What Flash might look like on Windows Mobile

Admittedly, we're borrowing a lot from our Android brethren today. But with good reason. The hardware of the just-announced HTC Hero is pretty much the same as what you'll find in the latest Windows Mobile phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Qualcomm 7200 processor at 528MHz, 512MB ROM/288MB RAM and so on and so forth.

And so, with the announcement that we'll see a Flash 10 beta on Windows Mobile this fall, let's take a look at how Flash looks on the Hero. Of course, there are two major differences here: The operating system, and the browser. Android uses Webkit for its default browser, same as the iPhone's Safari, and it's a smooth little devil. So we're not really talking apples and apples here, but we should get a decent idea of what Flash could look like in a Windows Mobile browser – be it Opera, IE (gasp) or, eventually, Firefox.

Gander the video here. Discuss in the comments.

Phil Nickinson

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