This is what Internet Explorer looks like as an anime character. Meet Inori Aizawa

Internet Explorer is a fantastic browser on both your Windows PC, your Windows Phone device, and even your Xbox 360. Sure, we wish we’d get some cool extensions like the Reddit Enhancement Suite, but its lack of extensions is the only mark against it. The Windows Phone community may be on board with IE, but how do you get the general tech population to change its perception and sour taste left by IE6? With an anime of course. Check out the latest ad from Microsoft after the break.

What did you just watch? You watched a pretty cool new ad for IE from Microsoft. We’ve got a new character named Inori, who is now the anime personification of Internet Explorer. At least that’s what we learn when we click through to the new Facebook page for Inori Aizawa. It’s a pretty epic fight between her and a bunch of unsavory websites and viruses that you might find while surfing the web.

Be sure to visit to see the “Inori” version of Internet Explorer. If you visit in Chrome you’ll see her crying, but visit in IE and you’ll get the full experience.

Source: YouTube, Facebook Page, Via: The Verge

Sam Sabri