What key features are still missing from Xbox One?

That said, there are still tons of requests on the Xbox official UserVoice feedback website for all sorts of new features and functionality, including requests for the return of some old features such as Snap mode.

So Microsoft has been adding tons of new features to Xbox Live over time, we now have Arena tournaments and custom gamerpics, to name just a couple. However, there's still tons of features that PSN and Steam and other gaming platforms have that Xbox Live is still missing. What are some of your biggest feature requests? For me, I really want to see gifting and wishlists hit Xbox Live, they...

Jez Corden

We'd like to hear from you what features you think still need to hit Xbox One in the future, whether it's your own idea, or a feature you miss from platforms like Steam or PlayStation Network.

For me, I'd like to see more store features, such as gifting, wishlists, and a cart for bulk purchases. Hit the forum thread below with your own thoughts.

From the forums: What is ONE Xbox Live feature we still don't have that you really wish we did?

Jez Corden
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