What do you want to know about the XPERIA X1?

The current contender for Best Damn Windows Mobile Device of 2008 is the XPERIA X1. They've been keeping the beast behind glass, but we managed to score some one on one time with it tomorrow morning.

So! What do you want to know about the XPERIA X1? Post your questions in the comments and we'll toss them at Sony Ericsson like so many darts at a target tomorrow.

WC Staff
  • Is flash lite pre-installed - can you ask them to go to YouTube and play a vid?
    Would they consider shipping with Opera Mobile instead of PIE.
    Would they consider arrow keys on the keyboard?
    Does it actually have a d-pad in addition to the optical joystick?
    Any T-Mobile 3G support?
  • will it ever see CDMA?
  • I second the T-Mobile US 3G and arrow keys on the keyboard questions. Not having those arrow keys is pretty dumb.
    I definitely wouldn't want Opera Mobile preinstalled to replace PIE though.
  • How about bringing that sweet gadget back home with you and shipping it to me? LOL, just kidding!
    How do you like the keyboard? It looks really nice from the pics I've seen.
    How smoothly does that arc slider move back and forth?
    Did you get to watch any videos on it? I read that it's supposed to have DVD quality video. Thanks!
  • It's too beautiful, too powerful, too functional - it will NEVER see that light that is CDMA...
  • Main question - when is it shipping and to which countries.
  • Will it ship with WM6.1, how good is the camera with photos and videos, is it finger friendly when using the Windows Mobile Part of the device.
  • What type of chipset--its rumored to be MSM-7xxx(a), which is a 63nm variant.
  • My main thing is how much do they think its going to cost (full retail price).
  • I want to know if it have Video performance issues, like his twin brother, the Toshiba G900 or his father, the HTC TYTNII (At&tTilt)
  • How is the camera? Is it comparable to SE's K series camera phones or is it more of an afterthought like it is on the Tilt?
  • So finally a WM device with a reasonable amount of power.
    Can you use internet sharing, play an mp3, make a call, and still have a reasonably useable device (perhaps, look up contact info)? I've yet to see a WM device with enough power to function as a serious PDA+music+modem+phone device.
  • I would like to know if the phone will be compatible with "Windows Mobile 7" (powerful enough without having the feeling that it is slow comparing to WM6 or WM6.1) and if TomTom will be presinstalled?
    I guess that it will have WM6 or WM6.1 but rerally interested in installing WM7!!!
  • Hi,
    I would like to know where is the microsd slot? Is it under the battery and will it require to remove the battery in order to take the microsd out?
  • What is an amount of RAM in XPERIA ? 64 or 128 ?
  • What is an amount of RAM in XPERIA ? 64 or 128 ?
    128 MB.
  • Any T-Mobile 3G support?
  • Does it freeze like other Windows pda-smartphones: imate, htc?
  • Hi,
    I am really doubtful to buy X1...
    do you suggest me to buy it or no???
    now I have M600 sony ericsson