What do Bruce Willis and my Lumia 920 have in common?

Those busted corners on the Nokia Lumia 920 in the pictures above look nasty, eh? Those gashes, along with some slight scratches on the front of the phone’s screen are the result of my Lumia 920 falling off my bike when a brand new handlebar mount that I bought broke apart when I hit some rough pavement at about 15 miles per hour.

As heart-breaking as that was, let me tell you why those banged up corners are so amazing.

As soon as I saw my Lumia 920 fly by me, I slammed on the brakes, nearly taking a dive, as my bike skidded into the curb. I dropped my bike and made a B-line back to where I saw my Nokia sitting in the middle of the street. But I was too late.

An oncoming car flew over the Windows Phone, narrowly missing it. However, the next one didn’t. Neither did the three cars that came after that.

That’s right, as my poor Lumia lay screen-down on the asphalt, I helplessly watched four cars in a row run squarely over it. I quickly darted into the street as soon as I could, fully expecting to see a pile of polycarbonate rubble.

Instead, to my amazement, as I ran over I could see it sitting there, still in one piece. If that weren’t crazy enough, I could still hear the album that I had been listening to (Elway’s latest album, Leavetaking) blaring from the middle of the road.

It has been about seven hours since the above events transpired, and after spending a whole lot of time using my Lumia 920, it is working perfectly. Even the nicks on the screen are barely noticeable.

Truth be told, I am livid about the fact that on my first ride out with what is billed as both a bicycle and motorcycle mount designed specifically for my Lumia 920 snapped into pieces, sending my beloved smartphone to what looked to be certain death. But on the other, I cannot help but be simultaneously stunned and amused at the resiliency of Nokia’s flagship phone.

Unbreakable? Maybe not. But it is one hell of an action hero.

UPDATE: People have been asking what bike mount I was using, so here you go. It is called the "SK3 Bike Bicycle Motorcycle Mobile Phone Mount Clip Holder for Nokia Lumia N920."

Seth Brodeur