always has been good, WordPress as well, Money needs to have a live feed in order to be truly an awesome app now its just a news app with quotes, the fb app could be better but who is on fb that much any more, the MS Office suite is top of the line, and if MS treated all their apps like they do Office, The platform would benefit greatly. As would the rest of us with these 899.99 phones in our pockets.
  • Better get a good case for your x3, I own the X3. And rugged case. Dropped it from a height of three feet and broke the rugged case and my screen. And guess what, hp does not replace the screen, they make you buy a new phone. So much for the good customer service from HP.
  • So they want devs to port their droid apps and they do this?
  • I got the app 2 days ago (article says it was removed). Anyway, my user experience is very low, I registered on the site 3-4 days ago only. But regarding the app, it only works like 50%. For example, when I open Companies (tile) first thing I see is pop-up message saying "Oops, something went wrong, please try again"; when I open LinkedIn Today, I'm assuming I should see there something, but all "pages" are empty except Following that shows only one title..
    I'll check if I can update it.. I don't know, web wrapper doesn't sound too good to me though because on my phone (925, 8.1) it functions even less, like 1%
    Update: I just checked the Store, app is there, but no update
  • PWA's are the next cross platform application model, so these web wrappers are a preview of what's to come.
  • The most pathetic app from Microsoft...
    Oh, I forgot....Microsoft owns LinkedIn....
  • Business facebook is a JOKE anyways.
  • A lousy web wrapper? Thats quite sad.
  • Can a windows mobile developer take over this app off Microsoft hand and make it a uwp app? I am willing to pay for the final version....
  • I see LinkedIn has a public API. So in theory anyone can write an app around that API. But it's ridiculous that any of us should have to take up the slack for something that Microsoft could very easily do themselves.
  • Linkedin, owned by Microsoft, should have a stellar mobile app showing what UWP can achieve. It actually just sends you to the mobile website. They really know how to dig the Windows 10 Mobile grave.
  • The fact is that it's sad that Microsoft who owns LinkedIn produces this type of app on their own platform, if they don't care why don't turn windows into android sell it to Google...or Apple who cares it seems they don't care...sell it to some one who will
  • It's buggy but looks nice. Let's see what happens.
  • I have the update on my L640. Like the old version if I click on a LinkedIn link in the mail app it opens the edge not the freaking app!
  • Web wrapper or not. It does work better on my x3 than the old app did.
  • that's easy.
  • This is the likein(don't remember the exact name) app before and now renamed to linkedin
  • Nope, always LinkedIn.
  • Web wrappers are the laziest form of app creation. Developers should either design proper apps or not bother at all. May as well just use a shortcut to the website on the start screen instead of installing the apps.
  • Microsoft now owns the company they should develop a proper uwp
  • I'm sorry but it just sucks. The only good part i see is transparent tile. Otherwise just use browser. No app controls i can find.
  • Someone should create a universal webwrapper creator app in the store which also would list itself under apps on the phone. So you would only have to fill in the webadress and your Password.
  • Already exist, e.g., App It
  • Microsoft showing just how little of a crap they give about Windows Mobile.....again. Why do they hate us so much?
  • short answer: Nadella
  • Hahahahaha 26 billion......Satya Stupid man.
  • YEP!  100 percent agree.   Venetasoft...your a developer right?
  • 26 billion for all that Cortana AI context was not at all expensive. Cortana runs on more things than Win10 Mobile.
  • Couldn't agree more... As a Microsoft partner and fan, this is a real disappointment albeit less and less surprise these days
  • It is a pity to see this example from Microsoft, given to other apps developers. Where is LinkedIn UWP app? How Microsoft is going to target business customers with such poor support of typical business app?
  • Nothing against this wrapper but only needs to get rid of that ridiculous banner that takes us to the android store and still lack of notifications.
    Overall performance got better comparing to the old native app and the design it's much more pleasant.
    But, once the app still not available on the MS store I bet they still working on it.
  • I'm still desperately missing people app integration. I get it if facebook and twitter won't allow it, but Microsoft's own property has no excuse.
  • I think that's the idea, and even integrate it with office365, outlook and probably Skype.
  • If that is the idea,  I hope its an OPTION because i think LinkedIn is a crock of **** and I want nothing to do with it on my computer system. 
  • I have this update, nothing special but they have a starting point to improve it from into a full UWP app
  • thanks nadella...and it's really annoying that this "app" show the banner that suggest to download the app...good job !!!
  • That explains why the icon got changed recently on my phone. Coulen't be bothered to actually open it and check the differences tho :P
  • Even on Android it uses Chromium engine, discovered that when I logged in today.
  • Three update was just 235 kb on the app store
  • The oddest thing is the app icon with rounded corners, almost like who ever made it wanted it not to be Microsoft. Do like that it actually works now though. 
  • It's working fine for me, very fast and responsive, 'nuff said.
  • Well I still can't get the new app. I don't care of its a web wrapped or an app I just want it to work and quit telling me to get the app
  • :))))
  • Just get rid of ****** windows phone. I left and have no reason to look back and don't miss a damn thing about windows phone. The LinkedIn app on android is great
  • Why are you still here then mate?
  • I actually saw the update on the store...and it said 'unknown' and I had no idea it was linked it, and then I noticed that the icon changed.....I do like the web wrapper a little, but there is no options at all...I hate that I can't mange my profile, or anything from the app....its all a web wrapper.   And also doesn't this also mean no notifications anymore??
  • I saw this coming. The advert does not make any sense. It's just obvious Microsoft isn't much interested in Windows Mobile as they have failed to fix that and the same applies to many other apps.  I am a UWP developer and If only I could get a chance to work on that app....
  • Initially worked and right now does not work on Lumia 830. Crashes after the splash screen. Tried to reboot the phone the same issue. Nothing to say, just disappointed. 
  • I've used it and don't see any issue - works fine. No clear benefit of a native app, IMO - and I've used / use iOS and Android versions.
  • Ok I don't see any real slowdown anymore, but it could still be faster. The main issue is that MS pushed this as a quick win, without even using its own OS abilities and it's not the best way to defend its own ecosystem. A web wrapped could be greatly done, but it has to go beyond a simple chromeless browser, with at least notifications support and cache optimizations.
  • The real issue is that the app used to (back in WP 8.1) automatically sync your LinkedIn contacts with your People Hub, that's been gone with WP 10. I don't really care about the app's look, but I do miss IMMENSLY the lack of sync.